Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sayuri And Kanha’s Growing Bonding

Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Gud Se Meetha Ishq 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Update

Walking to the temple, Saroj beseeches God to keep her from forgetting Chiru and asks for his protection for Kanha. He tells her that Kanha has been saved and comforts her. Saroj fears that Kanha’s poor luck may get him in trouble.

Kanha’s hand is bandaged by the doctor, and he is instructed not to move his right leg or hand for a period of time. Kanha says he has to go to work. Devraj and Nakul request that he heed the doctor’s recommendations.

In order to shield her son from the malevolent eyes of Sayuri, Saroj performs Kanha’s nazar. She lavishes him with affection by giving him hugs and kisses. Dhanraj and Tej talk about Saroj’s feelings for Kanha, but they don’t know what will happen next. Kanha and Saroj are joined by Nakul. Kanha smiles at Sayuri as he glances at her.

Anjali receives a phone call from Saroj, who tells her about Kanha’s recent mishap. And why was she not notified about it? Anjali inquires. Saroj wonders how she would know if she wasn’t at the puja. Sayuri was with Kanha when Anjali arrived, but she departed disappointed. In Saroj’s opinion, Kanha needs Anjali back in his life because Sayuri is a dark era in his life.

Nakul is instructed by Kanha to contact Sayuri on Kanha’s behalf. In a stroll towards him, Sayuri His hand tries to move when Sayuri intervenes and tells him to be cautious. He inquires as to whether she is currently playing the role of a doctor.

When Saroj asks Sayuri whether she can help, she answers no, but she understands his anxiety and offers to give him a missed call instead. Kanha apologises and thanks her.

It’s OK with her. She informs Saroj that she wants Kanha, but he may not see her because he spurned her love when they last met. If she wants Kanha back in her life, Saroj believes she must meet him.

Sayuri shows up after receiving a missed call from Kanha. She is responsible for Kanha’s well-being, including providing him with food and water. Saroj quickly abandons Kanha’s food when he notices Sayuri feeding him.

Anjali is sitting in her car, debating whether or not to enter the building. She sits there, dejected, as if another heartache will be too much for her to bear. Sayuri’s family learns of the disaster through Nakul. Fear grips them as they consider Kanha’s situation. Saroj is mentioned by Indu. According to Nakul, Saroj has forgotten her rage at Kanha and is now concerned about him.

Because they’re both cheerful, Indu and Bhanu say they don’t want to upset Saroj’s good spirits by going to Kanha. The employment, which would allow Rashmi to work from home, comes with the added benefit of Pihu’s assistance, as Nakul explains to her. Rashmi inquires as to his feelings for her. To Nakul’s annoyance, she’s been kidding.

In Sayuri’s room, Kanha stumbles into her and both of them fall to the ground. Sayuri inquires about Kanha’s whereabouts because she is concerned about him. He claims to have come to see whether she had food, and she confirms that she did have food.

When he inquires about his medication, she claims to have forgotten everything about it. In response to Kanha’s scolding for not taking care of herself, the two of them get into a heated argument. Sayuri wraps a sacred thread around Kanha’s wrist as a sign of friendship, and Kanha does the same for Kanha.

When Anjali sees how well the two of them get along, she feels envious. Kanha pays attention to her. Saroj and Kusum keep an eye on things from afar. As he tries to explain his situation to her, Anjali snaps at him for not telling her about the accident.

Afterward, she informs Sayuri that she had heard that even Sayuri was ill and urges her to relax while she takes care of Kanha. ‘ When Sayuri agrees, he prepares to depart. Kanha approaches her and tells her he may need her aid.

Anjali’s jealousy grows worse. Saroj informs Kusum that Anjali should leave Kanha’s room as soon as possible, and Kusum agrees. Kusum inquires as to what she intends.

Kanha and Sayuri are astonished when Anjali confesses her love for him and declares that he is hers alone. What if Sayuri and Chiru’s kundalis were exactly the same? Saroj wonders.

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