Woh Toh Hai Albela 18th October 2022 Written Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 18th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Update

Kusum is advised by Rishi to answer his phone even if he calls at three in the morning since she must be pleased to observe his family’s interest during the bhoomi puja. and do not even think about ignoring him. He leaves her house, threatens to show Kusum a trailer after hearing Kanha talking on the phone, and drives quickly in the direction of Kanha. Kusum yells “no!” Rishi stops the vehicle behind Kanha, a little distance distant. Kanha pivots. Rishi chuckles and explains that he was attempting to scare Kanha since Kusum had challenged him, saying that her brothers are brave. Kanha seems bewildered. Rishi adjourns. Kanha tells Kusum that he finds it hard to think she is capable of such a struggle and that he wants to know the truth. Kusum enters after claiming there is nothing like.

With Rishi seeming to be a dubious guy and Kanha wanting to learn more about Rishi, Kanha asks Nakul to keep a watch on Rishi. Nakul promises to spy on Rishi personally. Kanha goes back to his bedroom. Sayuri yells in alarm. Kanha inquires as to her whereabouts. She claims to have put on 500 g. Kanha implores her to unwind. Sayuri claims she has never weighed more than 50 kg and has just gained 500 g; she is unsure of her expected weight increase during pregnancy. Kanha makes an effort to soothe her. She hopes he puts on weight till she gives birth.

After a while, Sayuri prepares to go out to college. She receives a tiffin and tamarind candies from Daadi Mausum, who also advises her to remain at home to avoid endangering her unborn child. She is reassured by Sayuri that she would take care of herself before Sayuri and Nakul depart. After sending Sayuri off at college, Nakul spys on Rishi. When Rishi is with his buddies, he brags about how he dominates Kusum even before they are married and treats her like his shoes. After hearing him, friends are amazed and ask for advice. Rishi adjusts his tone as he realises Nakul is filming him from a nearby hiding place. As he passes Kusum, he declares his desire to keep her content and provide for her needs. Nakul ponders the reason for his abrupt tone shift. Rishi signals his companions before leaving.

When Kanha video calls Sayuri and develops a love interest, Rishi takes her up from college and moves in that direction. She must say “I love you,” he urges. She is hesitant. As he can hear them, Nakul says it’s alright. Sayuri timidly declares her love for Kanha. Kanha warns Sayuri to exercise caution after seeing motorcycles (Rishi’s mates) behind the automobile. Sayuri tells him not to worry too much before cutting off the phone. She looks in her water bottle and discovers it to be empty. Bikers assault Nakul from behind as he exits the vehicle to obtain some water. Sayuri rushes to aid Nakul out of worry, but she becomes dizzy and collapses while clutching her tummy. She then shouts out to Kanha for assistance.

After they get first aid, Kanha rides over on his bike and drives them home. Sayuri is charged by Rashmi with endangering Nakul by providing a pick-up and drop-off service. Even Sayuri is hurt, so Kanha cautions her to watch her language. Nakul falters. While Kusum transports Sayuri to her room, Kanha takes him to his. The doctor attends to Nakul and guarantees his safety. Sayuri approaches Nakul’s chamber and inquires about his wellbeing. Kanha queries why she left the room. Sayuri claims she is okay. Kanha queries if there was a quarrel in college and who the bikers were. No, replies Nakul. Devraj questions why someone would simply suddenly assault him from behind and flee. Kusum is reminded of Rishi’s advice not to hurt her brothers. Devraj promises to report the incident to the police.

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