Woman Gets Angry At The Lady She Is Pet-Sitting For After Being Forced To Smell A Dog’s Breath

Dogs are far too innocent to exist in this world.

Even as someone who prefers cats to dogs, I must admit that dogs are adorable and must be protected at all costs. People who adopt dogs because they want to provide them with a loving home are also wonderful. Everyone, however, has a unique approach to caring for their pets. Some people are completely inhumane to animals, while others simply want to shower their pets with as much love as they can. There’s nothing wrong with the last two methods of treating your pet; you just can’t make someone else act like you.

For example, I lavish my kitty with affection and refer to him as my baby. When I leave him with a pet sitter, however, I don’t expect them to do the same things I do. All that matters is that the pet sitter is gentle with your pet and fulfils all of his or her responsibilities. They should not have to allow a dog to lick their face or smell a dog’s breath. It is not a pleasant feeling to be licked on the face by a dog. However, it is a personal preference, and some people don’t mind, but just because someone does doesn’t mean they despise dogs.

You can scroll below to see for yourself how it all started.

Source: Reddit

We start off with getting some information about OP’s job as a pet sitter.

She seemed to be doing a good job until she was called in by the lady.

Apparently, she had turned away from the dogs when they wanted to lick her face.

When OP asked what the lady wanted, she was clear.

The lady couldn’t see that she was uncomfortable and feeling nauseous.

When OP said to her that the breath stinks, the lady got offended.


She ended up snapping as she couldn’t take it anymore.

So she left the lady in the middle of the shift as she was done with it.

However, her friend doesn’t agree with how she acted at all.

While I understand the lady’s point of view, she is not being considerate. Just because she doesn’t mind the dog’s breath or licking her face doesn’t mean everyone else is going to be fine. While I understand that the OP is a pet sitter, she has been doing her job well, and this does not add to her responsibilities. So, while she was rude to the lady if I were in her shoes, I would have snapped as well.

People in the comments however were on her side.

It can be pretty bad if they don’t get their teeth brushed regularly.

I don’t think anyone would want that.

Cats tend to lick their privates as well but their breath is usually not as bad.

I agree with this sentiment 100%.


I do agree that the lady a being very unreasonable.

What do you think about this story? Do you believe the lady was correct but went too far? or do you believe the OP should not be a pet-sitter if she can’t handle this? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends so they can join in with their thoughts as well.

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