Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Preesha, according to Armaan, now exclusively belonged to him since she carried out his instructions and killed Rudra. Preesha sobs in disbelief. She must accept him, according to Armaan, or she will go to prison. Preesha strikes him and declares that she has never met a monster like him. He claims that he is a monster who would do everything to get her; he once tried to have her memory wiped; he will murder for her; thus, she should go with him and be his forever. Preesha claps and claims she outsmarted him since she saw through his scheme a long time ago. What does she mean, asks Armaan? When Rudra answers the phone, he responds that he is awake and that Armaan’s drama is finished, just as Preesha had predicted. He contacts the police, who arrive with Raj and Vidyuth and take Armaan into custody.

Preesha describes how they carried out his scheme and remembers being anxious when Rudra doesn’t answer her phone and asking Dr. Gupta for assistance. Calling Dr. Gupta, she tells him that Rudra discovered a fake doctor and held him prisoner in room 204 to learn the truth, but that Rudra is no longer answering the phone. When Dr. Gupta approaches the room to investigate, he sees Armaan and Digvijay escorting Rudra out the hotel with their wrists bound. Preesha is informed, and he then follows Armaan to the bungalow where he is holding prisoner Rudra. Preesha arrives at the spot with Raj and Pihu and unsuccessfully attempts to access the bungalow’s rear door. She then purchases tea from a vendor across the street from the home and delivers spiked drink to Armaan’s security team. Guards nod out after drinking tainted tea. When she unlocks the door after stealing the guards’ keys, she is startled to discover Rudra wounded.

Rudra queries how she discovered him. Preesha describes how she located him with Dr. Gupta’s assistance. After discovering that Rudra was tortured by Armaan, she becomes enraged and tells him to leave the area immediately. Preesha should leave him here and go back to Armaan to convince him that his plan is succeeding, according to Rudra, who claims that he won’t go from here else Armaan will discover that Preesha assisted him and would simply escape with another plan. Preesha promises that she won’t abandon him. This time, he won’t lose her, according to Rudra. She should go back home before Armaan gets there and not let him mistrust her. He must affirm to Preesha that he would defend himself. In his promise. Raj and Pihu remove her. The theme song from Serial is playing in the background.

Preesha goes on to describe how she installed a tracker in Armaan’s watch, including Sharda and the kids in her scheme, and arrived home before Armaan did in order to trick him. She goes on to say that she overheard him plotting to assassinate Armaan and that she’s asking Raj for assistance getting a phoney gun since Armaan could make her shoot Rudra. Raj tells Vidyuth about Armaan’s motivations and Preesha’s strategy, and the two of them assist Preesha in carrying out her subsequent plan. Preesha interrupts the flashback to ask Armaan whether he liked her strategy; he had been attempting to trick and trap them when he found himself in trouble.

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