Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Roohi and Saransh want to go to the Janmastami puja

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Armaan snatches and conceals Prem/stored Rudra’s idol in his cabinet. He believes he will accuse the gardener of stealing the idol, present a video showing him removing the idol but not replacing it, arrest him, and compel him to confess why he is here on Rudra’s orders. Pihu approaches Raj and tells him he can merely rehearse the song since he doesn’t appear to be comfortable dancing.

Raj performs the song Ishq Wala Love.. and dances effectively with her. Pihu is amazed and wonders how he learned the dance so quickly. Raj admits that Vidyuth taught him. Pihu claims she does not trust Vidyuth, although he knows Raj very well. She speaks about Janmastami. Raj becomes upset as he recalls his mother making kheer for him during the Janmastami festival. Pihu extends an invitation to him to her home.

Roohi and Saransh want to go to the Janmastami puja. Preesha enters the room. Roohi addresses her as mama, then as mamma like mother. Preesha presents them with new outfits and invites them to the puja. Roohi thanks her and expresses her desire to attend the pooja. She double-checks her clothing and asks Preesha if she recalls her favourite colour. Preesha becomes perplexed. Roohi describes it as her favourite hue.
Preesha urges them to get ready for puja and then departs. They shut the door and are delighted to be attending Preesha’s janmastami puja. They all get dressed and head into the living room. Digvijay becomes enraged upon seeing them. Armaan advises him to just wait and let the drama unfold.

Raj arrives to Thakur Mansion and notifies Pihu. Pihu gets him some kheer. Raj is captivated by her attractiveness. The song Ishqwala Love… is playing in the background. Pihu inquires as to why he is staring at her in this manner. Raj compliments her on her appearance. Pihu is embarrassed and gives him janmastami kheer. She regrets not letting him in because of Armaan. He replies it’s OK and holds her hand as she takes a kheer bowl. She is embarrassed. He requests a spoon from her. She timidly hands him a spoon. Kanchan discovers that Krishnaji’s idol has gone stolen. Prem is accused of stealing the idol by Armaan. Prem refuses. Preesha requests that Armaan refrain from falsely blaming Prem. Armaan plays a video of Prem selecting the picture. Rudra wonders when Armaan will return to record this and what he will do now.

Raj finishes his kheer and praises Pihu for the handmade kheer. Pihu enters after hearing Kanchan wonder why he did it. Raj is also suspicious and goes to investigate.

Kanchan informs Prem that she did not anticipate his stealing. Preesha said she trusted Prem and even battled her husband for him, but he betrayed her and should be embarrassed. Saransh and Roohi claim she’s misunderstood. Armaan inquires whether he stole the idol on Rudra’s orders. Prem considers how to reveal that he is Rudra and how to get out of this dilemma. Raj observes the scene and considers bribing the servant and keeping the idol hidden. Digvijay requests that Armaan throw Prem out of the home.

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