Udaariyaan 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Fateh Agrees To Marry Jasmin

Udaariyaan 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Udaariyaan 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Udaariyaan Written Update

Jasmin asks Gurpreet to keep the goods secure at the beginning of the episode. Apparently, Gurpreet has given you Amrik’s final signal. Jasmin says she doesn’t want a forced relationship, but if he cares about the kid and loves the baby, he’ll take care of the marriage.

Fateh breaks down in tears. In her mind, he is being impacted by her. He thinks he’s seeing Tejo because he’s taking this exam. She feeds her mother, Tanya. She inquires as to your well-being and recalls the face and name of your daughter, Tanya. According to the lady, I would have stayed if my daughter had been present.

She sees me as powerless. Lady: I’d like a glass of water. Thank you! Tanya heads to the water cooler. For his part, Tejo requests that we bring him some water to drink as well. It is Tanya’s turn to receive the glass. Empty glasses are returned to Tejo. Her mother, Tanya, is already asleep when Tanya brings her the water. When she’s done, she puts her mother’s head under a blanket.

As Tejo hurries away, she praises Tanya for protecting her. Tanya’s dupatta gets tangled in her earring. There is Tejo rushing in her direction. She is oblivious to her own features. Because he believes Tejo may still be alive, Fateh wonders how he is going to propose to Jasmin.

Tanya is instructed by Jasmin to inform Fateh by phone. Tejo is asked to return the girl’s earring. Tejo thinks it may have made it to Fateh. She bursts into a chuckle. The girl replies, “I’ll force you to try on another one.”

Amrik’s memories will be passed down to his child, and Gurpreet says he hopes Fateh will agree to marry Jasmin. He gets a call from Tanya. In his opinion, you’ve caused an explosion in the house.

To rescue the baby, she tells me to go to the hospital where Jasmin is and intervene. Tejo claims that Fateh would rush to my aid. Seeing Fateh out in the open, Mahi rushes over to see. Inquiring minds want to know.

She has gone to the hospital for an abortion, and I’m going to try to stop her from doing so. Tejo promises to drive the automobile himself to get to me. Fateh gets into his car and drives away. Abortion? The doctor asks whether you’re sure. Jasmin shakes her head in agreement.

When the doctor tells you that no one from your family is present, you wonder whether you’ll be terrified. In the meanwhile, Jasmin advises patience. Fateh shows up. The doctor wants to know how you got here. According to Jasmin, he is a relative of mine. The doctor inquires if you’d want to speak with him. Jasmin rejects the idea. Fateh advises that I should speak with her.

The doctor has left the building. He inquires as to what you’re up to. She apologises and says she has no other choice. He asserts that a solution can be found. Will you take care of my child? She inquires. “What will he tell me to stop?” she wonders aloud.

Since he concedes that you are correct, there is nothing I can say to prevent you from demanding what you want. The doctor asks whether you’re ready. Do you want to hear the baby’s heartbeat one more time, Jasmin? The doctor wants to know why you made the decision to terminate.

Jasmin tells me she doesn’t want it, but she’s powerless since she’s the mother of a kid. The doctor takes her. Let me take you to the hospital, “Gurpreet adds.” Jasmin will perform an abortion while you’re there. According to Bau ji, Fateh has arrived here. Fateh thinks back to what Amrik has said.

He goes to the sonography machine to check on the baby’s development. The baby’s heartbeat is audible to him. When she sees him, Jasmin cracks a smile. After we are married, Tejo says we’ll live in a nice house and enjoy halwa together.

The girl says she’s your sister, so you should welcome her over. Tejo yells at his sister, “No, she’s evil!” To avoid having to be alone in the world and mourn for your father, Jasmin says, “Sorry, I’m a horrible mother.” I’m sending you to your father. Sorry. Fateh tears when he hears her.

The doctor cautions Jasmin to reevaluate her position. At the ashram, Tanya is motionless. Everyone is yelling, “Heer!” Tejo stomps on the plate and yells as he beats it. Tanya decides to check it out for herself. Please take me to the OT; I’ve heard the heartbeat for the final time, and I don’t want to weaken.

Everyone’s remarks are etched into Fateh’s memory. He puts a halt to the doctor. He says you’re the only one he can reach. It is obvious that Jasmin is with him. As far as she’s concerned, her choice to go is definitive.

She smiles and turns around. This baby’s life depends on it, so I’ll marry him if he needs my permission. Tanya is blind to Tejo’s existence. Fateh catches Jasmin’s gaze. He promises to marry you and give birth to your child if you accept his proposal of marriage and childbirth.

Why do you think I can’t adjust to the fact that you left my kid behind? She says she has no hope of living if you don’t come back. He promises to do all in his power to protect you and the child, and that his decision is final. She wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the cheek.


Tanya’s family needs to know about her, says Fateh. Tanya is surprised to see Tejo. Tejo screams “Fateh!” at the top of his lungs.

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