These Items Fit Together Perfectly And It’s Weirdly Satisfying To See

Often times, when things are messy and chaotic in our lives or in the world right now, it feels good to see something that has a perfect place. This perfection, whether done on purpose or by accident, still manages to create feelings of harmony and satisfaction and it can often be found right under our noses. The photographers of the following pictures were definitely lucky when they were able to perfectly shoot such satisfying moments.

1. So Packing Perfect

We know a lot of people who hate packing due to how difficult they find the task to be. Especially when it involves organizing coat hangers, they might just throw them at you out of rage.

So Packing Perfect

However, whoever packed these showed just how easy it is to pack hangers! Not only are they efficiently leaving some space to pack other things in between but also it looks so satisfying, fitting perfectly in a box!

2. Sphere No Ice

If you own a Hydro Flask, then you know the struggle of putting ice cubes into them. Very unpleasant, right?

Sphere No Ice

Well, we are here to tell you the good news! Someone came up with a perfectly round ice sphere that just easily rolls into your bottle. Your drink may now be the coldest with your spherical shaped ice thanks to the brilliant mind that created this!

3. Out For Delivery

This next photo is for our mailman friends out there! Don’t you just hate it when you are out delivering a package, the recipient is not there, you just don’t know where to put it, and it’s the last attempt to deliver it? Well, this lucky fella was able to find the perfect-fitting spot for the package! 

Out For Delivery

Having the exact same thickness as the space in the window frame ledge, he was able to just leave it there! Well, we’re not really sure if it is safe but, he was able to do it!

4. Don’t Ditch Your Car

We are not sure how or why but let’s just say that we are hoping that no one got seriously hurt in this accident. However, we can’t help but notice how the car fell on its side, fitting perfectly in this ditch that was luckily made that size to accommodate this car. 

Don’t Ditch Your Car

Seeing this perfect fit, it looks like the car was hand-picked off the street and just placed there for fun. Sources say that a passerby was able to spot the car and the driver was helped out of it through the exposed door.

5. So Satisfying

Next time, when you plan to buy household stuff, you have to measure everything first to make sure it will fit. The owner of this light shade probably did a spontaneous shopping spree and was just lucky that the universe loves them. 

So Satisfying

With the door swiftly passing through the edge of the light shade, barely touching it, it was able to fully open. How lucky!

6. Where’d My Dog Go?

Carpet buying tip number 1: Don’t buy a carpet that looks like your pet. This will help you avoid hearing their poor cries of pain that will make you ask for forgiveness for the rest of your life after you accidentally step on them.

Where’d My Dog Go?

Just look at how the dog has the same curl pattern and color. Let’s be thankful that this pretty pooch was wearing a dark collar making him a little more obvious.

7. Made for Meow

Cats are known for staying anywhere they fit in to and this cat is surely an example. He probably knows that the peephole was meant for him as seen by its shape.

Made for Meow

Whoever did this was a genius. Then again, judging by how perfect this fit the little guy… who knows, maybe this kitty did make this hole all by himself.

8. Cuptastically Perfect

We actually just want to share it out there how this grapefruit was able to fit perfectly in this cup. Nothing useful, just certainly looks satisfying to watch.

Cuptastically Perfect

The person’s morning definitely started right when he tried to make a grapefruit and thought that it would fit the cup, and it did – so perfectly! 

9. Log-ged In

When you run an estate in the country, there is so much to do, such as supplying the wood for the fire.

Log-ged In

But if you were able to make them fit in the trailer this way, that hard work would have probably paid off after seeing this perfectly satisfying fit.

10. Sleeping Purr-fectly

Cats are known to be really flexible, but there are some positions that simply seem too perfect to be real – like this one. Such a cute sight to see! These sleeping kittens obviously look too small to eat from their food bowls and so they chose to sleep in them instead!

Sleeping Purr-fectly

They look so comfortable sleeping in them, curled up, and side-by-side. So purrfect!

11. XL Tetris

Normally, you would see these two buildings as they happened to be beside each other in the city. But thanks to the photographer, we have an angle that shows how the building on the right was made to fit on top of the building on the left.

XL Tetris

Word has gone around that this is already a tourist spot for people to take photos. Kudos to this satisfying architecture!

13. Truckception

We don’t know if they were made to be able to look like this but this is certainly a satisfying truckception to watch – plus the BMW Mini.


It may look satisfying but we hope that they don’t drive it off just like that for the safety of everyone. But hey, enjoy this image while you can!

12. A Cup of Ice Cream

Eating ice cream after a stressful day is satisfying. But eating a pint of ice cream from a large mug would double the satisfaction! Especially when you have a roommate that likes to “help” by keeping an eye on your diet, you can just sneak it past them causing them to think that it’s just a hot beverage! 

A Cup of Ice Cream

Also, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands cold while eating! What a life!

14. Dewst Perfect

This photo that we are about to show next will really make you wonder with awe on how Mother Nature works. Morning dews are just perfect to spot and this right here is a great example!

Dewst Perfect

This looks like Mother Nature’s way of making it hassle-free for insects to gather up water in the morning when they’re thirsty!

15. The Glove Compartment

Being in the medical field is not a walk in the park. You have to experience all kinds of emotion in one day and it will just tire you out. Luckily, there still are ways to destress yourself.

The Glove Compartment

Such as this glove compartment with boxes of Nitrile Exam Gloves that fit perfectly in the drawer with no gaps! It looks so organized and satisfying!

16. Ta-Da!

Cleaning can be a stressful task especially when you can’t reach under the furniture. We’ve probably all experienced that before, right?! However, the owner of this vacuum cleaner probably can’t relate to such stresses seeing as it fits perfectly in the hole of this cabinet. This is so satisfying, we can’t even begin to tell you how much.


The Power Swerve probably heard the cries of every householding regarding this stressful task, and thus made the creation of having it fit perfectly underneath!

17. Grocery Aisle Heaven

If you have never seen a perfectly stocked aisle, well let us present to you this satisfying photo! It actually makes us not want to mess it up by picking a certain item.

Grocery Aisle Heaven

We demand a raise for whoever was in charge of this aisle! Such attention to detail to make sure it looked perfect! We hope they enjoyed cleaning it up though because the process seems stressful. Can’t even imagine messing even one of these up!

18. Best of Both Worlds

The angle of an object’s shadow depends on the sun’s position at a certain time. In this picture, the person who took this saw how the shadow was perfectly angled to match the line on the concrete.

Best of Both Worlds

This made the sidewalk look like it had two colors almost dividing things into two worlds. Feels like it was telling you to choose your side on that hot day.

19. #Drawer Goals

You gotta admit that you need drawer organizers to keep your messy drawers in check and to stop you from just throwing different things in them.

#Drawer Goals

This photo right here is a great example of how your drawers would look if you properly organized them. With all of them being in rectangles with labels, it just makes everything easier to store and find the item that you need!

20. Lego love

Lego lovers would understand the satisfaction from this. And it looks like a glitch from a computer game!

Lego love

Another Tetris-like photo, this masterpiece was made by a local artist. We can’t help but give him some much-deserved kudos for making such a perfect solution and art piece in one!

21. Fits Perfectly But Not the Proper Way of Disposal!

We would just like to remind you that it is important that we dispose of our trash properly as a way of keeping our Earth clean. It may have a perfect fit and may also look like a design of the railing, but it sure is still littering.

Fits Perfectly But Not the Proper Way of Disposal!

To the person who took this photo, we are hoping that you were able to take it out and dispose of it the right way.

22. The Sun Chose You

The sun can surely shine on anything as long as there is nothing blocking its rays.

The Sun Chose You

The car was perfectly parked in the space where the building’s gap is. As satisfying as this looks, we pity the car since it’s surely hot in there! We hope no pet or baby was left locked inside!

23. So Smooth-ie

Smoothies are such great refreshments especially when they’re made up of healthy ingredients and are served during breakfast for a healthy start to the day!

So Smooth-ie

Whoever blended this strawberry smoothie together was so lucky to have stopped pouring in the mixture without spilling out brim! Remember to sip on it before adding anything else to avoid overflowing!

24. Satisfaction from the Band

A day in the office can get pretty boring when you have nothing else to do or are just simply tired from doing too much work! This person right here was in the middle of fighting such boredom and has decided to add some accent to their keyboard with a rubber band!

Satisfaction from the Band

It certainly looks like it already came in with the keyboard itself! Perfection!

25. Cleaning a Corner

Just like we have mentioned earlier, cleaning can be a stressful job when you have spots and corners that are difficult to clean! However, this person here seems to own a vacuum that looks like it was customized for their house!

Cleaning a Corner

We hope that future architects would know not to make corners shaped in odd ways to avoid stressful clean-ups.

26. Snacking Feature

During long road trips, packing some snacks is necessary to avoid getting hungry on the road. It seems like the driver was craving cheesy bread and decided on buying a box. But can they make sure that the box won’t go falling on to the seat?

Snacking Feature

To the person who designed the interior of this car, you are a hero! Snacking has been made easier especially with the cupholders conveniently placed. We hope none of them are lactose intolerant!

27. Right a-Head of You

It can’t be avoided for some newscasts to have a few mishaps such as in grammar, headline, spelling, or in this case, portraits.

Right a-Head of You

With the head of the featured athlete slightly cut off from the frame, it was lucky that the newscaster’s wrist was placed perfectly and served as the athlete’s hair.

28. TV Corner

When choosing appliances, you always have to consider every nook of your home. Shopping for your television is definitely important since its use is essential for some people to relax.

TV Corner

The owner of this TV was able to buy the perfect size that would fit the corner of his room and would not disrupt the view of its panoramic windows. Perfect for a night of Netflix.

29. Pots and Tiles

Interior and exterior symmetry seem to be a must for companies lately. And as we can see, they also made sure to consider the pots and the tiles.

Pots and Tiles

Probably sparing some effort in shaping the tiles to fit the pot, they have decided to let the pot do the adjusting. Although we can agree that it does look amazing.

30. If It Works, It Ain’t Silly

Without a blender’s lid, the whole thing is pretty much useless since you will surely have whatever food is inside splattered all around your kitchen.

If It Works, It Ain’t Silly

This great mind was able to find something to use as an alternative and it just fit so perfectly! We hope they enjoyed their smoothie that morning!

31. Phew! So Close!

It’s really difficult to back your car when parking because it’s so stressful to remember not to hit the curb to avoid damaging your bumper.

Phew! So Close!

This driver probably had his stars aligned that day that the curb was not that high and his car was not that low. No damage has been done, my friends!

32. When Life Gives You A Slice of Lemon

A Coke Lemonade is becoming a refreshing choice of drink, especially on hot days. However, you have to remember to put your lemon slice at a different angle to avoid such lemon sealing accidents.

When Life Gives You A Slice of Lemon

Nevertheless, this is actually pretty satisfying to look at.

33. DIY Headlight

We would like to plead guilty for loving Coke. Not only is it a satisfying drink, but its bottles and cans are proven to be recyclable as well. And when you have a broken headlight, the Coke bottle can come to your rescue!

DIY Headlight

Once you rip the branding material off the bottle, you won’t have cops chasing after you and issuing you a ticket to get it fixed! You’ve not only saved money, but you also saved the environment!

34. Plate-ing Hide-and-Seek

Pot lids are essential in the kitchen especially when you’re cooking soup or stew or even just boiling water. But what happens when you put the pot on the counter without noticing the plate you have prepared on it as well?

Plate-ing Hide-and-Seek

Well, the answer is you might end up looking for the plate and notice that the lid got heavier too. Such a long shot that the plate was a perfect fit! We hope they were able to take it out slowly and successfully!

35. Rainbow Connection

Rainbows are viewed to be a positive sign, especially after a heavy storm. This couple here thought of taking a photo with the view and the woman’s jacket happens to have a rainbow print on it making her look like a part of the rainbow behind them!

Rainbow Connection

Whoever took this was so creative it seems as if this was taken on purpose. Some people wish to chase rainbows, but what about being one?

36. The Perfect Hole

Have you tried getting into one of the boats in London to take this perfect picture?

The Perfect Hole

Patience and timing are the keys to getting this perfect shot. We just love how the circle is so symmetrical to one of the world’s most famous Ferris wheels! It actually makes you want to enjoy the view from the magnificent Ferris wheel next!

37. Mattress-Door

It’s very inconvenient when you find your walk-in closet doorless. Someone can just walk in and find you in the middle of dressing up or down. But somehow, the owner found a perfect solution for the needed door.


This extra mattress fit the doorway perfectly and pretty much solved the door problem. But they could’ve just hung a cloth instead for less hassle.

38. Swish!

It sucks when you just want to use your faucet and the water just sprays out. If you do not know it yet, the single hole on your sink serves as a second drain to avoid an overflow of water.


Clearly, the person who installed the faucet and sink got creative and efficient to make the overflowing more avoidable. The homeowner will probably be safe from any damages in the drainage system.

39. A Cookie for My Coffee

It’s sad to see those scrumptious-looking cookies when you’re out buying your morning brew and yet have too much on your hands already to make an extra purchase.

A Cookie for My Coffee

Although what if your cookie was made to fit in the coffee cup cover? Heaven!

40. The Wooden Spoon Hole

Up ‘til now, it is a mystery to us on what that hole in the wooden spoon is for. We’ve never had this at our house, nor do we think we’ll ever have a need for it.

The Wooden Spoon Hole

But it is indeed a pleasant sight to see this pasta sitting perfectly in the mysterious hole!

41. A Dish-fit

A problem that one can encounter during dishwashing is when they are not sure if you know how much more can fit in there. Sometimes, you try to fit so many that it just looks completely disorganized.

A Dish-fit

Well, this invention solves just that! The pan may not look pleasant but the fit is definitely satisfying to see. Now you know where each piece goes!

42. Breakfast Efficiency

Who doesn’t love toast in the morning to go with their cup of coffee? What a perfect breakfast combination indeed.

Breakfast Efficiency

But it would all be better when these triangular toasties surround the butter dish efficiently heating it up and melting the butter.

43. Perfect Amount and Price

The rise of gas prices happens all over the world almost every day and they usually come with cents. The driver was probably up for a drive but didn’t have a lot of cash that day, so he filled up his tank with 5 gallons of gas that was worth $20.00 flat.

Perfect Amount and Price

This driver probably felt satisfied seeing the perfectly balanced payment and gas amount, because we were! If this has happened to us, we’d definitely let everyone know!

44. Suggested Amount

Showing you another fruit-glass perfection combo, this dude thought of putting a slice of an orange in his glass first since he probably thought that the beer would just flow through it.

Suggested Amount

However, it clearly shows how he thought wrong. Perhaps the orange slice was telling him he was only allowed to drink that certain amount?

45. Tattooed Perfection

For the lack of better word, we just want to say how perfect the tattoo fits with the glove’s design! It’s almost like it was made for this glove, huh?

Tattooed Perfection

It may be cold out there which explains the usage of gloves but the owner clearly chose to flaunt their tattoo with the glove on! I mean, we would too!

46. Uh, Care To Explain?

It really feels naturally impossible to be able to do this on purpose and yet this photo proves us otherwise!

Uh, Care To Explain?

Being arranged like a flower, one would definitely need extra skill to be able to do this without falling to the bottom!

47. Tetris UPS

It looks like this UPS delivery guy is a fan of the Tetris game and decided to stack his delivery packages for the day just like how he would when playing!

Tetris UPS

Out of curiosity, how will he remove the packages when he’s about to hand it over? It looks too tight but satisfying nonetheless. Then again, if this was us, we’d probably feel too bummed to mess the pattern up when it’s finally time to deliver the packages.

48. Dickens Fits!

Any bookworms out there who do not have extra shelf space? Well, this Charles Dickens fanatic was able to use their window ledge as a shelf for the entire collection!

Dickens Fits!

With no speck of extra space, they all just fit perfectly! Would you still take out a book from this shelf, we wonder?

49. Pizza Shelves

After devouring your ordered pizza, do you really know what to do with them, aside from throwing them out?

Pizza Shelves

Well, whoever owns this house was able to make DIY shelves using these boxes with no extra work at all! The real question is whether these boxes could actually hold up not-so-light items, though.

50. The Perfect Snickers Place

As the commercial goes, “You’re not you when you’re hungry. Grab a Snickers,” it will finally be easily done with this car spot for your Snickers! Sitting perfectly in that space, it’s just waiting for you to dig in!

The Perfect Snickers Place

Being just by the cupholders, you won’t have to worry about being hungry and thirsty ever! Just remember to do refills and don’t leave them sitting in your car for the whole day or night.

51. Spiralled Bowls

Worried about your stack of bowls breaking in case they all fall when you try to pick them out of the cupboard? This image is the answer to that certain anxiety!

Spiralled Bowls

With the bowls arranged this way, it will be easier to pick out the size you preferred on using for that time without having to worry! And you also get to save more space as a bonus!

Hilarious Prom Photos That Nobody Will Ever Forget

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

Prom night: the excitement is palpable, the music is loud, the hormones are… definitely making everyone awkward. As much as we love to imagine that prom night is some magical and romantic night that you’ll never forget, the reality often clashes with the dream. After putting out a request for the most embarrassing and hilarious prom photos out there we were rewarded with prom photos that will make you switch between hysterical laughter and a pound of cringe. We know that these photos will transport you back to your high school “golden days,” all while giving you the biggest laugh of your day.

A Little Too Much ‘Young Love’

Isn’t it just wonderful to be young and in love? Quite nothing in this world compares to it, so it’s always important to remember and enjoy every single second of it. Even if that means taking an awkward photo or two, who cares? Clearly, this young couple doesn’t, since they can’t keep their hands off each other.

A Little Too Much 'Young Love'

And though we’d like to say that there is a time and a place for things to get a bit steamy, they seem to be up for showing their love for each other the same second their profile picture was taken. As awkward as they are, they look kind of cute though.

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

This funny couple certainly took their originality to a whole other level. Instead of choosing to take just another regular prom photo, you know, the typical side-by-side picture, they chose something else.

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

Either that, or she is actually trying to send out a message with the pose she chose, as it seems like she is pretending to be about to slap the guy, and he is seriously scared. In any case, they both look stunning and will forever have an original prom photo to reminisce about.

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

Sometimes, we can just not take our eyes off the person we like. And this guy is one of those people. In the hilarious picture, he was caught staring at his date, without being able to hide his awe for the girl sitting next to him.

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

But he did so in a way that became a little bit much, and we’re guessing that many people felt uncomfortable about it, including her. Seriously, if you absolutely have to look, then at least try to make it less obvious, you know?

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

We can’t really point out if one of the girls in the picture was the date of the guy in the back, but there is no doubt that he wishes he was in that photo too. Instead, he is standing behind them while holding a bouquet of flowers and looking real disappointed and even creepy.

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

Looking at the bright side though, at least the girls seem to be having a good time.

​ A Strange Carpet Ride

We don’t really get what is happening in this picture, but let’s just go with the flow for the sake of the awkwardness in it. The two teenagers certainly deserve to get props for how much effort they both put into this photo.

​ A Strange Carpet Ride

They certainly decided to think outside of the box for this one, and well, they easily succeeded in creating one of the most original prom photos we’ve ever seen! That’s not to say that their pose isn’t weird though, because even though we’re not there, it kind of makes us a little bit uncomfortable.

Can We Get Some Context Please?

The guy in this picture looks so happy while he poses on his prom day. For some reason, he is also holding a random sewing machine, as if his background didn’t look bad enough.

Can We Get Some Context Please?

He seems completely oblivious to the fact that someone was just in an accident, only a few moments before he is posed for his photo. One thing’s for sure, the entire thing makes for a sadly great photo.


When prom night comes, we get all dressed up and seriously look forward to the wonderful evening ahead of us. In many ways, we can’t even believe the moment is there since we have waited in anticipation for so long. But then, when the time comes to take the magical photos that will always remind us of these special moments, just imagine someone ruining it?


How annoying. And that’s exactly what this guy in the back did. He simply decided to photobomb his friends’ photo by making an unforgettable face, and that is literally all anyone will remember about this photo.

​The Staring Game Is Strong

Well, that’s just not a nice thing to do young man! We understand, his prom date looks absolutely stunning, and is wearing a dress that he can’t simply stop looking at. But his staring game is so strong that it might be making others slightly uncomfortable. But we all know how those teenager hormones are killers sometimes, leaving young boys and girls going completely crazy whenever they see a bit of cleavage or some very prominent muscles.

​The Staring Game Is Strong

Good thing this cameraperson caught the entire inappropriate moment on camera, and this guy will be forever reminded of the moment he couldn’t keep his eyes away from his date’s cleavage. But looking at the positive side of things, at least he only had eyes for her!

​Pick-A-Boo Dad

It is always so scary when dads have the quirkiest sense of humor. We never know when they’re going to use it, and unfortunately for this girl, her dad was ready to strike as soon as she was ready to go to prom.

​Pick-A-Boo Dad

Out of the blue, her dad decided to play pick-a-boo and to create a photo that would become so cringy in the end. We can only imagine what this girl felt when she saw the photo afterward.

Blink And You’ll Miss It

Closing your eyes at the exact moment that a shot is taken is the absolute worst! Seriously, it’s never fun to take an important photo and to realize too late that your eyes were actually closed. That’s what this poor guy experienced on his prom day.

Blink And You'll Miss It

At least these days we get to take several photos as soon as we realize that our eyes were closed. Imagine back in the days when we only had one or two chances, and if we ruined it, our prom photos would be ruined and unchanged forever!

When You’re Supposed To Choose Between Two Dates But Find A Third Option

For a love triangle, these three are totally rocking and owning theirs! The guy not only decided to take two stunning girls to prom, but he also wanted to make sure that they both knew he was dedicated to both of them equally.

When You're Supposed To Choose Between Two Dates But Find A Third Option

The solution for that? To wear perfectly colored outfits – each of the girls wore a colorful dress to which the guy matched with each half of his outfit. 

Equally Awkward Attire

There is nothing any of us can say that will take away the fact that these two couples look incredible in this photo. Their matching outfits really worked out for them. Even though ’70s clothes aren’t always a favorite by many, these plaid outfits were probably amongst the few things that were awesome back then, and these two teenagers knew exactly how to rock them.

Equally Awkward Attire

It’s also really cool that the girl decided to defy traditional rules and went on with her cool suit instead of a fancy prom dress.

​Riding A Llama In Style

Who on this earth thinks about including a llama in their prom photos? These guys. We have no idea what they had in their minds, what we do know, is that they wanted to make their prom night special and so they went and did it.

​Riding A Llama In Style

And how did they do it? Well, instead of choosing to make an entrance with a fancy vintage car or a limo, they chose something a little bit more unusual, a llama. Yes, folks, these teenagers literally posed for their prom photo with a llama in the middle, and we’re certain that no one will ever forget it.

​An Unfortunate Event

Oh man, if this is not one of the most unfortunate pictures we’ll be seeing on this list, then we’re not too far from it. Someone had the not-so-brilliant idea to get everyone standing on a bridge for a group photo. Sadly, they didn’t consider the fact that the added weight could possibly become a problem, which it did.

​An Unfortunate Event

The inevitable happened when the entire thing tipped over, and one by one, the prom kids began falling into the water. Though the moment must have totally sucked, at least they can laugh together about it today.

​Wearing Shorts To Prom

Feeling like wearing a pair of shorts to prom, why not? Clearly, this guy saw no boundaries out there when he decided to wear a pair of wonderful shorts to the prom. We’re assuming it was hot or something, or he simply wanted to defy prom culture.

​Wearing Shorts To Prom

His date looks absolutely stunning next to him, and she doesn’t seem too bothered by the guy wearing shorts. While it may be kind of inappropriate to wear them to prom, props to him for doing whatever he felt was right.

​The Superhero Prom Dates

Now here’s a pair of very creative guys who were like, “Why don’t we wear some superhero costumes to prom?” And though some may say that that was going a little bit overboard, Batman and Spiderman here seemed to be very pleased with their decision.

​The Superhero Prom Dates

And their dates obviously look stunning and seem to find it cool to go with superheroes as their dates to prom. They for sure had a total blast that evening!

​Every Possible Color

Now, how cool is this? The group of guys thought together about the most creative thing they could do to make their prom day even more fun, and we’re guessing that they got to the perfect solution.

​Every Possible Color

Instead of wearing a suit, they decided to go for some really colorful outfits perfectly contrasting with one another. Their color coordination definitely flies on this one, and they get to have this awesome photo to remember the big day.

​Another Photobomb

It’s inevitable that a few prom photos will have a person or two photobombing. But this guy’s photobomb skills are so sharp that we are close to believing that they are some of the best we’ve ever seen!

​Another Photobomb

He is literally hiding behind the bushes while the clueless guy is happily smiling at the camera as he poses for his memorable prom photo.

A Fish As A Prom Date

It’s impossible not to feel a little bit bad for this guy. We’re not sure if this was a joke, but if it wasn’t, the poor kid probably didn’t deserve to stand there alone with a huge fish as a date.

A Fish As A Prom Date

Many of us know how hard it can be to not be the popular kid in school, so it is somewhat painful to see the lonely guy. On the other hand, if this joke was his own doing, then props to him for rising up and not caring about what others think.

​The Devil Goes To Prom

This is pretty creepy, that’s for sure. I mean, we’ve seen people wearing so many different costumes to prom, but nothing was ever like what this guy is wearing.

​The Devil Goes To Prom

Who on earth would think of going to prom wearing a devil costume? At least the couple was in sync, as they both wore their fair share of devilish stuff, and all that matters is that they’re happy, right?

When You Come Wearing The Same Thing As The Room

You know how things go. You just wake up at your regular time in the morning, look for your favorite dress, do everything in your power to look really nice, and then boom!

When You Come Wearing The Same Thing As The Room

You look at the curtains in your house and realize that what you’re wearing is exactly the same color as the curtains and even the same material. So well done to this girl for owning the outfit and taking a photo right in front of the embarrassing curtains.

So Many Prom Dates, How To Choose?

Well, good for you, man! The guy is surely making an impression, or at least he is feeling himself posing next to so many dates! Clearly, he managed to snag not just one date to prom, nor two, he actually convinced three young women that he was the right date for them.

So Many Prom Dates, How To Choose?

And as cool as it looks, we hope the girls don’t let the guy break their hearts with all of his “coolness.”

​Taking Mrs. Robinson To Prom

So, something about this picture is a tiny bit weird. Okay, maybe it’s more than a tiny bit, the photo just confuses us a little bit. The boy is so adorably dressed in his grey suit, which is not so awkward and tacky like many prom suits out there.

​Taking Mrs. Robinson To Prom

But then it seems like he is either taking one of his teachers to prom, his mom, or a much older date. They do look adorable though.

The Dad Is Not Happy

Many dads love showing just how unhappy they are with the entire prom date situation, and so they do their best to make sure their daughter’s date knows where they stand.

The Dad Is Not Happy

And this dad made sure that the guy knew his little girl was very precious to him. We guess that it can take a little while for dads to realize the fact that their daughters eventually get all grown up.

​A Cardboard Date

Here’s another idea for when you realize you don’t have a date to prom but you still want to take those cute photos. You can always just create a cardboard person the size of a real one, and do the photoshoot exactly how you want it.

​A Cardboard Date

Take this girl for example. She is probably a fan of Doctor Who, so she took matters into her own hands and created her own date made of the series’ main actor.

​The Wonderful Stormtrooper

Take a look at this guy who also decided to dress up in a completely different outfit for his prom night. We are even starting to suspect that maybe some girls really do love to have a date as unusual as this one for their prom night.

​The Wonderful Stormtrooper

The stunning girl looks so good in her bronze dress and really fancy hairdo, and her date, well… her date is apparently a storm stopper.

​Challenging Gender Norms

Nothing like taking every opportunity to challenge some societal rules, right? They are all just socially constructed anyway. So these teenagers totally rocked their “reversed” outfits when the guy decided to go for that wonderful corsage and dress, and the girl went for the suit.

​Challenging Gender Norms

And the best thing of all is that they did it all together, rocking it in the best ways possible.

​Is That Barney?

We always suspected that Barney had a bit of a way with the ladies, and this photo is definitely proof of that. But what motivates someone to dress up as Barney for their prom is really beyond our understanding.

​Is That Barney?

One thing’s for sure, everyone will certainly remember the guy/girl who decided to dress up as Barney for their prom, so at least there’s that. Whether they want it or not, the attention is all on them.

​Another Angry Dad

Yet another angry dad who can’t seem to get over the fact that his daughter is all grown up. Apparently, this one is handling the situation a little bit more dangerously than the previous dad we featured.

​Another Angry Dad

This one actually chose to hold a freaking gun during her daughter’s photoshoot with her date, and we’re not sure whether we should laugh or cry about it. 

​Posing In Front Of Planned Parenthood

We absolutely love how this couple was able to use their sense of humor to create one of the most hilarious photos out there. They got all dressed up for prom and chose the perfect place to take their photos, planned parenthood.

​Posing In Front Of Planned Parenthood

The photoshoot ended up coming out full of irony, because we all know what some people love doing on prom night, wink wink!

​A Really Furry Occasion

There are no words in this world that could accurately describe this situation. Okay, fine, maybe we can think of a few. The couple thought that maybe taking their prom photo next to the poor wall tiger would be a great idea, while holding their cat, of course!

​A Really Furry Occasion

We don’t exactly know what the deal is, but we’re pretty sure the picture would be much less creepy if they had smiled a bit or something.

​Trying To Break Free

In a group, there is always that one person who doesn’t really like to go with the flow, right? Well, this group has one for sure. The group of guys looks so good as they get ready to head out to their prom night, but one of them wasn’t really feeling it.

​Trying To Break Free

So instead, he rocked up wearing an outfit that reminds us a bit of a ’70s rock band or something, or whatever he is trying to refer to.

​Just Him And His Xbox

Yet another guy who didn’t have a date, but was happy to make fun of the situation with one of his favorite things in life, his Xbox!

​Just Him And His Xbox

Yep, since he didn’t manage to secure a date for the important night, he just went ahead and grabbed his Xbox, and created the funniest pose. He will for sure have a good laugh when he takes another look at this picture one day.

​Why Is He So Mean?

All this wonderful couple wanted to do was to have a beautiful picture of the two of them posing before prom. But they forgot to look behind them, and unfortunately, someone was hiding there super ready to ruin their photoshoot.

​Why Is He So Mean?

The guy crashed the photo in the funniest way and managed to do it so silently that we’re pretty sure the happy couple will only notice it when they go through the photos later on. 

Looking At The Other Guy’s Date

Now, this is just not cool. We get that the snap was taken at the wrong moment, but could this be worse? The guy is literally staring at his friend’s date, instead of his.

Looking At The Other Guy’s Date

And while the beautiful girl in pink is definitely rocking her looks, all of them look so good though! Maybe that is the date he really wanted to take to prom but then his friend beat him to it, who knows?

An Interesting Haircut

We have no idea when this picture was taken, but it seems like mohawks were definitely in style at the time. The guy decided to go for one of the most original haircuts we’ve seen in a while, and even managed to overdo it in the most hilarious way.

An Interesting Haircut

And yet again, his prom date doesn’t seem to mind at all, as his eccentric style didn’t seem to be embarrassing to her. In fact, we might even say she looks proud.

​Spot The Odd One

Just look at how beautiful everyone in the photo looks. The girls are totally rocking their wonderful outfits, while the guys too, look fairly handsome in their perfectly made prom suits.

​Spot The Odd One

But then… if we look at it for a little longer, we can easily spot the odd one out. He is hiding in the middle of the third row, and instead of going for the conventional outfit, he really went all the way with his heavy metal style.

​Creeping Up On The Background

Another beautiful prom day, and yet another photobomb. We can probably bet that the guy photobombing the picture is the girl’s brother, because what else do siblings do, right?

​Creeping Up On The Background

And we have to admit that his hiding skills are on point, and make for a hilarious picture. And well, just imagine if all prom photos were of conventional prom dates smiling at the camera, that wouldn’t be so fun anyway.

The Mask Goes To Prom

Who doesn’t absolutely love the classic Jim Carrey movie, The Mask? The legendary actor made it really cool to rock a green mask, to which this guy decided to adhere to on his prom day.

The Mask Goes To Prom

He loved his green mask so much that he decided to surprise his date with his perfectly green outfit, and she seems to be totally up for it. We just hope he can breathe easily in there.

​Feeling Left Out

It’s not a surprise that this girl looks really pissed off in this photo. Her two best friends were posing alongside one another for a stunning prom photo, and so she found a way to be a part of it too.

​Feeling Left Out

But the moment she made her decision to rock up at the photo, the photographer snapped the shot in the second she made her most determined face.

Rocking Similar Hairstyles

Hmm, the sweet ’80s. When color was in fashion and some of the most unpredictable hairstyles were easily accepted, or at least tolerated. And what better time than prom night to wear exactly the same hairstyle as your date?

Rocking Similar Hairstyles

Their matching game is so fly that the two of them almost look like twins as they pose for the big day. We can’t help but think that they will have a good laugh when they look at this photo years later.

​Posing With The Little Chicks

Some people really go all the way when it comes to being creative for their prom photo. And sometimes it can get pretty… awkward.

​Posing With The Little Chicks

The three girls are looking great in their impeccable dresses, but to spice things up, they decided to grab their little chickens from the yard and happily posed with them. Though it ended up being a hilarious photo, we do hope they meant this as a joke.

​A Good Laugh

What’s so funny here, you might wonder? Well, we’re wondering too. One of them is either really funny, or they decided in unison to laugh hysterically before their prom photo was taken.

​A Good Laugh

The other option here is that he just smoothly put her hand around her shoulder, and she couldn’t help but laugh at the prospect of accepting his invitation to be his date.

​An Unexplained Prom Photo

And once more, an embarrassing dad strikes on his daughter’s prom photo. We have no idea what goes through the minds of these hilarious dads, but one thing’s for sure, they want their daughters to remember they were definitely there that day.

​An Unexplained Prom Photo

And in this case, the girl for sure doesn’t look happy to be standing next to her quirky dad for the photo.

Remember To Look Alive

Man… Who forced this girl to accept this guy as her prom date? We tend to feel bad for both of them, since she is certainly not looking happy at all, and neither does he.

Remember To Look Alive

He is either completely oblivious to the situation here, or he realized that the match was not made in heaven and that they had a long night ahead of them.

Adding Some Scottish Pride To Prom

Nothing like the day of prom to show our appreciation for our cultures, isn’t it? And this guy knew exactly how. He decided to not pass on the idea of wearing his culture’s typical outfits, and by the look on his face, he couldn’t be prouder.

Adding Some Scottish Pride To Prom

While it may look a little bit much for a prom photo, at least he will be able to look back and feel proud of his wardrobe choice.

The Wind Ruined It

Nothing like a wonderful breeze to completely ruin a family’s prom photo. Funny enough, the gust of wind blew exactly at the right time. At least the person who took the photo was able to perfectly time it to snap the moment the wind blew really hard.

The Wind Ruined It

Not to talk about these awkward parents posing proudly next to the kids. What on earth are they doing there?

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