Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Digvijay and Armaan are both aware of their talk

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

When Rudra arrives to the Thakur home, he is surprised to discover Preesha, Armaan, and Kanchan waiting in the parking lot. Armaan wonders why he came there after agreeing to let Roohi remain. Rudra claims that he came to see his daughter. Armaan says he’d arrive in the morning. Rudra claims that Armaan is also a parent and must understand how a father feels when his kid is unwell, particularly when she refers to someone else as her papa.

Preesha requests that Armaan allow Rudra to visit Roohi and informs him that Roohi is in the outhouse with the gardener. Kanchan says she’ll show him the room since she’s working with the gardener. Rudra claims he will be OK. They all depart together. Rudra arrives to the outhouse and tells how he dealt with the circumstance. Roohi claims he is as clever as she is.

Pihu notes Preesha’s sadness and thinks it’s understandable since she may have had some awful recollections associated to Rudra’s ouse. Preesha explains how she knew the whole home and how seeing it made her emotional, as well as how she saw her sibling photographs in Rudra’s room and never felt sad in even one photo. Digvijay and Armaan are both aware of their talk. Digvijay claims Rudra planned everything and brought his children here to influence Preesha; he believes Roohi is behaving as if she has memory loss in accordance with Rudra’s plan. He requests that Armaan send Roohi from there, and that Kanchan replace the gardener. They both go towards the outhouse. Kanchan decides to join them. They all rap on the door.

Rudra, Roohi, and Vidyut get uncomfortable as they hear their voices. Vidyut attempts to escape via the window, but it becomes blocked. Rudra transforms him into a chair and covers him with a cloth. He then pushes open the door. Armaan inquires about Rudra. Prem claims that a guy arrived claiming to be Roohi’s father. Roohi claims he is not her biological father. Kanchan is sitting on Vidyut. Saransh enters and says he came to remain with Roohi till she recovers. Vidyut collapses as they all go, saying his back is gone because Kanchan was too heavy. Rudra apologises, opens the window, and sends him outside. He then informs his children that a lot occurred today, but he’s glad they’ll be close to Preesha.

Pihu calls Raj and asks to speak with him about Rudra and Preesha. Raj inquires as to what she want to discuss. Pihu said that when Preesha visited Rudra’s residence and saw her images in Rudra’s room, she laughed in each one. She inquires whether he is aware of what occurred between Rudra and Preesha. Raj claims that all he knows is that they had a massive quarrel. Rudra attempted to murder Preesha, according to Pihu. Raj furiously tells her to stop talking and says Rudra is a very kind-hearted guy who helped an orphan like him and many others; he regrets being her friend if she feels so negatively of Rudra sir.

Saransh and Roohi ask Rudra how they might resurrect Preesha’s memories using her favourite items. Rudra claims that Preesha like ice cream and that he used to take her out. Roohi instructs him to just wait and observe. She wants to Preesha and claims she can’t sleep with papa since he snores. Preesha claims she is willing to sleep with her. Saransh stops her and tells her that if Roohi doesn’t sleep, she will be fed ice cream. Roohi claims she is correct; her father brings her out for ice cream; how does he know about it when she has never met him? He replies he knows and asks who is going to take her out right now.

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