Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

“Daddy’s great,” says Caesar. She hands Gopika over to Saksham. Saksham dances with Gopika. Gopika smiled. “I’m sorry,” Saksham said. Ramila and Tejal are worried about whether Hatin will register them. Dolly a woman comes in and says you two have been selected in the contest. Ramila says drink tea. She says I will stay in your place to see if you are both good for each other. Raju cries and says I want to die. Caesar asked why she was crying.

A woman comes in and says because she knows who your real father is. Mana Jalebi says .. Mana says look you have not changed .. Raju says get out of here. Jalebi says are you still with Mana? I’m here to pick up Caesar and his father. Kayseri says but you are .. Jalebi hugs him and says I had to take your right from you. I had to accept your father. Raju says I don’t want to live. Raju angrily went to his room. They all run upstairs. “I am your mother, you are not a golden hen,” says Jalebi.

Caesar says celebrate what is all this? Who is this Jalebi? “My mommy won’t leave you,” says Caesar. Jalebi says your mother left you here. I will take money from Mana. Her mother says in her tool that she is a bad aunt. I told you what to do with the bad guys. Caesar cuts off his hand and runs away. Jalebi runs after him. Everyone breaks down the door and enters. Manna raises Raju.

He says I will teach this jalebi a lesson. He is lying. They go down. There is no Jalebi and there is no Kesari. Saksham finds them. Gopika says where is Kesri? Who stole all these things? Kesari’s mother says Saksham .. She says that Jalebi is not Kesari’s mother. He kidnapped my daughter. If something happens to Caesar, I will not spare any of you. Find it or … stop it. Gopika asked Mana to ask for Jalebi. Mina called him. He says his number is locked. Raju says we are done. Not our problem. Gopika says she is a child. Nikhila says she was abducted from our home. “I know where Jalebi has gone,” says Mana. She will ask for money.

Scene 2

Jalbi locked Kayseri in a room. Caesar’s mother says don’t worry, you have to get out of here. Jalebi says that now I will take money from them. Caesar pushes him and binds him. She tries to run outside. Jalebi’s thugs come and pick him up. Jalebi says put it here. I would say celebrate it. The bully says we can kill you too. Caesar cries. Gopika is worried about Kesari.

Suksham picked up his doll. “I remember her teasing us,” he says. Gopika says that this is how children make their place in our hearts. He says let me call the police. Gopika says that we should wait for the call of Jalibis. They’re gone. Caesarea tells her mother that they will kill me. She says it’s dark.

There is only one door. His mother says do you hear anything? She says there is a temple outside. Kesri’s mother calls Suksham and says that Kesri is near a temple. Jalebi called Mana and said give me money or else you know what I can do about it. Chirag says will she leave Caesar? They all went out to look for him.

Suksham and Gopika come out of the place where Kesari is. Saksham comes in the form of a bully and says that I am Jalebi’s man. We will take Jalebi’s money. Shake my hand She is doing all this for herself. They say let’s kidnap the girl. Come on in, take a look. Caesarea says Papa .

He pretends in whispers that I am good. Caesar says my daddy won’t leave you. Suksham picked up Kesari. The thugs say first call Jalebi. She calls Gopika’s number, she says in Jalebi’s voice that I am doing all this for my mouth. Saksham comes out. Jalebi comes and says where are you taking?

The installment ends.

PreCap: fights Saksham Jalebi and his thugs. Gopika and Suksham found the device in Jalebi’s ear.