Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Prem and his children are concerned about Preesha

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Preesha sings horribly while waiting for Roohi to urinate outside the restroom. Roohi tells her she has to stop singing so loudly or she won’t be able to urinate at all. Preesha recalls performing the song Main Tenu Samjhawa Ki… previously. Prem/Rudra inquires as to what transpired. Saransh asks if anybody needs his assistance and performs the song Aaja Aaja Mai Hoon Pyar Tera… loudly. Prem compliments his vocals. Roohi goes out, saying she has to urinate due of his singing.

Saransh claims he needed to win the susu challenge. Preesha has a flashback to the prior occurrence and develops a headache. Prem takes her hand in his and asks whether she is okay. She screams no and falls as she pushes him away. Prem comes to pick her up and takes her to her room. When Armaan notices this, he exclaims how dare he touch Preesha and attempts to attack him. Roohi interrupts him and says aunty passed out and her dad had to lift and bring her here. Saransh believes he owes Prem uncle gratitude. Armaan dismisses them.

Raj in college is envious of Pihu and Vidyuth’s dancing. Pihu approaches him and inquires as to why he abruptly left dancing practise. He suggests she may dance with Vidyut and he would sing background music. Pihu observes his jealousy and inquires if he is jealous. Raj claims that he is not. Pihu claims she is not dumb for not seeing his envy and claims she entered music class to befriend him and compete for him. She takes his hand in hers and urges him to alter his attitude and practise with her.

Prem and his children are concerned about Preesha. Kanchan gives them food. Roohi inquires about Preesha. Kanchan assures her that Preesha will be alright by tomorrow. She instructs Prem to grow tulsi plants for the janmastami pooja. Prem claims he will begin working the next day. Kanchan departs. Prem/Rudra claims he once gave Preesha a miniature Kanhaji’s idol and a golden feather during the Janmastami celebration. Children beg him to present them again, this time in order to resurrect Preesha’s memories. Rudra contacts Sharda and discovers that her phone number is no longer in service. He then calls Vidyut and asks him to meet him outside the house before leaving in an auto. Armaan follows Prem and is taken aback to find him with Vidyuth. Prem approaches Vidyuth and requests that he get Kanhaji’s idol and golden feather from Sharda. Vidyuth nods and departs.

Armaan believes his suspicions were correct when Rudra employed Prem as part of his scheme. He takes their picture and gives it to Preesha, explaining that Rudra brought Prem here so that Roohi may remain with him while pretending to have memory loss, and then he can see Preesha. Digvijay believes in him. Prem brings Presha, Kanchan, and Digvijay to the outhouse and informs Roohi that Prem is not her father. Roohi disputes this. Armaan claims to know that Rudra sent Prem here. Roohi refuses once again. Preesha inquires of Roohi if Rudra hired Prem. When Prem gets home, he hears Armaan’s voice from the outhouse. He arrives to the outhouse, where Armaan inquires whether Rudra paid him to spy on them. Prem is adamantly opposed. Armaan displays his and Vidyuth’s picture and inquires as to why he met Vidyuth. Prem becomes agitated after discovering that Armaan was spying on him.

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