Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 24th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 24th May 2022 Written Update. Voot Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 24 May 2022 Written Episode Zee Tv Serial on tellyepisode.com

Scene 1

Karsha comes to the temple and prays for her love. “I will never give up my duties as a wife,” she says. She brings clothes for the giant and says that my perfume on her clothes will keep reminding her of me. She asks the servant about the giant who says that he is ready and has gone to breakfast.

Dev is having breakfast with Wamika and Jia. Wamika thanks Dev for wearing the clothes chosen for her. Jia says she looks good. The giant says you can choose my clothes from now on. Karsha arrives and Wamika says you are sitting in my chair with Dev. “I don’t see your name on it,” says Wamika. Karsha says you can’t find a place in Dev’s life by sitting next to him.

She sits on the other side of it but the giant ignores her. Karsha says why are you ignoring me? The giant tries to get out of there but Wamika stops him and says I am depressed when you go so please stay. Karsha says he can stay here with you. Dev says I have to go to the office. Jaya says Wamika can go with him. Dev says it’s a good idea and goes with it. Karsha is upset to see this.

Karsha comes to the temple and prays. She says you have to protect my sandals. Karsha is leaving the house for Dev’s office but Jia stops him and says why don’t you understand that your relationship with Dev is over. Karsha says I am still his wife. Jia says your relationship has ruined our honor. Wamika is right for him so I am choosing him for my son.

Karsha tries to get out of there but Latika pushes him back. Meenakshi comes there and says that I am going to worship Arau with Karsha. Jaya says you can take Rati but Karsha won’t go anywhere. Meenakshi looks at him and says I have lost my son but I can’t allow anyone to stop me from praying for my son. You are a woman so be a mother and understand my pain. She asks Latika to do the pooja in her car and takes Karsha away.

Karsha told Meenakshi that she wanted to go to Dev’s office after the puja. Meenakshi gives him the car keys and says just pray for my son and fight for your love. Karsha thanks him and gets into the other car.

Scene 2

In the office, Wamika is looking at a picture of Karsha and Dev. She says you don’t need it. She throws a picture of him and says I will give you juice. The giant stops him and says I am giving your child my name because it is my duty but don’t expect more from me. I am giving you a place in my life but not in my heart. He takes a picture of Karsha and puts it in a drawer. Wamika was sad to hear that. The servant comes and says that he has been called for worship.

Dev and Wamika are preparing to worship Karsha in the lobby. All the staff is there. Wamika tries to sit next to the giant but the priest says that only his wife will sit next to him. Karsha asked Wamika to sit back. Karsha sits with Dev and they worship together.

Karsha holds his hand while worshiping. Karsha offers it to her, she takes it. Karsha gives gifts to everyone else. Wamika asked the priest if she could worship her child. He says yes and asks for the baby’s father’s name. Dev says that this is Devraj. The priest asks them to sit together for worship. Wamika tells Karsha that I have already taken your place.

Karsha returns home and sees the servants moving the giant’s belongings from her room. The giant comes there and says that we don’t have a relationship so there is no point in staying in the same room. Karsha looks at him sadly and says that maybe I can’t stay with you but take this, she gives him the idol of Bihari ji. The giant takes him away.

PreCape: Wamika tells Karsha, closeness changes everything. Wait and see, I will make you such a past of Devraj’s life that no one will remember you, not even Devraj himself. One by one I will erase all your memories from Devraj’s mind. My mission now is not to win Devraj, but to get you out of his life.