Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Update

When Rishi mistreats Kusum, Kanha twists his finger. Rishi queries if he handles his prospective BIL/jijaji in this manner. Kanha is asked to leave Rishi’s finger by Saroj. Kanha is tasked by Nakul to snap Rishi’s finger. Kanha is kind to Rishi. Rishi screams, “Is this the how they treat their son-in-law/SIL? They continuously humiliate him while washing his feet.” Kanha tells him to go out. Rishi storms out in rage. Kusum becomes disturbed by all the turmoil and begins to weep. She is consoled by Sayuri. Yash tells Kusum not to worry about Rishi’s actions before departing.

Saroj receives a verbal beating from Daadi Mausi for the way her son treated Rishi, and she is commanded to hold Gayatri’s feet and persuade her to embrace Kuusm. According to Saroj, her boys like her daughter dearly and have behaved as such. She will talk to them about this. Men, according to Daadi Mausi, are very sensitive to the touch of their wife and dislike it when a stranger does so. As Kusum enters, she overhears their exchange. She has to make a choice, according to Saroj. Rishi, according to Kusum, is not who he seems to be.

When Kanha finds Sayuri’s blood pressure rising, he becomes anxious. Sayuri claims she is concerned about Kusum and won’t stand for Rishi getting even close to Kusum. Kusum attempts to convey Rishi’s character to Saroj, but Daadi Mausi’s influence makes Saroj obstinate. Gayatri contacts her and requests that Kusum conduct bhoomi pooja since Kusum’s fortunate actions helped them win a ten-year land dispute. Kusum shouldn’t reject this alliance, says Daadi Mausi, who commends Rishi for not telling Kusum about his disrespect to his mother.

In front of Rashmi, Nakul confronts Rishi in a furious manner. Sayuri implores Kanha to not worry about Kusum because she won’t allow Rishi to get close to Kusum. When Kusum enters a market, Rishi’s assistant threatens to force her to deviate from her planned path. Kusum feels scared. When Bhanu and Indu see them, they question the goon who he is and why he is bothering their daughter. Kusum, according to Goon, would be his bhabhi. He claims to be Rishi’s buddy, while Kusum claims to know him.

To examine Sayuri’s kundali, Daadi Mausi makes a call to a pandit. Sayuri will have difficulties throughout her pregnancy, according to Pandit’s analysis of her kundali, and he advises her to wear a sacred thread as protection. Kanha walks in. For the benefit of Sayuri and the child, Saroj asks him to consent. In agreement, Kanha permits Panditji to bind a safety thread around Sayuri’s wrist. He tells Saroj and Daadi Mausi that confidence in Krishanji is the best kind of protection and that they should stop worrying.

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