Woh Toh Hai Albela 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 12th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela Written Update

The engagement of Kusum and Gayatri will go place on the same muhurath, according to Saroj’s phone conversation with Panditji, and there won’t be any alterations. She cautions Kanha and Sayuri to avoid any trouble since she doesn’t want anybody to disparage her. Kanha is informed by Sayuri that Rishi has to have strong proof against him. Kanha is informed by Nakul that he received a call and was chosen for the final round of the vlogging competition. Kanha is congratulated by everybody. Which subject is he going to choose? Devraj queries. Kanha claims that he has not yet pondered. Devraj receives a reprimand from Daadi Mausi for supporting his son’s drama while ignoring his family’s company and Sayuir’s health.

Sayuri requests that Kanha put his worries about her and his work aside in order to focus on his exams. Rashmi presents malpua and declares that it merits a celebration. Kanha offers malpua to Sayuri and himself and responds, “Why not?” Sayuri begins to feel sick and passes out. Kanha hugs her while becoming worried. He requests that Nakul phone the doctor. Rashmi is asked by Daadi Mausi what she mixed in the malpua. Rashmi claims it’s the same malpua that Daadi Mausi made and inquires as to whether sesame oil was used in the preparation. Yes, says Daadi Mausi. Sayuri has a safflower oil allergy, according to Rashmi. Even Rashmi, according to Daadi Mausi, was in the kitchen. Rashmi claims she has never used sesame oil. Rashmi is reprimanded by Saroj for neglecting to smell the sesame oil and endangering Sayuri’s life as a result. Sayuri returns to normal and begs them not to worry.

The next morning, women get up early to prepare sargi for the Karvachauth household. Kanha has sargi as well and questions why men couldn’t fast for their wives’ long lives if women can do so for their husbands. After some time, he gives Sayuri’s hands mehandi and spends time with her. After that, he departs with Nakul for a business meeting with Yash. Yash is impressed by his presentation and requests that he sign a contract. Kanha promises that he won’t let Yash down. Let’s celebrate with coffee, Yash suggests. Kanha claims that he is fasting for his wife on Karva Chauth. Yash commends his insight.

Rashmi expresses her gratitude to Indu and Bhanu after receiving a lovely lehanga choli as a gift. She claims that this is her first time fasting for Nakul. According to Indu, she will be hungry all day. Rashmi claims that she ate a lot and didn’t experience hunger for two days. She moves on to try the outfit on. Rashmi will get agitated and hungry by the evening, Bhanu warns Indu. Rashmi and Sayuri’s relationship may need some improvement, Indu thinks. Sayuri sees a stunning outfit and jewels along with a letter on a remote instructing her to push it. She makes a press. In a passionate conversation with her, Kanha requests that she dress and accessorise for him. Sayuri appreciates his focus. When the kumkum bottle falls and the picture of her and Kanha cracks, she becomes agitated.

Saroj receives appreciation from Devraj for her attractiveness and his support throughout his fast. When Rishi calls Kusum. Kusum fears that he may start trouble once again if she doesn’t answer his phone. She picks up. He slurs her with his words. Saroj walks in. Kusum ends the call. If it was Rishi’s call, Saroj queries. Yes, Rashmi nods.

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