Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd May 2022 Written Update Episode

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd May 2022 Written Update. Voot Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23 May 2022 Written Episode Star Bharat Serial on tellyepisode.com

Caesar sings hymns. Nikhila says you said she is silent, how is she singing? Manna says miracle .. miracle of God. God bless. They all start saying God bless. Chirag says no, it is a blessing. She can sing Saksham says yes. “Yes, this is selective mutation,” says Chirag. Some children can talk when they are just comfortable. What does Nikhila say? “I am just happy to be here,” said Manal. They take Caesar inside. Saksham says why didn’t you speak first? “I spoke when I could,” she says. “Didn’t you see the timer?” She says. I broke my tooth. The doctor told me I could talk after the timer. Saksham says who is your mother? She says her name is Mimi.

Nikhila says something is wrong. Gopika says that these four are hiding something. Chirag asked, “What is your father’s name?” Kesri says that his name is Chirag Modi. What does the lamp say? They all grabbed the collar of the lamp. She says that my father’s name is Suksham Modi.

She says no, no, my father’s name is Mana. Kishp Modi. She keeps confusing them. Chirag says she is fooling us. “I will not speak down, but give me money,” says Caesari. They give him money. Saksham says she will not reveal her mother’s name. Call your exes again to find out who her mother is.

Scene 2

Tejal acts like Ramila and says clean it. Ramila says I am from the Modi family. Tejal says this is not Modi’s house. Clean it Ramila says teach me. Tejal cleans it to show off. Ramila says but you have just cleared it.

Mina calls her former Jagna. She scolds him and says why did you call me? He says remember that night? Did we do something wrong? He says you never touched me. Mana dances. He says nothing happened. Raju comes. She says what happened?

He hugs her and says nothing. Chirag called Masnavi. He asks about Singapore. “You never touched me,” she says. Aashi comes and says what happened? He says my friends’ wife cheated on him. Will you ever do it with me She says why should I cheat on you?

Gopika asked Saksham, “Can I talk to Kesari’s father?” Gopika closed the door. Saksham said what are you doing? The song is coming to Bahun. Gopika threw down her dupatta. Gopika approaches him. Saksham says today is Monday? He says temples go. What does Gopika say? That run out. Gopika says something is wrong. Gopika picks up her phone.

She calls Rakesh and says we take care of your daughter Kayseri. He says I didn’t even get married, daughter? Gopika was shocked. Gopika says why did Saksham lie? Whose daughter is she That letter, I have to find it. Gopika is looking for the letter. Saksham says what are you looking for? She is telling the truth. That Rakesh is not the father of Kesari. You are hiding something. It is written in this letter. Saksham remembered that he had memorized the letter.

Saksham finds letters everywhere. Gopika tells everyone that Kesri is not Rakesh’s daughter. The letter is on the back of the vessel. Suksham told all the men that Gopika called Rakesh. He says where is the letter. Gopika asked all the women to look for the letter. Women look for letters.

PreCape: Nakhela read the letter saying that Caesari is one of their daughters. All women promise their husbands if she is their daughter.