Udaariyaan 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Jasmin Succeeds In Her Plan

Udaariyaan 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Udaariyaan 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with Tanya saying that everyone is with you, don’t make that decision about the baby, her mother and your baby. Yasmeen says America is not here, father’s shadow is different, don’t trust them, ask them, will they give my child father’s shadow?

She wonders why Fateh hasn’t said anything to date. She says OK Teju, if you say so I will not commit this sin, but only on one condition, I am ready to bring this child into this world, promise me, you will give me for my unborn child. Father will give. She tells them to make a promise.

Gurpreet asks how I can do this. Yasmeen says she doesn’t care about me or the baby. Gurpreet joins hands. “Your silence shows that you want an American child, not me,” says Yasmin. She cries and leaves. Tanya followed him. Gurpreet cries.

Beji faints. Everyone catches it. Yasmin comes home running. Tanya asked him to listen. Loli wondered if Jasmine had seen Teju become a witch. Jasmine says now it’s the family’s turn, goodbye. Tanya knocks on the door. Yasmin smiled. Loli thinks it’s Teju’s soul. Sati asked what was the matter. Tania says Jasmine will tell you. Baiji wakes up and asks Jasmine, who is carrying the American baby.

Gurpreet reassured him. Jasmine smiles and says I’m fine, Tanya is in pain for the kids, she looks arrogant, she’s just as emotional as Teju. Sati asked, “Tell me what happened.” He asks Jasmine to open the door. Fateh called Jasmine and Tanya. She overheard Boji talking to Baji about Jasmine and the American baby. “I want America,” says Beji. Rupee says that Gurpreet has come to talk.

Sati says that Yasmeen is not opening the door. Bao Ji says that Gurpreet has gone there, Yasmin will not believe, if she takes wrong step then Gurpreet cannot bear it. Fateh asked him not to worry. He says I can do anything to bring America back, I don’t know what Tanya is explaining there, Gurpreet would tell them everything. Garprit says Amerik is back, Yasmeen is pregnant with her baby, but she doesn’t want to give birth. Everyone is surprised.

Sati grabbed her head. Tanya says it’s just me, open the door. Yasmin says wow what an acting you are very smart. Tania says that no one can beat you in acting. Jasmine says you have a lot to learn from me. Tanya is gone. Jasmine lies down on the bed and thanks the baby for bringing her into shape.

“You know the pain of losing a baby, you’ve got your daughter back, don’t let Jasmine do anything with the baby, I beg you,” said Garpreet. Rupee told him to calm down. Tanya takes water for gripping.

Gurpreet asks if Yasmeen said something, tell me, did he listen to you? Tania says don’t misunderstand me, she has said many things, I don’t think her condition is wrong, it is her duty and right to think, what will she tell the child that her father is dead, this It is difficult to raise a child without his father, the child’s upbringing will be incomplete, no one can take the place of the father.

Loli wonders if Teju is supporting Jasmine, whether she is Teju or not. “You’re right, just make sure Jasmine doesn’t do anything wrong with the baby,” says Gurpreet. She goes away. Tanya cries. She texts Jasmine. Jasmine says the baby is asking for chips and chocolate, I think you will be as dramatic as I am. She reads the message and says yes I should control it, nothing should happen to this child, his victory in my life is the return ticket. Rupees knock on the door.

Jasmine hides a pack of chips and cries. “I know you’ve come to explain to me, but I won’t listen,” she says. He says no, I’m with you, you made the right decision, why should I be angry, you talked about children’s rights, I’m glad you became sensible. Yasmeen asks where has your love been till now? He says there was love but it is hidden because of your mistakes. This time I am with you. He hugs her and cries. Tanya is watching. Rupee told Jasmine to think carefully and make a decision. Yasmeen thinks Tania should dance to my tune until I win.

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