Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 27th May 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Dev is in the car with unconscious Krish. He brings her to the hospital and she is taken to OT. Rati and Vamika also reach there. Wamika asks Dev how is Krishna? Dev is sitting quietly. The doctor tells Rati that we can’t say anything right now, she took strong dose. Dev told Rati to go and pray for her. Rati leaves.

Kach brings baby clothes for Meenakshi and says I bought it for Wamika’s baby. This is the child of our Arav so that the child becomes the heir. Meenakshi says I don’t have time, I am going to the hospital for Krisha.

Kach says that you should focus on getting the rights of Arav’s child because then we will rule over this kingdom. Meenakshi says I don’t want to hear anything from you.

Dev prayed to the idol which Krishna gave him and said please save him. Vamika says that God cannot do anything, I understand that you and Krishna love each other. I also fell in love with you, he grabbed her hand and said that I am also worried about agriculture but she needs to understand.

Dev says that I will not give up my duties but the price cannot be Krishna’s life. Wamika says that there is an old temple, it is said that if you go there barefoot and pray there then God hears you. I will go there and pray for Krishna. Dev remembers every time that Krishna said that Vamika is against him.

Dev thinks that Krishna always had doubts about Vamika but she is doing all this for Krishna. He says you don’t have to. Vamika says meditate on Krishna, she is gone. Dev says that Krisha has doubts about Vamika but Vamika cares about him. He sees Wamika leaving and smiles.

Scene 2

Dev comes to Krisha’s room, the doctor says she is out of danger so she will wake up soon. As soon as he left, Dev thanked him. Dev sees Krisha smiling and leaves.

Wamika comes out of the hospital and meets Jaya. Jaya says you lied to Dev? He must be impressed by you. Wamika says how did you know that I lied to her? Jaya says that I have an eye on everything. I am impressed with your plan, you fooled Krisha and fed her pills. Wamika says let’s go and celebrate.

Krisha wakes up and asks who brought her to the hospital? The nurse says Dev, I will bring her inside. Kaka called Krisha and said that I need some files in the hotel. Krishna says I am in the hospital because Vamika has fooled Dev. Kaka says that I am in a meeting in a club and Wamika is here.

She is dancing happily here. Krisha asks if she is alone or with someone else? Kaka says that she is alone. Krishna ends the call. Dev enters her room. Krisha tries to sit down but Dev stops her. They look at each other sadly. Krisha says you wanted me to get away from you so don’t worry now.

Uncle sees Wamika dancing in the club, he leaves before Jaya enters.

Dev tells Krisha that I know you are in pain but I am stuck between promises and love. Krishna holds his hand and says that your duties are my duties. If we had to save our family I would let you marry anyone but that girl Vamika is not good for anyone. She is a selfish woman who thinks only of herself. I need someone in your life who can love you and take care of you. Dev says what is wrong with you?

You hate Vamika a lot but on the other hand Vamika has gone to the temple barefoot to pray for you. K कृष्ण कृष्णa really says? She lied to you, she was partying in a club. Dev Kafi says, I know you are jealous of him but stop burning yourself. Krisha says you can’t see the truth, I’m not jealous of her. How can I explain this to you? She gets out of bed and says it’s time to open your eyes and see everything. Let’s see and see how Wamika is praying for me.

Dev and Krishna are in the car. Dev says you should stop doubting Vamika, you will be proved wrong. Krisha says let’s go there and see.

Precap: Wamika and Jaima are drinking and partying. Dev and Krisha arrive at the party and see them having fun together.