Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Update

When Kusum sees Saroj in her room, she becomes uneasy. She is embarrassed when chatting to Saroj when he asks whether it was Rishi’s phone. She gives her the presents Gayatri provided and requests that she wear them today. She performs Kusum’s nazar and commands the girl to never stop grinning. Kusum remembers Rishi insulting her verbally. As Sayuri descends, she catches sight of Rashmi. She compliments Rashmi’s mehandi and claims that dark mehandi represents the love of MIL. Rashmi said she is unsure whether that is real. Sayuri begs her not to have bad thoughts or ruin her mood. When Kusum observes them, she explains that while her brothers were wonderfully dressed for them, they weren’t yet home to appreciate their beauty.

She is overheard by Daadi Mausi, who tells her that even she must be waiting for Rishi to pay attention and advises her to wait till the moon is out. Kusum exits after declaring she is hungry. Sayuri approaches her from behind and begs her to have faith in her and Kanha because they won’t allow Rishi destroy her life. After gathering all the women, Saroj begins to read the Satyanarayan narrative.

Kanha completes her song on the business deal she signed with Yash’s firm and congratulates Nakul. He claims to be so ravenously hungry that he has no idea how Sayuri must be doing it. They should be home soon, adds Nakul. Kanha hurts his leg as he knocks into a flower pot. Nakul reminds Sayuri that he has to get her a present. When the automobile won’t start, Kanha rushes to get in it and exclaims that nothing but unlucky things are occurring one after another. Nakul requests that he relax. Auto begins. As he drives home, he accelerates.

Thalis are distributed by Saroj to end the Karva Chauth. Sayuri looks forward to seeing Kanha. To lift her spirits, Dhanraj performs a song. As she waits for Kanha, Sayuri sings and dances to Aaja Re Piya Mera Mann Pukare. Kanha swerves while driving to reach for something. The other way is taken by a rapid truck. On cue, Nakul turns the wheel and steers the vehicle. A light that Sayuri is holding while dancing blows off. She worries about Kanha remembering Chiru’s passing. Saroj too becomes agitated. Dhandraj requests that she refrain from erasing any unfavourable thoughts while they are still fasting.

Breaking her fast is Saroj. When Kusum breaks her fast during a video conference with Rishi, he makes fun of her. Sayuri is more worried about Kanha. Saroj advises her to have some breakfast before it’s too late. Sayuri promises to wait for a while. Daadi Mausi advises her to consider her child. Dhanraj speculates that Kanha’s automobile may have broken down on route home. Sayuri says she’ll hold off till Kanha gets back.

Kanha enters while addressing Sayuri. Sayuri gives him a heartfelt embrace. Looking for Nakul is Rashmi. She has a floral arrangement with her while Nakul walks. Rashmi becomes joyful. Saroj inquires as to their wellbeing. They are OK, according to Kanha, and late since the vehicle broke down.

Sayuri becomes concerned as she sees Kanha’s hurt hand. Kanha claims he was attempting to repair the automobile himself. Nakul advises against worrying and urges us to complete the ceremony. Sayuri pauses abruptly to see at Kanha’s face through a mesh. It crumbles. Kanha keeps it and assists her in finishing the rite. Indu compliments them both on their appearance and wishes them happiness. Kanha advises her to pray for the wellbeing of their kid as well. Sayuri advises them to offer prayers for a long and happy marriage.

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