Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Raj is being taught to dance by Pihu

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Preesha offers to treat Roohi some ice cream. Prem/Rudra approaches them. Roohi informs him that Preesha is bringing her out for ice cream and requests that he attend them. Prem seemed to be hesitant. Preesha extends an invitation. He concurs. Digvijay observes Preesha driving away with Roohi, Saransh, and Prem in the automobile. They arrive at the ice cream store. Roohi requests that Prem share his ice cream. Prem, instead of handing her ice cream, slips and drops ice cream on Preesha’s nose. Preesha remembers eating ice cream with Rudra and believes it occurred with her previously. Saransh claims that he and Roohi always smear ice cream on their noses. The song Tu Meri Zarurat hai… is playing in the background.

Preesha has another memory and says she believes this has happened to her before. Saransh instructs her not to think too hard. Prem provides her with water to wash her face. She is correct. He washes his beard when some water drips on it. The fake beard slides out of position. Roohi realises this and begs Prem to help her up since she is drowsy. Prem is correct. Roohi admits that his false beard was out of place and patches it. Prem describes her as a charming child and advises Preesha that they should return home right away.

The next morning, Digvijay tells Armaan that Preesha has taken Roohi and others out, and he wonders why Roohi is remaining here and referring to the elderly gardener as her father. Armaan claims that it was Rudra’s plan to bring Roohi and Prem gardener here, so he would harass Prem and compel him to divulge Rudra’s plan. Rudra, Saransh, and Roohi are overjoyed following their first successful effort to resurrect Preesha’s memories. Roohi recalls a previous event in which she was unable to urinate and begs Preesha to sing outside the bathroom till she feels some pressure. Preesha has a terrible voice. Rudra performs Tu Jo Milaa in favour of Preesha. Roohi expresses gratitude to Rudra. According to Rudra, the winner is. Rudraksh Khurana is Preesha Khurana’s spouse. Rudra becomes engrossed with his history. Saransh advises focusing on the now rather than the past.

Raj is being taught to dance by Pihu. Raj accidentally hits his leg on her and apologises. She insists she’s OK and suggests they practise again. Raj inquires as to her certainty. Vidyut promises to dance with Pihu and teach Raj how to dance. Pihu wonders why he would do such a thing. Vidyut explains that he is doing it for Rudra since the audience would be seeing Raj as Rudra’s pupil and he does not want them to be disappointed. He will learn the dance moves and teach them to Raj. Pihu accepts and dances with him to the song Ishq Wala Love.. Raj observes them in silence. Pihu splits up after becoming aware. Vidyut claims the steps are simple and that he can learn them quickly. Raj leaves feeling envious. Pihu discovers him gone and follows him. Vidyut grins.

Prem approaches Preesha and informs her that Roohi needs her assistance. Roohi poses as having difficulty using the restroom and requests that Prem sing till she is released. Prem promises to sing less and cough more, and then sings a song with a raspy voice. Roohi requests that he refrain from singing and that Preesha do so instead. Preesha claims that she, too, sings poorly. Roohi claims she can sing better than papa and invites her to give it a go. Preesha accepts and does a terrible rendition of the song Mai Tenu Samjhawa Ki.. Rudra covers his ears and believes she sings horribly even now. Roohi claims she won’t be able to pee if she sings like this.

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