Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

According to Dr. Sharma, Armaan had Preesha asleep so that he could drug her and wipe out her memories. To prevent Preesha’s memory from returning, Armaan had been giving Preesha a medication on a daily basis. When Preesha saw him, Rudra questioned why she was having a panic attack. According to Dr. Sharma, Armaan didn’t want Preesha to go back to Rudra, so he showed her a staged video of a guy torturing her and morphing the man’s face with Rudra’s. Rudra uses his phone to record his remarks. Dr. Sharma begs for his wife’s immediate safety. To kill the wife of Dr. Sharma, Rudra commands Vidyuth. With a water cannon, Vidyuth fires. Doctor yells “NO!” Rudra claims he won’t go that low since he is aware of how it feels to lose a family and adds that his wife is still alive. He requests that Dr. Sharma convey to the police what he has just said. Doctor Sharma declines.

When Armaan overhears the doctor screaming, he pays the hotel employees to unlock the door. Rudra is requested by staff to open the door for room service. Rudra claims he has no needs. Imlie observes the Karva Chauth vrat/fast in honour of Atharva and is horrified to witness Atharva and Chini cuddling. She wonders why the romance she was destined to have for seven lifetimes didn’t last for seven days. Attempts to yell Rudra urges him to divulge Armaan’s truth to the police and then claims he won’t hurt him since he understands the significance of family. Bribing the employees further, Armaan enters the room. When Rudra first sees him, he is taken aback and wonders how he managed to get here and walk upright. Armaan claims to be well-informed and to have changed the injection Preesha gave him. He yells that Preesha and Rudra tormented and tricked him.

Rudra clashes with Armaan while yelling that Armaan wrecked his and Preesha’s life. He is overpowered by Digvijay and Armaan, but Rudra pushes Digvijay away and abuses Armaan. Rudra is kidnapped by Armaan, who is holding a pistol to his head, and taken to a hidden warehouse where he is mercilessly tortured while bound. Preesha discovered his reality, according to Rudra, and would never accept him. He is still being tortured by Armaan. Doctor asks if he may go right now. Armaan doubts if he told Rudra the truth. According to the doctor, Rudra threatened to murder his wife, so he had to come clean. Armaan continues to abuse Rudra while tongue-lashing the doctor. He is stopped by Digvijay, who advises him to come back quickly before Preesha becomes alarmed. After telling the guards not to allow anybody in, Armaan went home. Digvijay enters Preesha’s room to see whether she is dozing off. Preesha simulates sleep.

Pihu walks into her class and finds her students giggling at the altered bikini photos hanging on the wall. She gives her students a tongue lashing and queries if they would have laughed upon viewing the manipulated images of them and their sisters. A misbehaving youngster who Vidyuth had disciplined for improperly clicking on Pihu’s films admits his actions and claims they were done as retaliation. When Vidyuth comes and mercilessly beats the kid, Pihu attempts to slap him. He is stopped by Pihu, who claims that he previously treated her similarly. Vidyuth claims he is sorry about it and has repeatedly apologised to her. If she should believe him, Pihu queries. What should he do to earn her trust, wonders Vidyuth. Armaan receives tea from Preesha. Armaan remarks that he has to take a shower and inquires as to her unease. Preesha claims she is ok. Preesha is the one being duped, not Armaan, as she believes she is doing.

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