Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Armaan displays a picture of Prem with Vidyuth

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Vidyuth goes home after visiting Rudra and tells Sharda that Rudra wants Krishnaji’s idol as well as the golden feather he gave to Preesha. Sharda claims she has already received Rudra’s call and would pay him a visit tomorrow. Raj looks irritated as she walks away from Vidyuth. Vidyuth questions him about why he is furious and has left dancing practise. Raj requests that he quit acting and disclose his actual intentions. Vidyuth claims to have recognised his error and want to atone by assisting Raj and Pihu for Rudra’s sake. Raj accepts Vidyuth’s explanation and decides to accept his assistance in dancing practise.

Armaan displays a picture of Prem with Vidyuth and inquires as to what he was doing with Vidyuth. Preesha claims she trusted him totally and that he is betraying them. Prem claims he had no idea who this individual is and was looking for directions after getting lost. Armaan claims to be lying. Roohi claims her father never lies and asks Preesha how she can disbelieve her papa. Prem threatens to depart if they don’t trust him. He expresses his sympathy for the girl Roohi and requests that she be treated and returned to her family. He grabs his luggage and pretends to depart.

Preesha asks him to remain and apologises for misinterpreting him since they know Vidyuth well. Prem claims that he cannot take Armaan’s abuse since he is impoverished. Preesha promises him that he will not be questioned again and requests that he return to his job. Armaan storms out. Prem promises to do the task for which he came here. Preesha walks away. Prem/Rudra and his offspring rest, believing they have fled with Rudra’s instant fiction fabrication, and consider what they will do next.

Armaan screams in Digvijay’s face that Preesha trusts a gardener more than him and is supporting Rudra and his children. Digvijay believes in him. Armaan suggests that they spy on Prem to see how he is assisting Rudra. Kanchan decorates Thakur home for Janmastami puja the next morning. Sharda pays Preesha a visit and says she missed Roohi and wanted to present her home-made sweets. Preesha instructs her to do it herself and leads her to the restroom. Sharda gives Roohi tiffin and instructs her to share her sweets with Prem and Saransh. Rudra pulls Krishaji’s idol from the box and says he has to replace it with the home temple idol so Preesha sees it and has flashbacks to the past. When he changes the idol, he says they must ensure that Armaan and Digvijay are not present.

Armaan and Digvijay depart for a crucial meeting. Rudra and his children are aware of this. Roohi approaches Preesha and asks her for assistance with her schoolwork. Preesha concurs. Roohi declares that she is hungry. Preesha leads her to the kitchen. Rudra, who is observing them, believes that Roohi has completed her task and that it is now his duty to replace the idol before someone spots him. Digvijay learns he has forgotten a crucial file at home and requests Armaan’s return. Armaan enters the home and observes Prem changing the god’s idol, which he records in order to show to Preesha that Prem was sent by Rudra. Prem/Rudra begs God to restore Preesha’s memories as quickly as possible. Armaan believes he will derail Rudra’s plan and discover why Rudra had the idol replaced with a gardener.

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