Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Keshav orders Gopika to leave the home

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Tera Mera Sath Rahe 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe Written Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe
Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Ramila claims she would not spare Tejal because she is attempting to remove her from her daughter. She states that she would eventually persuade Ashi about the divorce, but first she must give Tejal a lesson, which causes Hiten to be angry with Tejal and worry what she will do. Then, inspired, she removes all of her jewellery. Hiten presents Tejal roses and explains that each time she brought her flowers before, he was too hesitant to give them to her. Tejal and Hiten embrace one another.

They both listen Ramila is sobbing loudly, so they worry what has occurred and walk outside to investigate. Ramila sobs and informs Hiten that her jewellery has been taken, which shocks Hiten and Tejal. Hiten asks Ramila how this is possible and promises to investigate. Ramila says it is unnecessary. She also reveals that when she was taking a bath, her jewellery was stolen. Tejal and Hiten get perplexed, and Hiten asks Ramila whether she has closed her windows.

Ramila tells yes. She adds that she does not believe an outsider took her jewellery; rather, it must have been a family member. Hiten realises Ramila’s intention, so he approaches Tejal and informs her that they may file a police report. The cops will investigate and track down the thief. Tejal agreeing with him. Ramila is astonished and informs Hiten that it’s not essential since if the police come to the home, society members would speak poorly of them.

Hiten explains that they must catch the thief and pulls out his phone, but Ramila stops him and claims she must have forgotten where she placed it. Hiten asks Ramila if she believes he is unaware of her plot to capture Tejal and queries her as to why she is acting in this manner. Tejal informs her that she is unaware of Ramila’s intense hatred for her. Ramila accuses Tejal of stealing Hiten in the guise of affection.

Hiten informs Ramila that she should be happy that her son and daughter-in-law are accepting each other, rather than that she is attempting to divide them, therefore he no longer wants to share a home with her and leaves with Tejal. Tejal follows him behind. Ramila feels horrified. She realises her error in not comprehending anything. There, Hiten and Tejal arrive. Ramila apologises for her conduct and instructs them to forget the past and move forward. Everyone embraces one another.

Hiten and Tejal inform Ramila that Ashi has arrived and that they must counsel her to preserve her marriage. Ramila accepts and goes to Ashi’s room. Ashi weeps and asks Ramila what her current strategy is to end her marriage. Ramila apologises for not understanding her grief. She also reveals that although fighting with her husband often, she was unaware of the advice she gave to Ashi.

She then instructs Ashi to return to the Modi residence, explaining that she is married to Chirag and that just because they must endure so many difficulties in marriage does not imply that they must leave their relationship, particularly when the difficulty is caused by an outsider and not their spouse. Ashi informs Kesari of her responsibilities for her. Ramila informs Ashi that since Kesari is a kid and innocent, she does not have to confront their wrath, and instructs Shradha to leave her and Chirag’s lives.

Ashi gets a call from Gopika, who pushes her to come to the Modi residence quickly since she learned through Jumki that wedding preparations are underway. Ashi, bewildered and surprised, decides to go to Modi’s home and tell Ramila that it is her struggle and that she would fight it alone. Chirag and Shradha arrive to the mandap prepared by Keshav, where the priest is performing some wedding-related mantras.

Shradha inquires as to what occurred. Chirag inquires about Kesari, to which Shradha responds that she sent Kesari to her friend’s home since Kesari would interrogate her if she saw mary marrying Chirag. They both walk to the mandap and sit there. The priest requests that Chirag execute a marriage ceremony. Ashi arrives and requests the priest to cease the ceremonies. She enters the home and announces that this marriage will not occur. Keshav informs her that she cannot halt this marriage.

Ashi informs him that she is legitimately married to Chirag and will thus bring a lawsuit against them for their illicit marriage. Gopika requests that the priest depart, stating that no marriage is going place. Shradha becomes irate. Ashi visits Chirag and inquires about his plans. Did he forget the affection they have for one another as well as the marriage and vows they exchanged?

Chirag informs her that he has arrived to take her home, but she refuses to accompany him.

Ashi reminds him that he has only ever visited once. She then instructs Chirag to throw Shradha out of the house, but Shradha keeps mute. As a result, Ashi plans to return to her parents’ home, but Saksham and Gopika stop her and give her a promise that they can handle the matter together. Gopika enters the room with Ashi.

Saksham informs Keshav that everyone is aware that Keshav would one day demonstrate his avarice by going to whatever lengths. He never imagined that he would descend so low. In addition, he expresses regret for what he intended to accomplish. He also informs him that he will never allow his plot to succeed. He then informs Minal that he is disappointed in her for not standing up for what is right. He tells her that she may still become a hero in Chirag if she stands up for what is right, and then he goes. Minal recognises her error and resolves to take action.

Shradha offers Keshav a last warning before leaving the area. Gopika soothes a sobbing Ashi by explaining that Chirag made this choice since, at the time, only Keshav and Shradha spoke with him. She also advises her to be courageous and to fight for her rights, and assures her that she has their support. Ashi expresses gratitude, and they embrace one another.

Ashi tosses the divorce papers and inquires who sent them. Chirag is stunned upon witnessing it. Ashi requests that Keshav and Shradha come in front of her and fight differently. Later, Keshav orders Gopika to leave the home till Chirag marries Shradha, much to Shradha’s surprise.

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