Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Pihu admits to Vidyuth that he had previously attempted to make fun of her as well. When asked to be struck, Vidyuth responds that he should also be punished. His classmates insult him. He is stopped by Pihu, who declares she does not want this. Vidyuth cautions misbehaving classmates and others that doing so would result in punishment from him. Preesha is instructed by Armaan to prepare for a nice supper outdoors in the evening and that he has a surprise in store for her. Preesha responds, “Not today. I’m not feeling well.” She cannot refuse him, according to Armaan, just as he did not reject her bringing him to a conference yesterday. She keeps quiet. He claims that he is going right away with Digvijay and will be back later in the day.

Rudra has been missing since yesterday night, and Sharda, Saransh, and Roohi approach Preesha to inquire if she knows where he is. Because Armaan believes they will never find Rudra, he harshly asks, “How will they know where Rudra is?” He then suggests that she look for him elsewhere. Digvijay finds Armaan smiling in the automobile and inquires as to his whereabouts. According to Armaan, Preesha will murder Rudra tonight, and the reverse counting of Laila Majnu’s life has already begun. Preesha receives Armaan’s jewellery present in the evening. She receives a call from Armaan asking her to put on that particular jewellery for their special evening and go to the Capola Hotel. Preesha gets ready and makes it to the location. She phones Armaan and complains about how strange this location is. She is asked to unlock the gate so that he may enter.

Preesha comes in and calls Armaan, wondering why he is sitting in the dark and what he is planning. According to Armaan, he is aware that she is acting and that her memory has returned. He, together with Rudra, want to catch her. He plays a video of Rudra, who is badly wounded and bound to a chair. When Preesha notices it, she is surprised and wonders what he did with Rudra. Armaan threatens to murder Rudra if she bothers her. She yells “No!” He claims that he loved her completely and want to shower her with all of life’s comforts. He claims he would murder them both tonight since he couldn’t have Preesha and admits to all the atrocities he committed to acquire her. Preesha takes out a revolver and threatens to murder him in order to permanently eliminate him of her and Rudra’s life. She opens fire on him.

It’s merely Armaan’s delusion, and the bullet really strikes Rudra, who is restrained in the chair’s back. Rudra calls her as she collapses. Preesha remembers their wedding and drops her revolver in amazement as she rushes in his direction. The theme song from Serial is playing in the background. She sprints after him, pulls him up, and attempts to awaken him. Armaan comes with a vile chuckle and inquires as to her amazement that Rudra is no longer alive. Preesha is dismayed to see him standing up. According to Armaan, he understood she had tormented and briefly paralysed him for Rudra. He wants to experience the sorrow of losing a loved one just as he did, so he questions how she can reject him and go back to Rudra. Preesha yells loud enough, and she knows that love requires sacrifice. Rudra gave up a lot for her happiness, but Armaan is an awful and self-centered guy who can never love anybody, and she despises him for it.

Armaan screams that he could care less and prefers to keep his passion to himself. He goes on to discuss his misdeeds, including how he used Chautala’s assistance to abduct Preesha and use Dr. Sharma to wipe her memories. Preesha promises to hold him accountable for the death of Rudra. Armaan claims she lacks all evidence and that the pistol has her fingerprints, proving that she murdered Rudra. He claims that he intended to abduct Rudra yesterday and have Preesha shoot Rudra herself.

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