Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Udaariyaan 26 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with Tanya saying that we went to the gurdwara, we thought of giving you a prasad. Yasmin offers them. Tanya asked Jasmine to take American books and pictures. She says that Yasmeen has nothing to do with America, she also misses him, let her take it. Gurpreet nodded. Yasmin thinks Tania should do what I told her. Gurpreet asked Tanya if she would drink tea or coffee.

Tanya says I will drink tea. Mahi says the winner, get up, he has to go to work with Papa, I have to make a phone call, send Teju with tea. Gurpreet says yes, Fateh’s father will be happy if he sees you, go and wake him up. Tanya thinks that her day will be bad and mine too. Fateh dreams of Teju. Tanya enters the room and looks at Teju’s pictures. She sees him smiling and calls him out.

She tries to wake him up. He grabs her hand and pulls her. Tea cups and trays fall to the floor. Tania asked what are you doing? He asked, “What are you doing here?” She says I have come to give tea. They argue. He tells her to get out. Gurpreet comes and asks what happened, why are you shouting at her, what is all this? Tania says the tea fell down by mistake.

She picks up the broken tray. she goes. He says sorry Gurpreet says we will go and talk to Rupee, you also want this, talk to Teju. Fateh says I don’t want this, this is not the right time, she thought I was her killer, how can I talk to her, let her trust me again, do nothing. she goes.

He says why did she come to my room, stupid girl. Tanya says stupid angry man, my hand hurts. Yasmeen asked, “Did you talk to anyone?” Tanya says no I have to talk to you, everyone has to listen, we will talk in the hall, you told me about carom, everyone is excited. Yasmeen says that with these cups there are memories of me and Amerik, it is enough to make them centi.

Tanya asked him to come. Tanya saw Gurpreet coming. They go to the kitchen and start acting. Gurpreet listens to them. Tanya says you can’t deny it now, you can’t make a big decision alone. Jasmine says I can’t tell them, speak slowly, anyone will listen, I have no option, it’s not easy for me. Tanya says killing a child is a great sin.

Gurpreet is shocked and says baby. “I know, I’m here to get American signals, I want to be brave, I’m going home now,” says Yasmin. That run out. Tanya says Mimi ji you. Gurpreet stopped Jasmine and asked, “What were you talking to Teju about?” Tell me about it She asks Teju what Yasmin was saying. Victory comes and asks the matter. Tanya says Jasmine will tell you, this is her private affair.

Gurpreet asked, “What are you hiding?” Tanya thinks she should accept Jasmine. “I’m pregnant with an American baby,” says Yasmin. Everyone is surprised. He smiled. Garpreet cries and hugs Jasmine. “My American child,” she says. “But Amerik is not in the world, so I decided to have an abortion,” says Yasmin. Tanya thinks that I am increasing their stress, I will do whatever I have to do for the sake of the child.

Gurpreet says no, I know you are in shock, he loved you so much, don’t do that, think about it. Yasmin says wow, you didn’t want to see my face, now you are showing love to me, when baby comes you will change again. She asks Teju how they change. “I have decided to have an abortion,” she says. Gurpreet says no, forgive me. “I know Amerik was your beloved son, but you think I’m an unwanted daughter-in-law, Amerik loved me, you all always insulted me,” says Yasmin.

Gurpreet says no, forgive me for that. Jasmine says I can’t give birth to a baby without a father’s shadow, you all know that a father loves a child, that’s why Simran married Bozo for candy, I too I don’t want my child to miss. Her father, Amerik, is not in the world. I have a choice. I decided to have an abortion. Simran stops Yasmin and says I can understand your pain, she is lucky to be a mother, you loved America, she loved you, think about it.

Yasmeen says that you used to call me a chameleon, I did not change color so quickly, you are giving importance to the child now, you did not value America, you refused to accept his wish. “He left us forever, we want to correct our mistake,” says Gurpreet. “Yes, it’s our fault, we’re sorry,” says Simran.

She asks Fateh. He remembered Tanya’s words. Baiji tells Jasmine not to have an abortion. Yasmin argues with them. She says sorry, I have no future, my child will have no future, you are all responsible for this decision, you all gave me no hope, I do not trust you, I am worried that you have taken away my child Will take And send me away from here, then what shall I do, I bear to go to America, if you take away my child I will not live, so I decided to have an abortion.

Gurpreet asks Teju to convince Jasmine not to do this. Tanya stopped Jasmine and hugged her. Yasmin looks at him and smiles. Tanya thinks she is playing with their emotions, would it be right to accompany Jasmine?