Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Kanchan Issues A Warning To Prem

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Kanchan finds that gardener Preman has not completed his task and summons him. Roohi, who is sitting on Vidyut’s back, believes Rudra must have arrived home on time and hopes he can handle the issue. Vicky is alerted when she hears Kanchan calling Prem. Preesha informs Rudra that Roohi has suffered a head injury and perceives her gardener Prem to be her father. Rudra takes action and wonders how Roohi can refer to a gardener as her dad; he will go and bring her back home.

Preesha claims that Roohi lost her memory and that the doctor urged her to stay with her till she recovered. She says she understands why any parent would not let their children to visit someone else’s home, especially after what occurred between their families; she doesn’t like his face, but she had to endure him for Roohi’s sake. Armaan adds he can bring Roohi back if he doesn’t like it.

Rudra agrees to allow Roohi to stay. Armaan wonders how he can so readily agree that anything is bad. Rudra says he wishes to give Roohi her favourite blanket, which she sleeps with. Saransh believes Roohi has no favourite blanket. Rudra takes a blanket from the cupboard and drops Preesha’s sari on purpose. Preesha recalls Rudra giving her this sari, which she refuses to wear because it is too loud. She continues her discourse and claims to have witnessed a similar scenario previously. Rudra repeats his discussion, addressing her as wifey if she recalls the episode. Armaan exclaims, “How can he call Preesha his wife?” and drags Preesha away, thinking she is regaining her memories. Rudra is unhappy, and a sad melody is playing in the background.

When Kanchan phones Prem, Roohi dials Rudra’s number, but he does not answer. Vidyut wonders what they will do next. Roohi motions for him to lie down on the bed and opens the door. Kanchan inquires as to her purpose for being here. Roohi inquires whether she knows her, but she does not. Kanchan claims to recognise her. Roohi identifies Prem as her father, who is suffering from severe back pain. Kanchan informs Prem that if he doesn’t do his work well, he would be fired; she then proceeds to get him medication. Vidyut says he’ll plant some seeds. Roohi inquires if he is familiar with gardening. Vidyut declines.

Rudra tells Sharda and Saransh how he hurried home and entered his room through the bathroom window. After Preesh and Armaan have left, Rudra receives a call from Roohi, who tells him the entire scenario and urges him to get to Thakur Mansion. Rudra says he’ll enlist Raj’s assistance to go to Thakur Mansion. Armaan arrives home with Preesha and remarks that Rudra is a poor man for allowing his daughter to remain at someone else’s place.

Preesha ponders why she was so delighted in Rudra’s place. Armaan reminds her of Rudra’s torment. Preesha wonders why she was smiling in the images if Rudra had abused her. Rudra arrives at Thakur Mansion and considers how to get inside. The power goes off. When power is restored, Rudra attempts to enter and becomes nervous when he sees himself standing in front of Preesha and Armaan.

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