The Best And Worst Things To Buy At Costco

Stores like Costco are very popular throughout the United States. People love that you can buy so many items in bulk at great prices from this store. From large volumes of laundry detergent to large packs of coffee pods, there are so many things you can buy at this store, but you have to know when it is actually a good deal. We have found the best and worst bargains from Costco so that you won’t waste your money. Continue reading to find out about the best deals. 

1. Buy: Quaker Oatmeal Variety Boxes

If you love to have oatmeal for breakfast but feel like you run out of it often, you should be buying it in bulk at one of the wholesale stores. 

Buy: Quaker Oatmeal Variety Boxes

When you buy it in bulk you are saving about $10 compared to buying smaller amounts more often. 

2. Don’t Buy: Condiments

Although condiments do not expire quickly, these giant bottles do take up much-needed fridge space. 

Don't Buy: Condiments

The giant-sized bottles that you can buy at the store are only necessary for large parties and barbeques. 

3. Buy: Healthy Organic Snacks

When you think of healthy foods, you probably associate them with higher prices. Surprisingly, Costco has some healthy bite-sized options at affordable prices. 

Buy: Healthy Organic Snacks

These Aussie Bites are filled with healthy ingredients, and they are only $12 for a pack of 32. You can have snacks for at least two weeks. 

4. Don’t Buy: Salsa

These giant salsa jars that you can buy at Costco are great when you are hosting a large group of people, but for everyday use, we recommend purchasing the regular-sized jar. 

Don't Buy: Salsa

If you have one of these jars and don’t finish it within a few days of opening, you will end up wasting money because salsa does not have a long shelf life. 

5. Buy: Cashews

At the grocery store, buying large jars of nuts can be very costly. This is another product that can be added to a healthy diet if they are affordable. 

Buy: Cashews


The Costco bulk nuts are a great buy and easy on your wallet. Also, they can be kept for a long time without the flavor being affected. 

6. Don’t Buy: Toothpaste

Many grocery stores offer points programs that get you coupons and discounts on products from time to time like toothpaste. 

Don't Buy: Toothpaste

Instead of having a stockpile of toothpaste, you can get a good deal on it at the grocery store instead. 

7. Buy: Variety Snack Boxes

When you were in school you probably remember how convenient these were to throw in your backpack for lunch. 

Buy: Variety Snack Boxes

The large boxes of individual-sized chip bags are excellent to keep in the house for a quick snack on the go. 

8. Don’t Buy: Spices

Unfortunately, spices lose their taste over time. When you buy spices in bulk, and they do not get used, they go to waste. 

Don't Buy: Spices

It is better to purchase only the basics such as salt, pepper, and spices you use daily, and then buy other species for specific recipes. 

9. Buy: Kirkland Vitamins

When you buy vitamins at the drug store, the price is usually marked up. You can even check the unit price to see how much you are being overcharged at stores like Walgreens and CVS. 

Buy: Kirkland Vitamins

Kirkland brand vitamins have the same ingredients as the name brands but they cost much less. Also they come in larger quantities, so you don’t have to make as many trips to the store. 

10. Don’t Buy: Tissues

If you are someone who has allergies or catches a cold, you will understand the importance of quality tissues for your nose. 

Don't Buy: Tissues

Unlike the quality brands, bulk tissues are rough on the skin and can easily cause irritation. It is better to invest a few extra dollars on soft tissues if you use them often. 

11. Buy: Batteries

As many people know, batteries are not cheap, but they are not something that needs to be purchased often. 

Buy: Batteries

It is better to buy the bulk option so you have many on hand whenever you need them. Also, when you go to Costco, the Kirkland brand batteries are made by Durrecell, but they cost a little less.

12. Don’t Buy: Soda

It is easy to assume that soda would be less expensive in bulk packs, but it is the same price as the grocery store.

Don't Buy: Soda

Packs of soda are the most common item to be discounted at the grocery store, so you might just get a better deal when you are doing your regular food shop. 

13. Buy: Milk

If you are someone with a big family that goes through a lot of milk, it will be worth is to purchase this milk from Costco. 

Buy: Milk

Some people advise against it because of the size and not being able to finish it. It could be a good money saver for your large milk-loving family. 

14. Don’t Buy: Hair Or Body Soaps

Like soda, soaps and shampoos are common products that are on sale at the grocery or drug store. Therefore, it is better to buy them there because they have good prices and a wide selection. 

Don't Buy: Hair Or Body Soaps


Instead of buying them in bulk you can just keep an eye out for deals at your local store. 

15. Buy: Coffee Pods

There are many people who advise against using the single use coffee pods because of the wasted plastic, but we understand the convince of making a sing cup of coffee. 

Buy: Coffee Pods

Sometime the pods can be very costly, so if you have a machine compatible with the Costco pods, this is something you might want to buy to save money. You will get way more for what you are paying. 

16. Don’t Buy: Detergent

Although it might seem obvious to buy detergent in large quantities, you might actually be wasting your money. 

Don't Buy: Detergent

About six months after you open detergent, it loses its pungency and it is not as effective on clothing. So, this would only be effective if you have a large family thag needs multiple loads of laundry to be done regularly. 

17. Buy: Rotisserie Chicken

The rotisserie chicken from Costco is a fan favorite because of the taste, and it is only $4.99! It can also feed a whole family which is a great bargain. 

Buy: Rotisserie Chicken


People are so obsessed with this chicken that the store sells about 157,000 chickens per day. 

18. Don’t Buy: Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Buying fruits and vegetables in large quantities is a good idea when you have a family that goes through them quickly. Otherwise, the quality is not as good as some grocery stores, and they go bad quickly. 

Don't Buy: Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Happy Gourmand

If you are looking to purchase in-season fruit, the grocery store might have a better deal for you. Also there is the option to buy organic fruits and vegetables at the local grocery store.  

19. Buy: Plastic Wrap

Buying plastic wrap in bulk actually makes a lot of sense. If you have the storage space for it, it is worth the buy. 

Buy: Plastic Wrap

Costco Wholesale

Not only are you saving money, but these are easier to use compared to the small rolls of cling wrap you usually find at the store. 

20. Don’t Buy: Kirkland Beer

Beer is not something you want to buy in a generic brand. While the price may be appealing you will instantly regret it once you taste the cheap beer. 

Don't Buy: Kirkland Beer

A Dan for All Seasons

Instead, stick to what you know because you won’t get the same taste from a low quality beer. It is even worth it to spend a little more on craft beer to support small businesses, and get a better tasting drink. 

21. Buy: Vanilla Extract

Although some people prefer to bake with fresh vanilla beans, this is a good option for those who don’t have a vanilla extract preference. When you buy it at the store, it usually comes in small bottles that run out quickly. 

Buy: Vanilla Extract


Vanilla extract does not lose flavor over time, so it is something you can keep in the pantry for a long time. This is definitely worth buying at a whole sale store rather than the grocery store. 

22. Don’t Buy: Books

It is hard to miss the long table of books in the middle of Costco. At first, you might assume that they would have the best prices, but the books do not apply to the bulk discount. 

Don't Buy: Books

brew books/Flickr

You can actually find better deals on books on Amazon or going to a second hand bookstore. There are much better deals, so skip this table when you walk through Costco. 

23. Buy: Breakfast Cereal

Buying breakfast cereal in larger quantities has many benefits. First, the regular size boxes don’t last long if you are someone who eats cereal regularly. Also, you won’t find the same deals on cereal at the store. 

Buy: Breakfast Cereal

These boxes are especially helpful when you have a big family that likes the same kind of cereal. Then, no one will be fighting about fifnishing the box after two days. 

24. Don’t Buy: Ground Coffee

Like the coffee pods, it might be logical to buy ground coffee in bulk, but we advise against it. Once ground coffee beans are exposed to air, they start to lose their flavor and strength. 

Don't Buy: Ground Coffee

Instead buy smaller amounts that you can finish. You don’t want to waste money on a coffee that won’t tast good after a while. Sometimes it is more important to only buy what you absolutely need. 

25. Buy: Tires

Tires are not cheap, and when you need new tires, you have to pay for the service as well as the tires. Costco tires come at a discounted price and you get high quality service for free. 

Buy: Tires


Why spend hundreds of dollars when you could go to Costco and get the same thing with quality service. 

26. Buy: Toilet Paper

When you have bills to pay, it is important to try an save money whenever possible. Instead of going for the small pack of four-ply toilet paper, purchase the bulk pack from a wholesale store. 

Buy: Toilet Paper

The quality is average, but you will save a ton of money and have a toilet paper supply that will last you months. 

27. Buy: Peanut Butter

Unless you or someone you live with has a peanuts allergy, peanut butter is a staple in most households. Peanut butter can be used in so many different ways, so it is worth it to buy in bulk. 

Buy: Peanut Butter

You will never run out, and it takes a long time for this product to go bad. This is one of the best ways to save some money when grocery shopping. 

28. Buy: Olive Oil

Olive oil is another staple that is used in almost every household on a regular basis; some people use it everyday. It is definitely worth buy these jugs of olive oil at Costco. 

Buy: Olive Oil

Costco Business Center

Besides saving money, the Costco brand olive oil is actually high quality and can be used for many different things in the kitchen. You can even use olive oil in DIY skin and hair treatments. 

29. Buy: Maple Syrup

When you want to buy pure maple syrup, you are stuck paying the price because it is not cheap. Most syrups are made with artificial flavoring and lots of sugar. 

Buy: Maple Syrup

The Kirkland brand syrup is not only a great deal, but the flavor is actually quite tasty. You will end up paying half the price you would see at the grocery store. 

30. Buy: Raw Cookie Dough

Something that is not widely known is that you can buy boxes of raw pastries from Costco to take home and bake yourself. You just have to go to the bakery counter and ask.

Buy: Raw Cookie Dough

Courtney LaValley

This saves you a ton of money. When you buy a regular pack of precut raw cookie dough from the store, it is usually $7.99, but when you get it from the Costco bakery, it is 120 fresh cookies for $22.99!

31. Buy: Bagels

While people from New York and New Jersey nmight argue who has the best bagels, Costco is also in that competition. They are also available in large quantities for a price that can’t be beat. 

Buy: Bagels

Costco West Fan Blog

They are sold in packs of two, so all you have to do is pick the two flavors you like and you are set for breakfast or lunch for a while. They can also be frozen and reheated to make them last longer. 

32. Buy: Kirkland Almond Milk

Unlike regular dairy milk, almond milk has a much longer shelf life. It is a great substitute for those who have issues with dairy, and it is a healthier alternative. 

Buy: Kirkland Almond Milk

Some brands of almond milk can be a bit pricey, so it is a good deal when you buy it from Costco. You will save money and have a delicious almond milk for your coffees, smoothies, and cereals. 

33. Buy: Tahini

This is for all the people who love to cook and make their own hummus. Tahini is one of the key ingredients for making hummus and it can be used to make a multitude of other dressings and food. 

Buy: Tahini

Pure tehini can be very expensive, and the the Costco brand is pure sesame paste. You will save money and have a quality product! 

34. Buy: Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit is something that can be used in a multitude of ways, and it doesn’t go bad like fresh fruit. You can make smoothies and fruit ice creams with frozen fruit that are healthy and tasty. 

Buy: Frozen Fruit


The bulk packs at wholesale stores come in resealable bags so they stay fresh and you can stock up without worrying about having to use them right away. 

35. Buy: Gas

You might be surprised by this one, but many Costco stores have their own gas stations. It is worth the $60 per year membership if you are someone who has to fill up the tank often. 

Buy: Gas


The gas is cheaper than many big name gas stations. Gas is very expensive, and it is something you will definitely want to save money on. 

36. Don’t Buy: Luggage

Despite the inticing low prices, buying luggage from discount stores like Walmart should be avoided. It is important to invest in quality luggage that won’t break during travel. 

Don't Buy: Luggage

Passionate Penny Pincher

Even if you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on luggage there are ways to get high-quality luggage at a discounted price. Before you go to Costco, check stores like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshall’s that have the quality brands names at a reduced price. 

37. Don’t Buy: Meat And Fish

When you are looking to eat fresh meat, poultry, or fish, this is not the place to shop. Customers have complained about the quality of their products in this section, and it would be worth it to spend the extra money on quality products. 

Don't Buy: Meat And Fish

Also, the treatment of these animals is deplorable. It is hard to support a company that raises these animals in horrible conditions. 

38. Buy: Pantry Items

Things like cereal, chips, and other snacks should definitely be bought in bulk especially if they come in boxes with individual packs. 

Buy: Pantry Items

You will save so much money and have a stocked pantry for a long time. Also, the individual packs do not get stale, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money if you buy large amounts at once. 

39. Don’t Buy: Generic Brand Vitamins

While some generic brands like Kirkland have reliable supplements and vitamins, that is not the case for all generic brands. 

Don't Buy: Generic Brand Vitamins

Drug Store News

It was discovered that the generic brands at Walmart contained ingredients that weren’t identified on the label, or some of the ingredients on the label weren’t in the supplement. It is better, in this case, to buy them somewhere else or buy the brand name. 

40. Buy: Brand Name Razors

Brand name razors can be very expensive especially for women because of the pink tax. When you go to the drug store, you would be surprised by how expensive disposable razors are these days. 

Buy: Brand Name Razors


If you really love your brand name razor, you should buy them at Costco. You can find your favorite brands for 50% less than the price at the drug store. 

Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos And The Results Are Too Good

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on TheFunPost

When you scroll through Instagram, it is hard not to roll your eyes at some of these celebrity photos. When you really look at what they are posting, it seems ridiculous because real people don’t look like them or post pictures like them. But they are famous, so they get a free pass. However, Australian comedian Celeste Barber is back at it with a new collection of celebrity Instagram recreations to show everyone what ordinary people would look like if they took the same pictures. Remember, what you see online is not always the truth, and Barber’s hysterical photos are the perfect reminder of that. See who she teases next with this new batch of hilarious pics.

“The Flash…It’s Blinding!”

According to science, Bella Hadid is the most beautiful girl worldwide, and while we’re still debating that, many people agree. However, looks aside, she does post some truly bizarre photos like this one. What was she going for with this shot? “Oops, forgot to turn the flash off.” 

"The Flash...It's Blinding!"

Celeste Barber

Celeste is all of us when someone takes a picture and they use flash. For the next few minutes, you just see spots and wonder if you are actually losing your vision permanently. How does Bella keep her eyes open like it is nothing? Is she even human? 

“Tripped Over The Stool, Pants Fell Down, But I Must Save The Chips”

We don’t know what is going on in either photo, but both of them look extremely uncomfortable. We can’t imagine why the original model was asked to pose like this, and it makes no sense, but that’s fashion, right? At least Celeste is reaching for something. 

"Tripped Over The Stool, Pants Fell Down, But I Must Save The Chips"

Celeste Barber

The bottom photo tells the story of a woman who dropped her chips and didn’t want to get off the chair, so she reached as far as possible to grab them while keeping her legs on the stool. The only part we can’t figure out is why her pants are falling off. 

“All I Want For Christmas Is Realistic Tree Standards”

‘Tis the season to be merry, go outside, kill a tree, bring it inside, then let it die and put it outside again. While we are all for Christmas trees because they are festive, we have to question why celebrities need one for every room? They also pick trees that are the size of a normal house. 

"All I Want For Christmas Is Realistic Tree Standards"

Celeste Barber

Most people don’t have 12-foot pine trees in every room, and they look puny in comparison. Celeste was clearly going for the opposite feel with her Charlie Brown Christmas inspired tree. She can call it minimalism, and it will be trendy and eco-friendly. 

KoKo And Kylie 2.0

Do you ever just hug your sister and rub your hands on her chin? We are going to guess that you don’t, and although it was for a makeup advertisement, it still looks silly next to the bottom picture. Kylie and Khloe were showing off their makeup collaboration while Celeste is showing off her friend’s dental work. 

KoKo And Kylie 2.0

Celeste Barber

It’s like we can barely tell the two photos apart. Celeste and her friend are a little more hands-on than Kylie and Khloe, but who isn’t like that with their friends or siblings? We wouldn’t let friends pick our noses but to each their own. 

“Jingle, Jingle”, Is That The Bank Calling?

When you have so much money that you start to think all those presidents are talking to you. Have you ever noticed that some celebrities feel the need to flaunt their wealth by posing with stacks of money? We know you are rich; there is no need to rub it in our faces. 

"Jingle, Jingle", Is That The Bank Calling?

Celeste Barber

On the other hand, does anyone else keep a jar of change that they don’t know what to do with? Like Celeste, the jar of coins is more realistic than stacks of $100. Over time it continues to accumulate until you can get to a Coin Star and find out it wasn’t that much money. 

“I Dream Of Eating”

While Bella Hadid is dreaming, the rest of the world is eating or dreaming about eating. They used to say that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but most people would rather eat a cheeseburger than starve themselves to lose a few pounds because everybody is beautiful. 

"I Dream Of Eating"

Celeste Barber

Besides the message, we just don’t understand the concept behind this photoshoot. Did she lose her clothes and the only thing around to use as a cover-up was a piece of fabric with the words, “I dream” on it? When she found this piece of cloth, why did the guy have to hold it up for her? Someone explain! 

“Fell Face First Into The Wall, No Big Deal”

This is how it looks when you drink too much at the pre-game and try to drag yourself out of the house physically, but you find a place to rest your head instead. The next thing you know, it’s Monday morning, and you skipped an entire day because you got too drunk. 

"Fell Face First Into The Wall, No Big Deal"

Celeste Barber

With or without alcohol, this is how we feel every morning trying to drag ourselves out of bed to get ready for work. Luckily most people are working from home these days, so you can just roll over and log on for the day without leaving the warmth of your bed. 

He Is Going To Feel This Tomorrow

His back will be sore for the next few days after falling onto the water like that. When you kiss your significant other by the pool, don’t you fall passionately yet gracefully into the water? Celeste showed that it’s not as easy as they make it seem, and their photo looks painful. 

He Is Going To Feel This Tomorrow

Celeste Barber

We understand that it’s more about the art of the photo, but how do they look natural as they are falling? The two models should give everyone, including Celeste, falling lessons. At least her husband got his pose down, but we can only imagine his face as they hit the water. 

Getting Out Of The Pool Gracefully Is Impossible

If you have ever gotten out of the pool gracefully, we commend you because it seems like an impossible task. It’s easy to lift yourself out of the water, but no one looks good swinging their legs over the edge of the pool. No matter what we imagine, we always look like a gremlin crawling out of the depths. 

Getting Out Of The Pool Gracefully Is Impossible

Celeste Barber

We would love to see this model try to get her legs out of the water. She looks good now, but wait until she starts swinging her legs over the edge, then she will be back on our level. Next time you go swimming, try to get out as gracefully as possible and see that it is nearly impossible. 

Someone Needs A Weed Whacker

If this isn’t attractive, we don’t know what is. All jokes aside, why is something called the lady garden? Who would want to associate their perfume with their downstairs area? It just seems like the name is trying too hard. 

Someone Needs A Weed Whacker

Celeste Barber

Plus, you can’t have a lady garden without all the weeds and shrubs. No garden is perfect because they all need to be maintained through a series of painful tasks. Weed whacking isn’t so bad; it’s the weed pulling that makes people’s eyes water. 

Just A Light Poolside Workout

When you are chilling at the pool or beach, do you not randomly find the nearest wall to hang onto? Just for a light wall workout, you know, to make your muscles show for all the cute pictures you are about to take. If you don’t do this, it is perfectly normal. 

Just A Light Poolside Workout

Celeste Barber

It’s like when you are hanging out with your friends, and someone says your crush is coming so you “act natural,” but end up looking forced. The top picture is what people think they look like, while the bottom photo is how they actually look. 

“Oh, Were You Trying To Move This Couch?”

When movers come to take away your furniture, the natural thing to do is let them move it without any problems. However, celebrities are a bit different. They think their movers will also carry them on the furniture so they can feel like royalty. 

"Oh, Were You Trying To Move This Couch?"

Celeste Barber

The men’s faces in Celeste’s photo are a much more realistic depiction of how people would feel if someone tried to sit on the furniture they were moving. Even the men in the top photo look awkward and uncomfortable. It is bizarre on so many levels. 

“What Is Wrong With My Wife?”

“Hey babe, I’m ready for the photo shoot.” “Where are your clothes?” “What do you mean?” “I thought we were doing family photos for our parents. Isn’t it inappropriate that you are naked?” “It’s not inappropriate; it’s inspiring cause I just had a baby.” 

"What Is Wrong With My Wife?"

Celeste Barber

While her husband might not understand the no clothes aspect, she doesn’t care because she gives the fans what they want… or even what they don’t want. John might be happy, but Celeste’s husband is thinking about what his parents will think when they get this as a Christmas card. 

Wind In My Hair And Not A Care In The World

When you are in the club and you find a fan to help you cool off. Some people would look glam like Miley Cyrus, and the rest of us would look like we got stuck in a wind tunnel, like Celeste. Maybe a leaf blower wouldn’t be the best option because of how much wind power it has.

Wind In My Hair And Not A Care In The World

Celeste Barber

People can’t be glamourous all the time, but we can do our best not to get overheated. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, especially when she is wearing a full-on spandex catsuit that traps heat and makes you sweat ten times more. 

Doesn’t Everybody Play The Piano Naked?

When you are trying to show off for your husband’s friends, and then you remember you are nude, you don’t know how to play the piano, and this is a horrible nightmare. Who goes nude except for a pair of Adidas sneakers to play the piano? 

Doesn't Everybody Play The Piano Naked?

Celeste Barber

Just imagine how uncomfortable it would be to peel you bare behind off of a leather piano seat. Just thinking about it makes us uncomfortable. This must be the best way to absorb the music; if you are nude, it seeps right into your skin.

“New Tattoos, What Do You Think?”

When we look on Instagram, our feeds are filled with models who have unattainable bodies most of the time. When your main job is to keep yourself in shape, it is much easier to look perfect. However, the average person doesn’t have time to work out for four hours a day. 

"New Tattoos, What Do You Think?"

Celeste Barber

While this model may have an almost non-existent waist, most of us look like Celeste. It’s ok to have curves and bumps because everyone is built differently, so you should love the body you have and everything it does. Comparing ourselves to models is a waste of time. 

What Sisters Really Do At Meals

When you go out for a family brunch, and you and your sister start fooling around even though you are both adults. Your parents are embarrassed, but you are your sibling could care less because you’re drunk off the mimosas and can’t stop laughing. 

What Sisters Really Do At Meals

Celeste Barber

We can’t all be as cool as Kendall and Kylie, but we can all be as silly as Celeste and her sister. There is nothing wrong with a little immaturity here and there to make life more exciting. Sometimes you have to pretend your fries are walrus teeth. 

Casually Hanging In The Backyard With The Kids Toys

Have you ever stripped down to your undergarments and walked outside to play with a tractor? No, just these two? Out of all the strange photoshoots Kim Kardashian has done, this has to be the weirdest. She walked around a construction site in her underwear, and we don’t know why. 

Casually Hanging In The Backyard With The Kids Toys

Celeste Barber

If anyone can explain that photoshoot, that would be great because we still think about it to this day. At least Celeste is in the comfort of her gated backyard, so people can’t see what she is doing and wonder what is wrong with her. 

After A Long Night Of Drinking Expectation Vs. Reality

When you get home from a long night of clubbing, and you hope that you can fall asleep with a sliver of dignity, even if it’s by the front door. However, when you wake up, you look like a hot mess because you passed out the second you got in the door. 

After A Long Night Of Drinking Expectation Vs. Reality

Celeste Barber

While we all aim to make it to the couch or the bed, sometimes that just doesn’t happen, and we end up on the floor. Although it isn’t the best option, at least we made it home that night. That’s something to be grateful for. 

If Gwyneth Rolls In The Mud, Everyone Should

When you go on vacation with nannies versus holidaying with your children. When people have five nannies to take care of one child, they can enjoy spa treatments and purposely put mud on their bodies. However, when you have to watch three children on the beach, you will probably get covered in mud involuntarily. 

If Gwyneth Rolls In The Mud, Everyone Should

Celeste Barber

If Gwyneth Paltrow is rolling around in the mud, we should all be doing that because she never ages, so that must be her secret. Maybe she uses a particular type of mud, but we don’t think Celeste’s mud is very good for her skin. It looks closer to asphalt than mud. 

The Glass Says Everything You Need To Know

If there is one thing to know about Celeste, her wine is ten times more important than coffee, so if you touch it, prepare for a throat punch. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can drink all the coffee she wants; that just means there is more wine for Celeste. 

The Glass Says Everything You Need To Know

Celeste Barber

There must be something you love so much that you are willing to fight someone over it. Celeste’s message is much more relevant, especially since all we have, during these troubling times, is our wine and a sliver of sanity to hold onto. 

When Someone Says, “Act Natural”

When you are Beyonce, no one is paying attention to anyone else in the picture, but Celeste wanted to make sure her husband didn’t steal the spotlight. Celeste said, “You know your place, babe. Stay in the background.” When you wear a silver lamé catsuit, no one can steal your thunder. 

When Someone Says, "Act Natural"

Celeste Barber

If you really want to stand out in a photo, just cover other people’s faces so that you are the only one in focus. Beyonce would probably cover up Jay-Z’s face if she could, but her fans would think he cheated again. However, that would mean a new album is coming, so it’s really a win-win. 

BBQ Is Way Better Than GQ

GQ might be all about looking sharp and living smart, but we don’t know if sitting naked on a chair in an empty room is the smartest way to live. On the other hand, BBQ monthly has been changing your perception of women since its creation, and that is a message we can stand behind. 

BBQ Is Way Better Than GQ

Celeste Barber

We love how she shamelessly shows everyone how ridiculous these celebrity photos are. If anyone else posted a picture like Bella Thorne, people would question their sanity, but she gets away with it because she is famous and fit. 

When You Haven’t Tried On Jeans In Months…

After spending months of doing nothing but taking trips to and from the refrigerator because that was the furthest we could all travel, some of us are having trouble buttoning our jeans. Sweatpants are great, but eventually, we have to pull on a pair of real pants and face the music. 

When You Haven't Tried On Jeans In Months...

Celeste Barber

Some of us might have an easier time buttoning those pants, while a few of us will have to do some jumps, squats, and wiggles to get the pants on. Lying down always helps when putting on a fresh pair of jeans, you just might not be able to stand up after. 

Climbing A Tree Naked…Why Not?

When there isn’t a star emoji big enough to cover you up, you have to improvise. Kim Kardashian must have wanted to connect with nature, so she took off her clothes and climbed up a tree. At least Celeste kept her underwear on because that is not a place you would want to feel tree bark. 

Climbing A Tree Naked...Why Not?

Celeste Barber

Who doesn’t spend their afternoons spying on neighbors from the tree while they only wear boots and star pasties? Is that not normal? Kim is probably spying on Kanye to make sure he doesn’t try to run for president again. 

Mind The Gap, Stay Behind The Yellow Line

We would advise against using the side of a subway car to prop your foot up because it could start moving, but that is just our opinion. If you try this, you might get some strange looks like Celeste, but ignore the haters because they know nothing about fashion photography. 

Mind The Gap, Stay Behind The Yellow Line

Celeste Barber

While she might be getting a good stretch in her legs, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to ignore the safety warnings. Those “mind the gap” signs are there for a reason, so people don’t die. We aren’t experts, but there are better ways to stretch and show off your legs. 

If J.Lo Can Do It, So Can You

As much as we love J.Lo and A.Rod, we don’t know many people who realistically wear diamond-encrusted underwear. That does not look comfortable, and we can’t imagine the level of chafing someone would get from those undies. Celeste’s granny knickers look much more comfortable. 

If J.Lo Can Do It, So Can You

Celeste Barber

When you are that established in your career and have a consistent fan-base, why is it still necessary to show off her butt? Everyone knows she is gorgeous, but this feels a little forced. The goofy version is so much better and more realistic. 

When It’s Monday Morning And You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

When you drag yourself out of bed for work on Monday morning, the thought of walking down the stairs before a cup of coffee is too much, so you crawl down face-first instead. Some people can’t function until that first bit of caffeine kicks in, and we are like them. 

When It's Monday Morning And You Don't Want To Get Out Of Bed

Celeste Barber

We don’t know who the original photo is trying to target, but it is hard to understand who their market is? Are they trying to show what this bodysuit would look like if you fell down some stairs? It makes no sense. 

Doesn’t Everyone Get Naked Before A Champagne Shower?

If you don’t strip down to your birthday suit to open a bottle of champagne, we have a lot of questions. It is called a champagne shower for a reason, and you wouldn’t take a normal shower with clothes on, so this isn’t any different. 

Doesn't Everyone Get Naked Before A Champagne Shower?

Celeste Barber

Unlike the model, we wouldn’t be laughing because no one wants to feel cold, sticky alcohol all over their hair and body. It might be the next best thing in at-home DIY beauty treatments, but for now, we will stick to drinking the champagne instead of pouring it on people. 

How To Create Your Own Strappy Bikini For Horrible Tan Lines

If you have ever wanted to know what it was like to wrap yourself in shoelaces, just grab a strappy bikini and head out to the pool. With that many strings, you might need a bottle of wine and a straw to get through the uncomfortable phase. 

How To Create Your Own Strappy Bikini For Horrible Tan Lines

Celeste Barber

While most people think Celeste is channeling her sultry side, she is actually making that face out of pain. You can try out this look, too, when Celeste releases her line of shoelaces. If you stay in the sun long enough, you can get a ridiculous tan that will look like a mosaic. 

“Do You Need Something?”

When you try to sneak off for a moment of peace and a snack because your kids are driving you up a wall, but they find your hiding spot. Everyone needs a break once in a while, and you deserve to treat yourself to your favorite snack at that moment. 

"Do You Need Something?"

Celeste Barber

It’s like children have a sixth sense to know when you are relaxing, and then their senses tingle to come bother you. No matter where you try to hide, they will find you, and it might be in the bushes on the side of the house eating pringles. 

Pink Is Not Just A Color, It’s A Lifestyle

If you don’t have a pink one-piece and matching cover-up, you can recreate Paris’ look with two pink inner-tubes. No one will ever know the difference, and you will look just like a hotel heiress. If Paris saw this outfit, she would probably say, “That’s hot.” 

Pink Is Not Just A Color, It's A Lifestyle

Celeste Barber

If you don’t have a tropical backdrop like Celeste and Paris, don’t bother trying this at home. While most of us can’t afford to fly to the next state, these two are showing off their tropical vacations so that we can live through them vicariously. 

How Everyone Feels When They Have To Sit In The Corner To Charge Their Phone

If they want to complete this photoshoot, they will have to bring the camera to her because her phone isn’t finished charging. As an important influencer, she needs to be on her phone at all times. If she doesn’t give constant updates, her fans will wonder if something happened to her. 

How Everyone Feels When They Have To Sit In The Corner To Charge Their Phone

Celeste Barber

Why is the go-to “sexy” pose a finger in your mouth? Is sucking your thumb the newest way to attract a mate in the dating world? Did we miss the announcement about the newest flirting trends? Because we need all the help we can get. 

“Hi Honey, You’re Home From Work Early”

When you are having a dance party at home alone in your heels and bathing suit, feeling like a rockstar when your family walks in. “Oh, I didn’t know you guys would be home so early. I can explain.” There is no shame in having a little fun while no one is around. 

"Hi Honey, You're Home From Work Early"

Celeste Barber

This position looks extremely difficult to hold, especially in heels. It must be difficult for Coco with those two balloons on her chest. They both look pretty uncomfortable, and we don’t blame them. Only the chosen ones can pull off this pose. 

When You Drink One Green Drink, And Suddenly You Are A Yoga Guru

When you want to feel like you are in that scene of Titanic, but you don’t have a boat.  We have seen plenty of yoga poses, but this one looks more challenging than the rest. We give Celeste and her husband credit for pulling it off and staying in position long enough for a picture. 

When You Drink One Green Drink, And Suddenly You Are A Yoga Guru

Celeste Barber

The girl in the original photo looks like she is posing in one of those tampon commercials claiming you can do anything during that time of the month even though most people would rather curl up in a ball and hide for a few days. 

I Ain’t Saying She A Gold Digger

When Kris Jenner sees this, she is going to be so annoyed that Kim is ruining her manicure. Those hands make her ten percent, and she can’t afford for Kim to lose jobs because of a botched manicure. There is a “no nail-biting” clause in her contract that she is breaking. 

I Ain't Saying She A Gold Digger

Celeste Barber

On the other hand, Celeste is channeling one of Kanye’s top songs, “Gold Digger,” because she is really up there. She could practically scratch her brain, and that is something Kim would never be caught doing. She is too cool for public nose-picking. 

When In Doubt, Draw Your Abs On

Here’s a secret fitness tip: If you don’t have defined abs, take a sharpie and draw them on. Since it is a permanent marker, you will always have abs drawn on whenever you need to show off your stomach. No one will ever know the difference because they look so realistic. 

When In Doubt, Draw Your Abs On

Celeste Barber

People will be asking you for workout tips, and you can say, “It’s all-natural. I don’t know what you are talking about.” You can even start a fitness Instagram to show off your model-like abs, and people might say it’s photoshop, but they are just haters. 

Bieber Vs Boober

When you are in your room all alone and think, “I could really take this time to focus on a charity that helps the greater good of the world,” but instead, you take your clothes off, cop a feel, and take a picture. Justin wanted everyone to know he has a handful to work with, just like Celeste. 

Bieber Vs Boober

Celeste Barber

While we give Justin credit for bravely sharing this cringe-worthy picture, we can’t help but wonder what his wife, pastor, mother, and grandparents think of this because they all follow him on social media. Who do you think saw this first, Instagram or Snapchat? 

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Kim’s milk bath must have been a lot warmer than Celeste’s fresh-out of the fridge milk shower. Kim was showing off her MILF status for a Fergie music video, and we understand that moms make milk, but why does she have to bathe in it? 

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Celeste Barber

Sure, milk is excellent for your bones as you are growing, but we don’t think doctors would advise milk showers for healthy skin and hair. Milk probably doesn’t do much beauty-wise, and too much dairy can clog your pores. 

Grocery Shopping Like A Star

If you don’t have someone push you around the grocery store, you just aren’t on the same celebrity level as Selena Gomez and Celeste. Celebrities are too good to walk around the grocery store on their own two feet; they need their assistants to push them. 

Grocery Shopping Like A Star

Celeste Barber

If we had to be pushed around the grocery store, we would want a bottle of wine to sip on because grocery stores are stressful with children running around and people not knowing how to act in public. 

The Neighbors Must Be So Confused

Celeste and Victoria’s Secret Angels have similar mating calls. They both put on the nicest tulle dresses and sit on the front stoop until someone cute walks by. Celeste’s accessories are a bit different with her Viking hat to stand out from the crowd. 

The Neighbors Must Be So Confused

Celeste Barber

Her neighbors avoid passing her house because they think a crazy woman lives there, but it is just Celeste showing the world how ridiculous models and celebrities are. She also pretends to drink coffee when it is really wine, so her neighbors don’t judge her too much. 

Celebrity Lives Vs Real Life

While celebrities are drowning in designer bags, shoes, clothes, and luxury items, us regular folk are drowning in bills, work, and responsibility. It must be hard to spend most days shopping and getting free clothes from the biggest designers. 

Celebrity Lives Vs Real Life

Celeste Barber

Instead of being surrounded by shopping bags, most adults are surrounded by dirty diapers, their children’s toys, and a flood of tears from them and their children. It’s hard to be a celebrity, but even harder to be an average person. 

“Honey, Can You Take Just One More Photo?”

When you want to feel like an influencer, so you force your significant other to take pictures of you until you are satisfied with the perfect shot. At some point, they stop putting in the effort and lazily hold the phone, just waiting for you to let them leave. 

"Honey, Can You Take Just One More Photo?"

Celeste Barber

Some people like to take pictures, while most significant others feel like Celeste’s husband, who is sick of these impromptu photoshoots. He just wants to go about his day without being called into the bedroom to take a photo that won’t be posted. 

How Fishnet Tights Actually Feel On Your Stomach

Paris Fashion Week expectations versus the reality of being in a city where the most popular foods are bread, cheese, and wine. While Kim Kardashian has the will power to avoid foods that will make her bloated for a week, some of us don’t have the same strength. 

How Fishnet Tights Actually Feel On Your Stomach

Celeste Barber

By the end of the week, the fishnets would look more like they are squeezing playdough rather than sitting nicely. We haven’t met many people who could wear fishnets over their stomach without looking like a loaf of bread, but Kim Kardashian is always the exception. 

“Five More Minutes, Please”

When you have to go to work the morning after going out to the bar, some people will get up with ease, but most of us are still hungover and wishing for another few minutes. No one wakes up with a cup of coffee and a smile right away. 

"Five More Minutes, Please"

Celeste Barber

If you went out drinking the previous night, there is a high chance that you are still hugging the bottle. That’s how you know things got out of hand because civilized people drink out of glasses while the rest of us throw caution to the wind and take the whole bottle. 

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