Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Update

Sayuri is instructed to take a break from school and relax at home by Daadi Mausi. Sayuri visiting the college wouldn’t be harmful, according to Kanha. Kusum is being taken by Gayatri and Rishi for the bhoomi pooja. She is forced to go with Kanha and Sayuri to his place. When Gayatri becomes agitated, she promises to invite them on an other day. Kanha queries why they are unable to visit her home although she is allowed to do so whenever she pleases. Kanha is urged by Daadi Mausi not to become steadfast and to release Gayatri. Kusum’s lack of jewellery is noticed by Gayatri, who then presents it to her while subtly making fun of her. Kusum is questioned by Daadi Mausi about not wearing the jewels she brought out for her. As per Kusum, it is excessively hefty.

Gayatri makes fun of young females, claiming that they don’t appreciate tradition and that their character reflects their ideal. She requests that Rishi put a necklace on Kusum. He corrects harming Kusum in a nasty manner. Flowers are sent by Yash. Rishi claims it’s for Sayuri since Yash was a childhood friend of Sayuri’s. Gayatri queries Daadi Mausi about whether she thinks it is improper for a total stranger to offer flowers to her DIL. Kanha claims that if he doesn’t feel uncomfortable, then neither should anybody else. Due of her jealousy, Gayatri departs with Kusum and Rishi. Gayatri gets outside to grab something when they stop at a market.

Kusum gets verbally abused by Rishi for not wearing jewellery and he questions if she has become so ungrateful that she always demands fresh things from her. Kusum threatens to report him to her brother and sister-in-law if he doesn’t stop beating her verbally and physically. If Kanha tells her family the truth about Rishi, he’ll murder them along with Sayuri and their baby. Kusum begs her to refrain from hurting her brother and his family out of fear. Gayatri comes back.

After placing flowers in a vase, Sayuri and Kanha discover Yash’s message for Kusum, who is doing better after the events from yesterday. They both grin in agreement that Yash enjoys Kusum. Kusum receives a warning from Daadi Mausi to restrain Suyuri from approaching strangers or their family would suffer embarrassment. After a while, Sayuri’s coworker shows up to greet her. Sayuri stooping to get something from the ground. Saroj is again prompted by Daadi Mausi to exert control over her DIL because she is endangering the pregnancy by bending excessively and acting carelessly. Sayuri likes desserts. Saroj brings her savoury and cautions her to take care of the infant because if something happens to the child, she would revert to her previous behaviour and start to despise Sayuri.

Hearing her remarks makes Sayuri tense as she wonders whether she has ever forgotten Sayuri’s anger for her. She invokes Krishnaji. Kanha enters. She becomes agitated when she thinks he heard her. If she’s stressed, he inquires. She claims that her test anxiety is real. Kanha argues that because she is a teacher and not a pupil, she shouldn’t. Sayuri is unable to tell him what Saroj said for fear of causing another gap between Saroj and Kanha.

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