Why men like staying outside with their friends more than at home with their wife

If most men are allowed morally; the freedom to decide , without anybody raising an eyebrow they will choose ‘spending more time with friends than more time with their wives’ . Men love to marry, but they don’t like to stay at home. Here are the possible reasons

1. His natural instinct tells him staying at home isn’t right for men

This is primarily because, he probably grew up not staying at home, most of the outside jobs, like cleaning the car, going to corner shops, fixing the generator, furniture repair, equipment sorting are all the kind of jobs he grew up doing. His natural instinct tells him staying at home isn’t right for men, ‘ go an hustle’, get to meet more people, socialize with new people, not necessarily because he want to mess about, but he just felt, this may make him more active and promising. All these is in his mind.

2. His wife creates an uncomfortable atmosphere at home

Unfortunately, men will like to do whatever they do with utmost freedom, without anybody watching over him, correcting them and telling them what to do (this is the stupid ego most of men have to deal with anyway!)

It is bad enough if women are creating an uncomfortable atmosphere at home or if they are void of this kind of knowledge and how to handle it. Most women are not sensitive to discover on time, when their men start to respond negatively to the unpleasant situation at home.

3. Most women who will rather like to be a wife and not a friend

Also women are comfortable with the office title of ‘men’s wives’ ; but they forget that being a wife doesn’t secure their marriage, it doesn’t win their man as much as ‘being his friend’ . If you do not chose to be your husband’s friend, then you leave him with no choice but to look for one outside(male/female or dogs). Most women who will rather like to be a wife and not a friend, will suffer for lack of knowledge. As some ‘friends’ outside will win their husband’s heart.

What should wives do when their husband prefer to stay with friends outside their homes?

A good advice for you is, don’t think marrying a man, means that you will automatically win his attention, rather, it’s better you are his friend than being his wife. If he finds staying outside more comfortable than coming back home, you’ve lost him to external ‘friends’. Your God’s given assignment, is to see how you can make him run home to you, just the same way you may anticipate him running out to meet other ‘friends outside.

Most girls/ladies or women are not taught this principles as they grow to become women, so they obviously walk into marriage blindly, expecting miracles to start happening. They forget that the guy/man evolved from a difference mindset, experiences, and has a different personalities. Sorry, I will like to open your eyes to this truth, most marriage stories we read in novel, or the love stories we hear or watch in movies are not always true representation of the true character of most men, neither does it teach us what we should expect in our marriages. It’s all acting!

Women have to wake up and face true life realities now!, that is the way we can save this present generation and the next from marital collapse plaguing our world today.

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