Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Armaan Gets Revati Arrested

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

When Revati’s superior officer arrives to arrest her, he claims he had no idea she could accomplish this. Revati inquires as to what she did. He claims she was apprehended while accepting a bribe from a businessman. It’s impossible, according to Revati. He requests that she look at her bank account. She checks her account and is taken aback to see a sum of one crore rupees in her account, which she claims is a mistake.

Digvijay walks in and accuses her of taking a bribe from him. Revati claims she has no idea who he is. The Khuranas are taken aback when they see him. Rudra inquires as to why he is here, and he confesses that he is Arman’s uncle, who has now understood his plot. Digvijay claims that his and Armaan’s enterprises are now distinct, and that he is no longer linked with him. He claims he met Revati and bribed her for 1 crore to get his shipment through. The Commissioner displays a photograph of the two of them together.

Digvijay accidentally bumped into Revati, apologised, and shook her hand. She claims that he simply bumped into her and apologised. Digvijay then inquires as to why she is smiling and shaking hands with him. Digvijay and his nephew, according to Rudra, are con artists. Instead, Digvijay claims that Revati is a liar. Senior confirms that he is correct and departs to apprehend Revati. Rudra is pleading with Revati to save her. Rudra takes a stroll with the cops. Revati insists that she is not guilty. Rudra claims that Armaan is the perpetrator and that he will free her as soon as possible.

Preesha approaches Digvijay and inquires about Armaan’s involvement.Digvijay invites her to accompany him on a mission to discover the truth. She follows him out the door and inquires once again if Armaan set everything up to catch Revati in a bribery scheme. Armaan enters and admits that he was the one who did everything. Preesha inquires as to why he did so.

He claims that Revati has done so much harm to her, recounting all of the misdeeds, and then asks why she supports Revati. Preesha wonders how she knows so much. Armaan remembers sending his servant Malati to serve as the Khurana family’s maid in order to keep an eye on Preesha and her family. Revati compels Preesha to sign various paperwork, which Malati records and delivers to Armaan. Armaan sees the footage and decides that in order to keep Preesha calm, he needs to get Revati out of the Khurana house.

Preesha questions Armaan once again about how he knows so much about her. He claims he can’t divulge his source and that he’s doing it for himself so that he can look after Anvi when he dies. Preesha claims that even Digvijay can look for Anvi. Digvijay says he won’t be able to be with Anvi for long, therefore he wants Preesha to look after her. Armaan goes away, claiming that Revati will no longer bother her.

Preesha believes that while Revati made a mistake, Arman is correct. She waits for Rudra to tell him the truth about Revati. Rudra has returned to his house. Preesha expresses her desire to inform him about Revati. Revati enters at that precise moment. Preesha is taken aback and wonders how she got back here. Revati has been bailed out, according to Rudra.

He recalls visiting Revati at the police station and informing her that DIG Sir had told her that she needed to pay 1 crore RS in order to be released on bail. Revati shouts out that she is honest, and that the police department used to be an example of her honesty; that she would never take a bribe; that someone was attempting to catch her; and so on.

Armaan, according to Rudra, is the mastermind behind everything. Revati inquires as to how she intends to raise one crore rupees. Rudra claims that he will pay one crore rupees to bail her out. Revati refuses to accept his assistance since she is unable to repay his loan of one crore rupees. Rudra claims it’s nothing in comparison to what she did for Preesha and her child. In a flashback, Preesha asks Rudra if he’s crazy for wasting 1 crore rupees on a criminal. Rudra warns her to come to a halt.

Preesha tongue-lashes Revati to put an end to her antics, then takes Rudra to his room and wonders how he can support a bad woman. Rudra stands by Revati and battles beside her. Preesha claims that Revati accomplished a lot and got a bribe from Digvijay, that Armaan had never seen Revati, and so on. Rudra claims that she doesn’t trust Armaan and wonders why Arman wants her to look after Anvi.

According to Preesha, Armaan believes that only she can care for Anvi once he dies. Their dispute is still going on.

Preesha makes the decision to no longer allow Revati to reside in her home. Rudra challenges her, claiming that Revati would not go anywhere, that she has changed her crib, and that she is sleeping on the couch. She inquires as to why he is acting in this manner. He says he doesn’t want to dispute it right now and that they can talk about it later when they’re both calm. Preesha sadly lies on the bed. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. Revati believes she told Preesha that one day Rudra would trust her more than Preesha, and that she would soon kidnap Preesha’s baby and turn Rudra against her.

Sharda performs the baby shower ceremony for Preesha. Preesha is challenged by Revati, who threatens to take Preesha’s kid away shortly. Preesha is brought to the hospital due to labour pains.

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