Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Tanya Sees Tejo

Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Udaariyaan 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Udaariyaan Written Update

To begin, Bau ji says that “what is destined happens,” suggesting that perhaps this was our fate. Fateh and Jasmin return home. He claims that I will be the papa of a child named Amrik who will be born in this home. Everyone is beaming with happiness. Khushbeer shows in and inquires about what’s going on in the house.

Fateh says I’ve given it some thought. Jasmin does a dance and plays the dhol. This is what she imagines. Is Gurpreet telling the truth? Gurpreet inquires. Jasmin confirms that he brought me here; if he had been lying, I wouldn’t be here now. Fateh informs Amrik that he has made up his mind to marry Jasmin and that he will be there shortly.

Gurpreet inquires as to Amrik’s happiness, and he replies that he is. The question Khushbeer asks Fateh is how can he consider of someone other than Tejo, much alone Jasmin, as a romantic interest. Tanya considers her job as being completed now that Jasmin’s baby has a father. Her dupatta is ripped apart by the earring. She’s gone. Fateh withdraws to his room and sobs in alone.

He wonders why you broke up with him. Tejo, Lord wants to rob the last happiness that I am obliged to marry someone; I only adore Tejo. Tejo is asked by the girl whether she would not dance today.

Tejo tells me he doesn’t know, which makes me upset. Heer must make laddoos, according to the girl, or Fateh will arrive the next day to arrange for Baraat’s marriage to her.

Amrik’s father, Fateh, tells me that I must marry for his sake. He sees Khushbeer as he opens the door to his room. Khushbeer pulls him aside and tells him, “You chose to sacrifice your happiness.

That is what Fateh says I must do for Amrik. Please notify Khushbeer whether you’re satisfied with this decision. Fateh says everyone is happy, and I agree; I’m getting married to Jasmin, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Tejo.

It’s Tejo’s specialty. She sheds tears. No, I’m alright. Thanks. I don’t like anything, Tejo tells her as he holds her. Fateh tells me that Tejo is the reason for my existence, and I will never forget her. He cried while hugging Khushbeer.

Is Fateh still waiting for Heer? The girl wonders. On the terrace, Jasmin sings and dances. Aali re-enters the stage… In the end, she adds, I’ll get Fateh and then fly to Canada.

After Jasmin and Fateh agreed to get married, Tanya claims that she made up her mind that she would no longer consider having an abortion as long as Fateh was willing to marry her.

Bebe breaks down and sobs. Tanya wonders why you’re crying.I’m pleased with the outcome of this choice. It’s not my fault you’re not happy, Rupy tells her. He wishes he’d thought about your happiness earlier in the process. Tanya is embraced by him. Tejo discusses her baraat with her friends. It is Tanya’s mother who comes and calls her Tanya. I’m Tanya, not Heer, according to Tejo.

She claims to be Tanya’s mother and adds, “I’m your mom.” Illness and forgetfulness have plagued Amma, and she believes you are her daughter, she claims. As Tejo points out, both you and I miss Fateh. But don’t be unhappy; both your daughter and mine will return. The earring falls on Fateh’s foot. I don’t know why I sense your presence around me, but I do.

Why did you call me? Jasmin inquires. Fateh argues that nobody can force me to change it. Tejo wants crimson chunni, of course. It appears we’ve hired a pandit, according to the girl. Jasmin and Fateh had a conversation.

Jasmin thinks it’s best if you get married as soon as possible. He insists that we spread the word about Tanya and the fact that she isn’t Tejo at all, but rather the Tejo I have in my heart. Because his fiancée isn’t ready, Tejo says Fateh will come and go.

When the marriage is finalised, we’ll notify them, as Jasmin has promised. There is no use in lying to your father and my father if they can obtain their answers if we tell the truth.

We have to tell them sometime, and I will go and tell them since the families are going to set a date for the wedding anyhow. Tanya is welcome to join her. He thinks it’s a good thing she isn’t around. That’s it. Afterward, she inquires as to what I should do next, as I don’t want to inform anyone about this new issue.

Fateh returned home. Khushbeer tells him to sit down. Fateh tells me that I must speak in an obnoxious tone. Gurpreet told me that you met Jasmin, and I’m wondering whether all is OK. It appears that Fateh agrees. Was your choice changed by Rupy? No, Fateh says.

He suggests that if you’re unhappy, you should consider why he did what he did. Biji asks him to speak it out loud. Jasmin shows up, hopeful that he can reveal Tanya’s secret. Tanya has come to see her mother for the first time. Suddenly, she hears Tejo’s yelp.

How will Tejo get married if she doesn’t have her crimson chunni? Pandit would not give the date, but Jasmin and Fateh have agreed to get married in 7 days, so they will not need Pandit’s help. Fateh’s gaze shifts to hers. Tanya is surprised to see Tejo. Because she believes she is Fateh’s Tejo, it’s time for the gulf between Fateh and Tejo to be closed.


Tejo exclaims, “Fateh!” as he surveys the area. Tanya keeps an eye on everything. Calls Fateh. When he hears her voice, he’s taken aback.

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