Woman Convinces Landlord That Her Rescue Cat Is Worth Breaking The ‘No Pets’ Policy For

Today we are here with a fantastic story of a cat who is no less than a warrior. Meet Bruce Willis, the tabby cat, he may look older than his real age. And that is because of the conditions he has been through lately. Bruce’s body is filled with scars he got from other animals in order to survive and defend himself from them. He has cracked teeth, eye, and ear problems, and he bears the FIV virus (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

Bruce Willis, or Mr. Willis as he’s more commonly known, has experienced many battles. Nonetheless, he was able to achieve a happy ending in spite of all. With a wonderful human who would do anything to keep him safe, Mr. Willis has found his permanent home. That entails going to great pains to persuade her landlord to ignore the “no-pet” rule that applies to her apartment.

1. The way Mr. Willis look is due to the horrifying moments when he used to live on the streets fighting to survive, he never gave up and that is why he ended up having a happy ending.

The time Mr. Willis spent living as a stray cat is unknown yet, all they know is this poor cat was indeed in a very bad condition when he made it to the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota. Due to his medical conditions, he was in severe need of veterinary care. But yet even with his wounds and discomfort, he quickly earned a reputation as one of the shelter’s friendliest and kindest cats.

The shelter posted the following on Facebook: “Bruce is the sweetest and most affectionate boy around. All cheeks and love, he will brighten every day you spend with him.”
Every time someone approached Mr. Willis, he would start to purr loudly and demand cuddles. He liked the attention, and the shelter staff realized he needed to go to a happy home.

The only issue was that his appearance made it more difficult to find adoptive parents. In an effort to match Mr. Willis with the ideal adoptive family, the shelter started posting his photos and narrative online and it actually worked luckily.

2. Sandra saw the shelter’s post about Mr. Willis on Facebook, and although her apartment had a strict ‘no-pets’ policy, she immediately felt drawn to him. “When I saw his picture, it just spoke to my heart,” she said.


When Sandra happened to meet Mr. Willis he quite made an impression that was difficult for Sandra to resist. He managed successfully to get adopted. Mr. Willis was so delighted to see Sandra that he wouldn’t stop purring and cuddling while he was looking at Sandra with sad eyes.

Sandra left feeling hurt since she really can not stop thinking about her landlord’s stance. Every day Sandra looked at the shelter’s website to see what had happened to Mr. Willis. She made the decision to go see him after reading that he had an upper respiratory infection one day.

Sandra was even more in love with Mr. Willis than before since he was as sweet and devoted as usual. He welcomed her with love and affection every time she returned to see him, which she did multiple times. Sandra came to the conclusion that she and Mr. Willis were meant to be together after a month. She couldn’t bear to leave him in the shelter any longer, especially since there were no other potential adopters. Finally, Sandra wanted to handle this situation so she talked to her landlord. She sent the photo of Mr.Willis and explained his situation to her.

3. Despite some disagreement, Sandra’s strategy was successful. Her landlord felt that Mr. Willis was a worthy exception to the rule.


Luckily Sandra and Mr. Willis are a happy family now. Sandra says “Mr. Willis spent his entire first night in his new home, cuddling with her and purring as if he had lived there his whole life. She says he follows her everywhere, and every time she sits down, he jumps on her lap”.

Mr. Willis was quite lucky to find such a loving owner and a happy home and Miss Sandra was indeed the luckiest that she got to have such an adorable cute fluffy friend.

4. Aren’t they the cutest? Indeed they are.

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