Theses People Sent Texts To The Wrong Number And Got Hilarious Responses

Can you remember a time when you sent a text message to the wrong number? You might have entered the wrong number into your phone and sent a text to a complete stranger, and it must have been fairly awkward. Most people would just ignore your message, but there are a select few who reply. We found the most hilarious responses from people who received messages from the wrong number, and the conversation will have you laughing out loud. Continue reading for all the possible answers you could use when you get a message from the wrong number. 

“Sorry, I Can’t Come To Work Right Now. I’m In The Middle Of Something.”

When you give your employer your number, you should probably make sure you are giving them the correct number. Anthony thought he was texting his employee because they were late, and he did not expect this kind of response. 

"Sorry, I Can't Come To Work Right Now. I'm In The Middle Of Something."

Considering the employee was already 20 minutes late, we don’t think Anthony was in the mood to play games over text. We can’t help but laugh thinking about his reaction when he got this picture. 

You Are Being So Selfish, Karen

If you ever receive a picture of seven puppies, you probably won’t ignore it. This person was looking for a vet but messaged the wrong number, and they got someone’s hopes up about getting a puppy. 

You Are Being So Selfish, Karen

Who needs seven puppies? They can definitely afford to spare just one to someone who is going to love it. Also, this person is offering their care services for free, that is extremely kind. 

That Is Not A Cat

There are a few types of people in the world; the ones that don’t answer messages from unknown numbers, and the ones who do. This person refused to stop answering the person who kept sending pictures of their dog. 

That Is Not A Cat

We aren’t sure if they were joking or they don’t know what a dog looks like, but they wanted the person to stop sending “cat” pictures. Instead, they could not have answered, and the photos would have stopped. 

Unsolicited Nick Pics

When you want to post the cute picture you took last night, but it is on someone else’s phone, so you have to ask them to send it to you. This person got the wrong number from their friend and when they asked for the picture, they received an unexpected image. 

Unsolicited Nick Pics

No, it was not something inappropriate, but who would want an unsolicited picture of Nicolas Cage? We guess that is what this person gets for texting the wrong number. At least they got a good laugh out of it. 

Never Send A Death Announcement Via Text Message

Having a parent pass away is very difficult. Getting that type of news is heartbreaking, and it is not something you want to hear via text message. This person didn’t even have the decency to text the correct number to tell them the tragic news. 

Never Send A Death Announcement Via Text Message

Can you imagine receiving this text while your father is still alive and going into a panic because someone said that he died? 

James Sucks And Andrew Probably Does Too

For some people, ignoring a text message seems like an impossible task, even when it is from a random number. Instead of letting the person think they never got a response, there are people who will respond to tell them they have the wrong number. 

James Sucks And Andrew Probably Does Too

This person was kind enough to tell the person that they are not James. Even though someone messaged the wrong number, they had the audacity to insult the person they texted anyway. 

“Hi Is This Kaylee?” “No! You Have The Wrong Number.” “Are You Sure, Though?”

Have you ever purposefully given someone the incorrect number to be polite when you don’t want them to contact you? Well, This person got the wrong number from Kaylee and refused to believe it wasn’t her that he was texting. 

"Hi Is This Kaylee?" "No! You Have The Wrong Number." "Are You Sure, Though?"

This man has clearly ruined his relationship with Kaylee, and there is no going back. The first step in the healing process would have been to get the correct number. 

Why Wouldn’t He Have His “Queen’s” Number Saved?

Everyone wants to be treated like a Queen by their partner, and when this person received a message from someone calling them a queen, they were flattered despite not knowing them.

Why Wouldn't He Have His "Queen's" Number Saved?

We have to wonder why they wouldn’t have the correct number of the person they called “queen.” The person who received the messages wanted to be their new queen; they must be lonely. 

It Must Have Been A Wild Night

When you receive a message from an unknown number, it is a chance to try out some new jokes. This person found their inner comedian when they received a message from Dorothy. 

It Must Have Been A Wild Night

Dorothy must hear many jokes like this because of her name. We wouldn’t even be upset to receive this response because it is comedy gold. 

Daily Reminder To Call Your Mom

When you receive a message like this from an unknown number, your first instinct may be to ignore it, but what if your mom really wanted to get in touch with you. 

Daily Reminder To Call Your Mom

This person decided to be on the safe side and call their mom, but it turned out to be an unnecessary conversation. Andrea probably doesn’t feel guilty for getting this person to call their mom. 

A Bromance Made In Heaven

Here is a perfect example of why you should start by saying a simple “hey” when you text a new number. You never if you have the correct number right away, so confessing your love is risky. 

A Bromance Made In Heaven

Luckily, this person sent their love to someone who also has a sense of humor. We hope these two became friends because of this text exchange. 

George Foreman At Your Service

We are going to assume the sender received a call from this number, and instead of answering, they decided to text the person asking who they are. They were asking all the important questions and the person responded in the perfect way. 

George Foreman At Your Service

Some people identify as boys or girls, while others identify as grills. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, even if that is an electrical appliance. 

Who Is Jessica??

Remember, in Spongebob, Patrick is getting phone calls at the Krusty Krab, and he keeps saying, “No, this is Patrick.” That seems to be the case here. This person was looking for Jessica, but they are talking to the wrong person. 

Who Is Jessica??

The person who received the messages was very confused as to who Jessica is, and how this person got their number. 

Nope, Definitely Not You

When you message a number that you haven’t spoken to before, it is probably smart to start by saying “hello.” This person decided to go all-in when they texted this number for the first time. 

Nope, Definitely Not You

When you tell someone you have feelings for them; it must feel horrible to realize they gave you the wrong number. At least both parties can look back and laugh about this.

Show Me The Deals!!

Everyone loves a good bargain, so whether you know the person or not, you won’t be mad about a discount on green beans. This person was intrigued by the possibility of cheap green beans, so they decided to answer the unknown number. 

Show Me The Deals!!

It’s nice to see strangers sharing the discounts they find at grocery stores with other people. You never know when you will find discounted beans again. 

“Whoa, Man. I’m Not Interested In Anything But The Car.”

When you are so used to texting the same person all day, you might assume that their name will be at the top of your message screen. This person forgot that they had been texting with someone else more recently. 

"Whoa, Man. I'm Not Interested In Anything But The Car."

We wonder if Mario decided to buy the car despite the text message mix-up. If they did end up meeting, it must have been an awkward encounter. 

When You Profess Your Love To The Wrong Person

It must be extremely uncomfortable to text someone telling them that you love them only to realize you messaged the wrong number. We don’t know who Ashley is, but she found someone to love her and decided to give him the wrong number. 

When You Profess Your Love To The Wrong Person

The person who received the messages was happy to get some love, even if it was intended for Ashley and not them. 

“I Said Don’t Ask”

When you tell someone not to ask about something, their first thought is to ask about it. Why wouldn’t someone be intrigued when they receive a photo of an organized pantry, and they are told not to ask about the rest of the kitchen? 

"I Said Don't Ask"

They asked what everyone was thinking, and why not; it’s not like they know the person who sent them the message. Do you think they eventually got a picture of the rest of the kitchen? 

How Did He Get That Name?

We have so many questions regarding this seven-word sentence. Who is Hickory Ham Mike, and how did he get this person’s number? With a name like that, we can’t blame someone for giving him the wrong number on purpose. 

How Did He Get That Name?

His name is intriguing, and it makes you want to know more about him, but we wouldn’t blame this person for not answering either. 


“Land of the free and home of the brave.” That is the American motto, and this person was asked if they are free, so they thought of the only logical answer for this stranger. 


Why simply tell someone they have the wrong number when you could use comedy to get your point across. 

When Google Is More Efficient Than Trained Professionals

It is somewhat concerning that Matt had to text another doctor to figure out what was wrong with a patient, and the fact that he didn’t have doctor Park’s number saved in his phone. 

When Google Is More Efficient Than Trained Professionals

It is also sad that trained professionals took three hours to figure out how to treat this patient when a person could google the symptoms and figure out the treatment within minutes. 

She Can’t Be Fired Because She Already Quit

In today’s times, you can text your boss telling them you want to quit instead of speaking to them face-to-face. This worked in Rachel’s favor so she could avoid the award interaction. 

She Can't Be Fired Because She Already Quit

It is a good thing Rachel was already quitting because she ruined the whole professional interaction by accidentally sending the cookie photo. Now, her boss knows how Rachel is celebrating quitting. 

Pump The Breaks

Remember how awkward it was to text your crush for the first time. You probably didn’t think they would answer, and if they did, you didn’t know what to say because you hadn’t prepared for that. 

Pump The Breaks

These strangers had that same sort of awkward interaction, and the receiver of messages realized quickly how fast their relationship was moving. Might as well slow things down before they get too intense. 

Definitely The Wrong Hair Dresser

It is common for people to text their hairstylists for appointments or hair-related questions, so Jeff decided to book an appointment with his stylist Mary. Sadly for Jeff, he mistyped Mary’s number and received the two worst haircut options. 

Definitely The Wrong Hair Dresser

Jeff must have wondered what happened to Mary when he saw these two hairstyle options because that is not her usual work. 

That Is Horribly Cruel

When you work in a store with shifts, it is common for people to switch shifts when they can’t request off. People need to have the correct number for their co-workers, so this situation doesn’t happen. 

That Is Horribly Cruel

Instead of telling Melanie, she had the wrong number, they decided to wait until 45 minutes before her shift to say there was no one to replace her. 

Why Is He Giving His Mother’s Number Away To Strangers?

We have so many questions about these text messages. First of all, who doesn’t have their mom’s number saved or know it by heart? Second, why would they share their mom’s number with a stranger?

Why Is He Giving His Mother's Number Away To Strangers?

The receiver was clearly very confused when they were sent this person’s mom’s number, and they didn’t know what to do with that information. 

They Weren’t Ready For That Response

Most people would be uncomfortable if they receive a message from someone saying “hey baby.” You might start to wonder if you gave your number out at the bar when you were too intoxicated. 

They Weren't Ready For That Response

Instead of not answering or replying that they had the wrong number, this person decided to use a little humor to figure out who this stranger is. 

Whatever You Do, Don’t Eat The Cookie

It is so kind that someone bought their friend a cookie, but they should really double-check before they text next time so that they can thank the right person. 

Whatever You Do, Don't Eat The Cookie

The person who received the “thank you” message knew that they had sent it to the wrong number, so they took the opportunity to mess with a stranger. 

Congrats On Graduation Random Person

This excited graduate wanted to share a picture from her important day with someone and accidentally sent it to the wrong person, but they had the perfect response. 

Congrats On Graduation Random Person

Instead of ignoring the photo, the person decided to congratulate the woman and let her know that she had the wrong number in a funny way. 

Sorry, He Does Not Want To Come Over

When you meet someone on a night out, you hope they will have the decency to give you the correct number, Well, that was not the case for this guy. He tried to shoot his shot by texting the girl he met to come over and didn’t get the response he had expected. 

Sorry, He Does Not Want To Come Over

Instead of a girl texting him back, he received a picture from another guy who seems used to receiving these messages from the wrong number. 

Why Aaron Carter? Why?

When some random number asks you to hang out, there is no better response than a picture of young Aaron Carter. You don’t need to explain or add any text, just send the images and let the confusion set in. 

Why Aaron Carter? Why?

We can’t tell if the person knows they sent a message to the wrong number, but they don’t seem to know who Aaron Carter is, which is a big red flag. 

Never, Ever Turn Off The Vacuum

If you have ever received a random message from an unknown number, do you ignore it or have some fun with the person who sent it? When Tae Soo sent a message to the wrong number, the receiver decided to have some fun with her. 

Never, Ever Turn Off The Vacuum

We hope she realized that she sent the message to the wrong number before she broke the vacuum. 

What Type Of Hammer Do You Identify With

Before you completely ignore a random number, there are times when you should clarify who the sender is because it might be someone you know. This person wanted to clarify who the sender was, but Hammer wasn’t giving away any useful information. 

What Type Of Hammer Do You Identify With

This person either knows more than one hammer or realized the ridiculousness of someone calling themselves hammer, so they sent some pictures of hammers to figure out who was texting. 

That’s A Sad Response To Receive

So you are at the bar, and you are talking to a guy, but you aren’t into him, so you try to end the conversation. As you are saying goodbye, he asks for your number, and instead of being rude, you give him a random number. Unfortunately, he decides to text you right away. 

That's A Sad Response To Receive

We hope this was a big bar or Sophie left, so she doesn’t have to deal with that uncomfortable interaction now that this person knows she gave him the wrong number. 

Maybe In Another Lifetime, But Not This One

First of all, if you like someone enough to call her “Princess,” at least take the time to save her number correctly. Although he got the number wrong, he gained a soulmate for another lifetime. 

Maybe In Another Lifetime, But Not This One

It is fun to see when people play along with the people they accidentally text. We hope they fall in love in their next life. 

You’re Out Of The Band, Chris

Messing around with people who send you a text accidentally can be pretty entertaining. Chris was trying to change the rehearsal, and instead of texting the correct person, he messed up the number. 

You're Out Of The Band, Chris

While this person could have told Chris that he had the wrong number, and was not texting Alex, he decided to play a prank on him. We hope Chris found out he is not kicked out of the quartet. 

“I Can Be Whoever You Want”

It seems that this person texted their ex Angela, but she changed her number and someone else has it now. They don’t seem to mind receiving messages about Breaking Bad

"I Can Be Whoever You Want"

Maybe if they pretend to be Angela, the person will get over their ex and be able to move on with the help of this stranger. 

A Fun Game Called “Waste My Time.”

If you are going to message someone about important information like a proposal for a new roof, you might want to check that you have the correct contact information. Shawn meant to text Korey, but he must have typed the number in wrong. 

A Fun Game Called "Waste My Time."

Instead of starting by telling Shawn he had the wrong number, this person decided to mess with him to waste a few minutes of his life. 

Who Hates Beyonce?

If you are unaware, Beyonce fans are part of the Beyhive, and they will defend her no matter what. Beyonce fans will not stand for anyone disrespecting their queen. 

Who Hates Beyonce?

The person who was accused of hating Beyonce was not going to stand by and let someone think they hated Queen Bey. Also, Bridget has some explaining to do because who in their right mind hates Beyonce? 

How Dare She Not Give Her Real Number To A Strange Man!

Meeting strangers at the club is all fun and games till they ask for your number, and you have to decide whether to say no or be kind and give them a fake one. This person gave Pedro a phony number, and he was not happy to find out. 

How Dare She Not Give Her Real Number To A Strange Man!

We don’t know why Pedro is so shocked, though. After meeting someone in a club for a few minutes, it is unlikely that you really want to see them again. 

This Is The Picture You Wanted, Right?

Based on this message, we are sure the receiver was thoroughly confused when they read this message. They clearly didn’t know how to react to this, so the only logical way was to send a picture of them in a banana costume. 

This Is The Picture You Wanted, Right?

The sender must have felt embarrassed to send that message to the wrong number, or they were confused why they got a picture of a girl in a banana costume. 

These People Are Ruining The World With Their Stupidity

Danny Sullivan

This article was originally published on TVBee

Some people aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but their hearts are in the right place so we can give them a pass. Other people are so dumb that we fear for their safety, or stupid in a way that’s actually harmful to others. We have a harder time forgiving these imbeciles, especially when their actions make the world a worse place to live. We don’t like to be mean but in a society full of conspiracy theories and misinformation, sometimes all we can do is laugh. Read on for some of the worst offenders.

A Fine Example of Logic

Is this guy okay? Rock Hudson was married to a woman at one point, so the “no luck with the ladies” thing doesn’t track. Plus, what’s to guarantee he would have had any more luck with men? For a good part of his life, homosexuality was considered a crime – why would he take such a big risk, especially as a public figure, when he probably could have had any woman he wanted?

A Fine Example of Logic


And don’t get us started on the logic behind lesbianism. Has he never seen a straight woman wear non-high-heeled shoes before? Heels are uncomfortable, whatever type of arches someone has. 

What’s Your Point?

First of all, her point doesn’t even make sense. Is the media trying to control people, or is the media being controlled? Even if we were to give her the benefit of the doubt, why on earth would whoever is behind this want to out themselves this way? Surely, their goal is to stay in control. Revealing their motives through stupid anagrams seems like a bad way to stay in power.  

What's Your Point?


At least the people who replied seem to get it. Sorry, Lavern, no one’s evil plan is getting foiled by your top-notch detective work, but by all means, please keep trying. 

Get Your Priorities Straight

Now, that’s an idea. What kind of world do we live in where a child with cancer needs to use his Make-A-Wish for something that the adults around him should already be handling? Like, kudos to the kid, it’s amazing that he did this, but how many times have we heard that the problem of homelessness is unsolvable? Clearly, feeding the homeless is not that difficult with a little effort. 

Get Your Priorities Straight


We can learn a lot from children. It’d be amazing if they gave this kid a second wish that he could enjoy for himself, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

One Unhappy Passenger

Oh great, a 2-for-1! This genius decided to cheat on his wife and keep evidence of his affairs on his phone, and sure, maybe she shouldn’t have gone through it without his permission, but seriously, who is the one really at fault here? We don’t blame her for being upset, that said, we’d also like to know what made her respond so badly that they couldn’t fly the plane to its final destination. 

One Unhappy Passenger


The moral of the story: don’t cheat on your partner. The other passengers couldn’t have been happy about having to make an emergency landing for such a stupid, avoidable reason. 

Chef Boyardon’t

Thank you, original poster for your culinary insights. We have to ask – if hard-shell tacos are your preference, what are you doing buying tortillas anyway? Why add this totally unnecessary extra step? Just buy the hard shells from the store and be done with it. This doesn’t even seem like it would actually work. Hard taco shells are made with fried corn, and soft tortillas like these are made with flour. 

Chef Boyardon't


That said, @its_zaac’s response was still funny. They may not be exactly the same thing, but it’s still a good point. Nobody’s sitting around with tortillas wondering how to make them more crunchy. 

Word to the Unwise

Stupid might not be the best word to describe what’s happening here. Selfish? Inhumane? Those seem a bit more accurate. In general, we like to celebrate others’ successes, but this is just so inconsiderate. No one should be looking at the deaths of others this way, but we guess it’s par for the course of the last few years. Maybe, just maybe, we need to reevaluate our priorities as a society. 

Word to the Unwise


We can’t even put all the blame on the Rolls-Royce CEO here. ‘People’ should not have published this, at least not in any way that comes off as so celebratory. 

Don’t Have Kids

Some people really just shouldn’t be parents. Seriously, imagine screwing up so badly that Child Protective Services feels it’s in their best interest to remove your children from your home, and the first thing you do is make a YOUTUBE VIDEO OF YOURSELVES EATING A HUGE TRAY OF SEAFOOD. Sorry, lost our cool there for a second, this is just so absurd it’s almost unbelievable. Anything for the clicks, we guess. 

Don't Have Kids


We’d like to make a motion to instate a blanket ban on family vlogging. Even when the titles are clickbait, the parents are still putting fame over the actual wellbeing of their children.

He Said What?!

Can we just like, all agree that Nazis are bad? Why has that become such a controversial take? No one wants to have to think about the painful past, but if we ignore history, we’re doomed to repeat it. This senator’s statement reeks of deflection and really suggests an “All Lives Matter” vibe. Of course all lives matter, but in this case, we’re talking about the lives of a specific group of persecuted people. 

He Said What?!


This is not a situation where all perspectives are equally valid. You don’t get to pick and choose what you’d like to believe here. Even Germany is honest when they teach about this subject. 

Lighten Up, Sir.

Way to kill the vibe, dude. The designation of what’s considered professional or not is so arbitrary; as long as the emojis aren’t offensive or inappropriate, who cares if someone includes them as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work? Corporate culture takes all the fun out of everything but then fills their offices with snacks and thinks that should be enough to make people want to be there. Keep smiling, Adam. 

Lighten Up, Sir.


We move to have “smiley faces” be considered acceptable in the workplace. Bring your dog, wear your pajamas, whatever, as long as you get your work done. Corporate culture needs to go. 

Where’s the Lie?

We love a good Spongebob meme and this one tells the truth. Has anyone really stopped to think about why there’s such a labor shortage in the US, or are we all just going to continue to keep pulling a Patrick and ignore what’s right in front of us? People aren’t just sitting at home watching TV, laughing it up while you complain about not being served your mayonnaise fast enough, Karen.

Where's the Lie?


Employers also often demand way too much for what they offer. No one wants to have to be at some company’s beck and call 24/7 for a stupid $7.25 an hour. 

He Speaketh the Truth

Most of us grew up going to D.A.R.E. assemblies during school, but in retrospect, did they really do any good? We were warned about the dangers of drugs constantly, and sure, there are some drugs that should definitely be avoided, but even alcohol is considerably more dangerous than weed when it comes to health and public safety.  Why was so much effort put into trying to make us afraid of it?

He Speaketh the Truth


As soon as it became clear that it could be a source of revenue, the government seemed to do a 180, and now weed dispensaries are popping up all over. 

Leave a Voicemail

This guy must have been a millennial, and we honestly can’t judge. While it was stupid of him to not answer his phone, it’s unlikely that anyone over the age of 40 would have ignored the calls during a situation like this. Chalk it up to our anxiety around talking to strangers, we’re a product of years hiding behind a screen. He was probably afraid it was a sales call. 

Leave a Voicemail


We’re curious about what happened to him after 24 hours. Did he finally decide to answer his phone, or did the rescuers get lucky and find him where he was?

You Need to Calm Down

Okay lady, dramatic, much? Sure, masks are annoying, but we can’t help but think that being this bothered by them must be a cover for some deeper issues. PTSD is an actual medical diagnosis, not something you can just claim from having been mildly inconvenienced by a paper mask for a few months. She’s probably someone who refers to people who actually take the proper precautions against illness as “snowflakes.”

You Need to Calm Down


Also, what’s she going to do if suddenly Arizona decides to implement a mask requirement? Move states every few weeks to avoid wearing a mask? Who even has the resources for this?

Wait Til They Find Out Where Milk Comes From…

We just facepalmed so hard it left a mark on our foreheads. Where do people think these things come from? Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was just a book, people! Animal products don’t just fall from the sky! If you’re going to eat eggs, by all means, you do you, but denying that they come out of a living animal is insane. They come out of chickens whether you witness it or not. 

Wait Til They Find Out Where Milk Comes From...


Even worse, this person doesn’t realize that they’re actually missing out. Fresh eggs from well taken care of chickens are so much better than the ones from the grocery store. 

Where Does It Say That?

We’re not religious, but something tells us there is a low chance that this exact thing was written anywhere in the bible. For starters, isn’t Jesus, like, always depicted as having long hair? So it’s okay for him, but for any other man, their hair has to be short? And what is this about a woman submitting to her husband? Surely, God has more important things to worry about than this?

Where Does It Say That?


We just can’t help but think that God doesn’t mind men with long hair and women with short hair. At the end of the day, what counts the most is whether one is a good person, right? We have a feeling that the hair rules were meant as a suggestion.

So, Which Is It?

Sorry dude, but you don’t get to pick and choose what comes from science and what comes from God just to support your own weird agenda. Believe in whatever religious figure you want, but at least be consistent. If human immune systems really were created by such an all-powerful being, what does it say about that being that we were able to create a virus that’s able to get around it? 

So, Which Is It?


We’d guess that this person doesn’t even understand how an immune system actually works. Hint: there’s a lot of science involved. Honestly, there’s no arguing with these highly educated Facebook scholars. 

At Least She’s Honest

A tip: If you’re going to ask for help sourcing disputed information, maybe don’t mention that you’re “not smart enough to retain what you’ve read.” If you can’t even remember enough to back up your beliefs, you’re probably not smart enough to decipher what’s a valid source. We get it, science can be hard to understand, but that’s exactly why we should be turning to those who do understand it. 

At Least She's Honest


Also, the audacity of this woman. She doesn’t even know why she believes what she believes, and yet she still seems to think that she knows better than her husband. 

Orange-You-Glad There’s No Blood in This Fruit?

What is it with these people? Even if there were some weird cabal with a “huge underground human harvesting factory,” why would the people who run said factory want to out themselves? Jupiter Ascending was a sci-fi MOVIE, definitely not a reputable source of information. Even if there were such a place, why would its purpose be to put blood in our oranges? At least pull a Sweeney-Todd and go for meat pies. 

Orange-You-Glad There's No Blood in This Fruit?


Just because you’re unfamiliar with something doesn’t mean it’s inherently suspicious. Blood oranges are delicious and a great source of vitamin C. But by all means, avoid them. More for us. 

You’re Missing Out, Man.

What a sad, sad life this guy must lead to having such disdain for babies and puppies. We honestly feel a little bad for him, but at the end of the day, this is 100% a case of deeply fragile masculinity. Are you really that threatened by something so small and cute that you prefer they stay away from you until they’re ready to “serve and obey?” Come on, man.

You're Missing Out, Man.


The truth is, this guy’s got it all backward. Someone who’s really secure in themself can play with puppies all day and at no point feel like they’re “not man enough.” 

You Sit On a Throne of Lies

We’ll say it again: just because you don’t understand how something was made, that doesn’t mean you’re being “lied to.” What does the person who posted this even mean? Obviously, horses didn’t construct this building, how would they even hold hammers with their hooves? It’s entirely possible that this cathedral was built in 1248, we’re not talking thousands of years ago. They had the technology to build things like this. 

You Sit On a Throne of Lies


It would also be a weird thing to lie about. Sure, history is often warped and things are omitted, but what would be the purpose of lying about the year this cathedral was built?

That’s Not How This Works

*Sigh.* Sorry lady but that’s not what “quarantine” means. You don’t get to go out and endanger people just because staying home is inconvenient for you. Stay home and order your groceries online. It’s literally the least you can do. That, and wearing a freaking mask, although not wearing one is probably how she got sick in the first place. But who cares, right? It’s not like she can get sick twice.

That's Not How This Works


These people just don’t seem to look at those in the service industry as actual living, breathing humans. They’re just there to serve, like robots or something. Being sick around them doesn’t count. 

But You Haven’t Even Seen It

Tell us you’re a crap human without telling us you’re a crap human. Seriously, do these people care about anyone but themselves? What a miserable life this person must lead, to be so threatened by anything that doesn’t look, sound, or think just like them. He hasn’t even given the music a chance before making the statement “I bet they suck.” We bet you think mayonnaise is spicy, good sir. 

But You Haven't Even Seen It


This is just another example of fragile masculinity. Even if it wasn’t a man who posted this, how insecure do you have to be to hate on something you haven’t even seen?

What Has the World Come to?

Stop the planet, we want to get off. Capitalism has gone too far, what kind of world do we live in where giving out supplies to homeless people should ever be considered a crime? Is this actually against the law? What is the point in making this kind of thing illegal? It shouldn’t cost anything to just be nice, and that seems like what this person was trying to do. 

What Has the World Come to?


No one should be punished for simply trying to help. Ignoring a problem won’t make it won’t go away. You don’t solve homelessness by punishing those who take the time to acknowledge it. 

On Today’s Episode of “Women Are Incubators”

What did you say? Sorry, all of the women here didn’t hear you, we’re too busy making toast. Seriously, what the h*** kind of logic is this? Newsflash dude, women are humans with actual brains, and they’re capable of much more than just having kids. Not wanting to have children does not mean there’s something wrong with you, “mentally or past childhood trauma.” Women are not toasters designed to shoot out Pop-Tarts. 

On Today's Episode of "Women Are Incubators"


And a warning, ladies – even if having kids is something you DO want, be sure to avoid making them with this idiot. Clearly, intelligence doesn’t run in his family. 

Family Vlogging Gone Too Far

Another example of someone who just shouldn’t be a parent. No matter what Oliver’s report card looked like, whether he got straight A’s or failed every class, it’s 100% not the internet’s business. No one needs to know about Oliver’s grades except for his parents, his teacher, and himself. There’s no situation where it should end up online. Poor kid, we imagine he’s going to need a lot of therapy after this. 

Family Vlogging Gone Too Far


No amount of likes should be worth the mental and emotional stability of your children. She’s using his personal life to gain views. “You failed, but it’s cool – we got so many clicks!”

Who’s the Real Animal Here?

This whole this is wrong on so many levels. Another example of capitalism gone way too far – if we can’t sell it, it’s trash, even if there’s someone who needs it. And while we’re at it, let’s belittle them by calling them names, and fire anyone who tries to step in and help. We know who the animal was in this situation, and it certainly wasn’t the homeless man. 

Who's the Real Animal Here?


Food waste is such a huge problem in the world, there’s no reason that perfectly good food should ever go in the trash. There are plenty of people who’d happily eat it. 

That’s NOT What Jesus Would Do

Oh, Florida, where to even start with this? 1. Isn’t the main reason you love Jesus so much because he was supposed to have died for your sins? Your bumper sticker contradicts all logic. 2. Don’t you believe he didn’t actually die again after his resurrection; wasn’t he ascended to heaven by his Father? How would a gun have even helped with this? 3. Wasn’t his whole thing “Love thy neighbor?”

That's NOT What Jesus Would Do


Shooting people isn’t exactly in line with Jesus’ supposed message. We doubt this person’s ever actually read scripture, or at least if they have the point went over their head. 

This Is Norway. Be Like Norway.

There is no secret. Their citizens pay taxes, and those taxes actually go to something that improves their quality of life rather than just an evergrowing and exorbitantly priced military-industrial complex. That’s it. That’s how they do it. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. How did the Nordic countries end up with so much common sense? It seems like they got it all and there was none leftover for the US. 

This Is Norway. Be Like Norway.


And yes, we know – their taxes are high. But how nice must it be to have so many things guaranteed to you as a result of paying those taxes? 

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Anything for the ‘Gram, right? This seems like an awful risk to take just to get a couple of likes. Even if they needed a photo for insurance purposes, it seems like the insurance company would understand if they took the photo from solid ground, rather than standing on top of the car. Also – this is a great example of why you should absolutely not drive on a frozen lake. 

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie


Also, how did they even get into that position? Were they inside the car when it broke through the ice or were they already standing on top of it outside?

Dunning–Kruger in Action

Behold, the Google-educated scholar in their natural habitat. Clearly, this person’s 4th-grade education didn’t take, because their post is full of grammatical errors. Who do they think is writing the information that their precious Google so readily provides? One of the most important parts of education is learning to decipher credible sources from the utter crap that the internet is full of, but don’t worry! We’re sure this person has “done their research.”

Dunning–Kruger in Action


Unfortunately, Google can’t teach you critical thinking skills. We need to be putting more focus on improving the quality of education as a society, not telling children they’re done learning at 10 years old. 

Sir, This Is A Windows

It’s hard to believe that whoever posted this wasn’t being ironic because we don’t even know where to begin, but we’ll give it a try. 1. The photo on the left was the default computer background for the Windows XP operating system. It’s not the same hill as the photo on the right. 2. Cows eat grass, and last we checked, humans don’t. Who’d be more likely to go to town on this hill?

Sir, This Is A Windows


These people think that the Burger Fairy just waves a magic wand and meat magically appears at the grocery store. Eat whatever you want, but don’t blame vegans for this. 

They Totally Should!

Who is this person referring to when they use the word “they?” What governing body do they think has the power to just create a whole new continent when we can’t even agree on how to handle climate change? What a monumental task that would be, even if it were possible. Who’d get to live there, and who would be in charge? Mr. Genius right here doesn’t seem like the best choice. 

They Totally Should!


We’d be surprised if there won’t be a continent made of trash there within the next few years anyway, at the rate we’re getting our act together as a planet. 

Don’t Forget Your Pets, Kids.

How did this lady make it all the way to the vet and only THEN realized that she’d forgotten her dog at home? We’ve heard of leaving kids in the backseat, which, by the way, you should never do, but to leave your house and go all the way to the vet without even noticing that the reason for your trip wasn’t in the car with you the whole time? 

Don't Forget Your Pets, Kids.


We’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she had a busy and stressful morning. Still, this is quite an awkward mistake. Hopefully, she didn’t live too far away.

No, Sir, I Haven’t.

Not only did this customer ask a rather thoughtless question after not leaving a tip, but he had the audacity to insult the coffee shop while he was at it. You can find good coffee in almost every city. There’s no way that *all of the espresso in Italy* is better than all of the coffee where they were. He just wanted an excuse to bring up having been there. 

No, Sir, I Haven't.


Some people just lack empathy. Consider this a lesson; when it comes to small talk, maybe don’t bring up your super privileged lifestyle when making conversation with minimum wage workers?

They Call It a Royale With Cheese

Amarion is a perfect example of why an education beyond 4th grade is so, so necessary. This is such elementary-level math, and yet, seems so difficult for people to understand. Remember when they taught us that the smaller number is the one that “eats” the bigger number, or was that just in our schools? If not knowing math caused us to miss out on a burger, what else have Americans cost ourselves?

They Call It a Royale With Cheese


Then again, if McDonald’s really wanted to sell the bigger burger, they could have just branded it under a different name. One-third pounder doesn’t really roll off the tongue anyway. 

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