Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th October 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 October 2022

According to Vidyuth, he didn’t take a necklace. When the jeweller said that he had asked him about the necklace’s pricing, Rudra questioned why. Raj recalled being envious of Pihu after watching Vidyuth propose to her and Pihu rejecting Raj’s proposal as a result. He feels as if he sacrificed a lot for Pihu and thought of Vidyuth as a brother, but both of them deceived him. Stealing a necklace, he conceals it in Vidyuth’s cabinet. Vidyuth is dragged toward the door by Rudra after being told to leave his home.

Raj asks Rudra to give Vidyuth one more opportunity and not kick him out of the home. Vidyuth will not change, according to Rudra, despite his best efforts to mould him into Raj. Rudra is asked by Raj for Vidyuth’s apology. Vidyuth promises to repent to his older brother 100 times, although he didn’t take any valuables. He expresses regret to Sharda, Preesha, and Rudra. They turn away while furiously glancing at him.

Rudra, Preesha, and Sharda agree that Vidyuth would not change despite several opportunities, so they decide to send him home in a few days. Hearing their exchange, Raj smiles. Pihu questions why Vidyuth would take a necklace. The next morning, Raj joins Preesha for breakfast and remarks on how nice the home looks with her in it. Preesha thanks him and expresses her happiness at seeing him and Pihu together. Raj claims that he and Pihu are no longer friends and admits that he liked her and proposed to her, but she declined and said she just wanted to be friends.

Raj doesn’t want to be Pihu’s friend since he really loves her. Preesha finds Pihu’s actions strange. Walks over to them, Pihu. As Raj departs, she is seen. Preesha questions Pihu about why she rejected Raj when she previously liked him. Pihu claims that Raj is the one aspect of Raj that she likes—a buddy. Preesha claims that they complement one other well, so what’s the issue? Does she love someone else? Pihu remembers Vidyuth proposing to her and believes that she is perplexed. Preesha is told not to worry about it and to concentrate on her wedding, which is in two days.

Rudra is approached by Vidyuth, who apologises for the incident from yesterday. He begs him to believe him when he claims that he did not take the jewellery. Rudra queries why the jeweller was asked for the price of the jewellery. Vidyuth claims that he intended to purchase it for Pihu and that he has proposed to her, but she is still perplexed and hasn’t responded. Rudra advises Pihu not to quit up because although though he had many challenges before Preesha consented, it is worthwhile to attempt and his life would be wonderful if she accepted his proposal. He approaches Preesha and informs her that the court hearing is approaching its deadline. Preesha advises dropping Pihu initially. Due of their looming court date, Rudra requests that Vidyuth leave Pihu off at her house.

Pihu asks Vidyuth what he’s up to as they get inside the automobile. She is accompanied by Vidyuth as he purchases coal, burns it, and then steps on it. If he has gone insane, why is he doing this, Pihu wonders. Asserting that he can do anything for her love, Vidyuth claims that he is acting out of love for her. According to Pihu, she earlier informed him that she had no affections for him. However, Vidyuth claims that he would demonstrate his devotion for her. He is urged to leave the burning coal by Pihu. Coal seller claims he will completely burn his legs and may not be able to walk at all. Pihu acknowledges her affection for him. She takes him out and declares that she is unsure about the source of her deep affection. According to Vidyuth, he saw it in her eyes and wanted to hear what she had to say.

Preesha and Rudra both appear in court for the judge’s decision to give her a divorce from Armaan. Rudra checks the paperwork. Preesha receives a chit from Armaan, who requests that she read it later on by herself. Preesha reads it and considers how her marriage to Rudra would go place today.

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