Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th October 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Digvijay claims that Armaan would only agree to a divorce if Preesha and Rudra agree to drop all charges against him. Preesha states that she won’t since Armaan is making up for his misdeeds. Digvijay becomes angry. He is stopped by Armaan, who then documents. Preesha thinks it’s odd that Armaan signed documents so quickly and that he may be plotting something. According to Rudra, Armaan is aware that the law would not be kind to him. Rudra is correct, claims Gopal. According to Rudra, Armaan’s chapter has now officially ended. How can Armaan give up so simply, wonders Digvijay. Let Rudra and Preesha believe they won and spend one last moment together, Armaan advises, as they are unaware of his last assault.

In the evenings, Rudra grows hungry and watches for the moon. Children tease him for displaying chips. Preesha enters the room with Sharda. In the background, Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya is playing. Rudra and Preesha have a passionate encounter. Children tell him that Preesha and the moon have both come, allowing him to break his fast. Seeing Preesha, Rudra claims he is not feeling hungry. Children mock him. Preesha takes a little pause to examine his face through a mesh. In the backdrop, a song called Ghar Aaja Pardesi Tera Desh Bulaye Re. Then Rudra breaks his fast and performs a ceremony on her. The theme song from Serial is playing in the background. Rudra follows the kids who are making fun of him.

Pihu is the subject of a ceremony performed by Viyuth, who claims that he also fasted for her since he saw her as his life mate and wished for a long life for her. Pihu becomes irate and makes an exit. He attempts to stop her by holding her dupatta. The blouse on Pihu rips. Preesha observes this and becomes enraged with Vidyuth. She is misunderstood, according to Vidyuth. He is hit by Preesha. Rudra queries what is going on. According to Preesha, Vidyuth misbehaved around Pihu. Vidyuth claims he attempted to halt Pihu while they were having an important conversation. Preesha said she is curious as to what they were discussing. Pihu is prompted by Vidyuth to explain what they were discussing. They were not conversing at all, according to Pihu, and Vidyuth grabbed her dupatta as she passed.

He actually didn’t accomplish anything, according to Vidyth. Rudra supports him. Preesha claims that he always backs his family without question since she saw Vidyuth yanking Pihu’s dupatta with malicious purpose. Preesha and Pihu get an apology from Vidyuth, who also assures Pihu that he is innocent of any wrongdoing. On the bed, Preesha eventually becomes agitated. Walks over to her, Rudra. Preesha requests that he talk to Vidyuth on her behalf since she doesn’t want Pihu to feel awkward when he visits. Rudra claims to have already spoken to Vidyuth, who is certain that he did not act inappropriately against Pihu. He begs her to ignore it before becoming passionate. Kids enter the room and disrupt them. According to Rudra, he is interacting with his wife. They are still a husband and a wife, according to Roohi, and they shouldn’t be living together before being married. They dismiss him and spend the night with Preesha.

The next morning while eating breakfast, Rudra receives a call from his attorney informing him that the divorce would be completed in a fast-track court tomorrow. Sharda praises God and declares that she already talked to the pandit and set the wedding muhurat for two days later. Hearing it, Rudra and Preesha are happy.

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