Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd June 2022 Written Update Episode

Krisha And Rati Save Vamika’s Life

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

He clutches her hand and says, “Our relationship may have ended, but I have rights on our memories too.” Krisha removes her engagement ring from Dev’s finger. He removes the ring she is wearing. Vamika gets enraged when he sees these people. Dev and Vamika exchange rings at the mandap.

They get enthralled. From then, Krisha’s life takes a turn for the worst. Raghav snatches Dev’s phone from his embracing hand. He asks Vamika to meet him at 12 a.m. so that he may forget Krisha and carry on with his life with her without her around. I’ll go there if Vamika believes I want it, too.

He informs Subhakar about Vamika when they meet in the village. While her father worked for the monarch, he claims that Vamika’s mom was greedy and sold the palace’s secrets to its adversaries. Lakshmi was going to be punished by the king when she abducted the prince and threatened to murder him unless the monarch gave her money.

To ensure that Lakshmi would not liberate his son, the king abducted Vamika and her brothers (prince). Vamika’s father and siblings perished as a result of Lakshi’s assault on him. However, Lakshmi’s family was ruined by the money she received.

Subhakar inquires about Lakshmi’s photograph. My kid, according to the old guy, looked at her portrait, but her goon beat him so badly that he died right there in front of my eyes. When Vamika and Lakshmi were kidnapped, the residents of this town were terrified to mention them. Because I lost my kid, I have no fear.

According to Rati, Raghav has vanished and is thus up to something.

Vamika arrives at the location to which Dev had directed her. She calls him, but he doesn’t answer. She tries to find Dev, but a group of thugs surrounds her. Meanwhile, Raghav remains undetected as his henchmen prepare to abduct her. He’s gone now. This is the first time we’ve seen Vamika in this state, and she’s terrified. She picks up the phone and dials Dev’s number.

She evades the thugs’ attempts to capture her by fleeing the scene. They are racing to rescue her. Vamika faints after she is grabbed by the thugs. Krisha strikes them just as they are ready to load her into the vehicle. In the end, she defeats them all and requests the assistance of a guy in getting her to a medical facility. Tell Dev all you know, Krisha is told by her.

Subhakar is told by the elderly man that he must assist him locate Lakshmi’s picture.

The first thing Vamika does when she wakes up in the hospital is ask Krisha who brought her here. So we need to check on your baby since Krisha claims you fell. Vamika yells at her to stop it, my kid is OK, but she continues. To her, the fact that I stopped her is a sign that she would have discovered that I am not pregnant if she hadn’t.

When Vamika returns home, Dev is curious as to what transpired. Despite Vamika’s claims, I and my kid are unharmed. She goes out of the building. Dev accompanies her as she walks. Rati inquires as to what happened to Krisha. Krisha claims that I brought her to the hospital, but when I advised her to have a check-up, she became frightened and rushed to the hospital.

Subhakar is shown a picture of Jaya by the elderly guy, who claims that she is Vamika’s mother.

As soon as Jaya revealed that she was Vamika’s mother, I was terrified. No one should know you’re a mother, Vamika tells her, and advises she shouldn’t express emotion in front of others. I’m going to marry Dev, and we’ve been planning this for a long time.

Take this picture, Subhakar says to Krisha, and I’ll show it to you later. Be cautious, the elderly guy warns. When Subhakar turns to leave, he is pursued by several thugs.

Because of Vamika’s comments, Jaya is enraged with me. Jaya promises to hold whomever attempted to harm you accountable.

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