Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Revati Reveals Her True Plan To Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Yuvraj acknowledges all of Revati’s misdeeds. He remembers Revati approaching him and assuring him that she was familiar with all of his criminal histories and that, as the police commissioner of Delhi, she would prevent him from going to prison. He inquires as to why she is favouring him. She claims she needs anything in exchange. He claims he has no money or anything else to offer her. She claims that she committed crimes in order to murder the Khurana family, and that he must alert the Khuranas and bear all of her culpability.

He claims Rudra will assassinate him, just like he assassinated Rudra’s brother Rajeev. She claims that she will get him out of prison in six months. She motions him to exit the vehicle, explaining that one route leads to the prison and the other leads to the Khurana family, and that he must now choose which path he wishes to take. Yuvraj believes that if he accepts her offer, he would be able to live a free life after six months.

Yuvraj informs Rudra and Preesha in flashback that he planned to destroy their life and that he would avenge Rudra for punching him. Rudra strikes him once again. Revati requests Rudra to leave Yuraj and promises that he will be severely punished. Preesha wonders why Yuvraj is lying because Revati is the one who committed the atrocities. She approaches him and interrogates him.

He claims that they both wrecked his life, therefore he committed all of the atrocities in order to end theirs. He is taken away by the police. Prees believes Revati is a brilliant woman who must expose her terrible plans to Rudra.

Rudra blindfolds Preesha and brings her to their beautifully adorned chamber, where he becomes romantically involved with her. She asks him to pay attention to her since it is crucial. He inquires as to what transpired. She claims that everything has occurred to them up to this point is..

She vomits and hurries to the restroom. Rudra becomes anxious and announces that he will contact a doctor. She claims it’s OK since she must have inhaled harmful smoke and attempts to finish her sentence when she vomits again and becomes weak. Rudra picks her up and forces her to lay down on the bed, telling her she must rest now. She doeszes off. In the backdrop, Yeh Hai Chahatein… plays.

Preesha wakes up the next morning to see Aliya’s note stating she is returning to her home. She considers how she will keep Revati under control if Aliya arrives and runs to Aliya’s room. She runs into Revati and inquires about Aliya. Revati informs Aliya that she has returned home and asks if she believes she would allow her to use her own daughter against her. Preesha claims she would tell Rudra her actual intentions.

Revati says she’s at a loss for what to do and wonders whether Saransh is safe. Preesha inquires as to what she did with Saransh. Revati shows footage of Saransh and Dev’s scuffle and Dev falling from terrace; claims she obtained this video from Rakesh. Dev stumbled on marbles and fell off the rooftop, according to Preesha. Revati inquires as to how she would prove it, threatening that if she does not confess her misdeeds to Rudra or anyone else, she will have Saransh jailed for Dev’s murder.

Preesha claims she is making a mistake. Revati questions if she done the right thing by burying Dev’s corpse and threatens to do anything she wants to her. Rudra, Preesha claims, will rescue Saransh. Revati displays GPS’s enthralled video and wonders who will now help the elderly guy. Preesha claims it is cruel of her to seduce an elderly guy of her father’s age. Revati inquires about her family’s harshness against my family, and threatens her that if she tells anybody the truth, she would lose her GPS.

Preesha takes Revati’s phone and says she will rescue her kid and father immediately. She then passes out. Revati forces her to lay down in bed. After some while, Preesha awakens. Revati congratulates Preesha and joyfully declares that she had given up life after Dev’s death, but not now. Preesha inquires about her whereabouts. Revati gives Preesha her pregnancy report and assures her that she will have the baby since God has given Dev back to her via Preesha. Preesha must sacrifice her kid in return for Dev, she insists. Preesha is adamantly opposed.

Revati informs Rudra that Preesha is expecting a child. Rudra is overjoyed. Preesha sends Rudra a letter in which she reveals Revati’s ambitions. During breakfast, Rudra carefully opens it.

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