Teachers Who Discovered Amusing Techniques to Tease Their Pupils

People often say that being an educator is one of the most rewarding yet challenging jobs. Teachers need to juggle the material they teach, overbearing parents, and mischievous kids, which can be a challenging feat. But, in a true underdog fashion, some teachers have decided to take matters into their own hands and fight back with humor. Yes, you heard that right – these teachers have transformed their classrooms into comedy clubs, and their students into their unwitting audience. From fake spelling tests to prank quizzes, these teachers have proven that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

1. When A Wasp Enters The Room, Fire Is Your Only Defense

Like any sane person, this teacher thought the only way to protect his class from the wasp that flew in was to kill it with fire. That seems like a good idea, right? 

When A Wasp Enters The Room, Fire Is Your Only Defense

Luckily he didn’t burn the school down, but he probably caused the fire alarms to go off. What else was he supposed to do; it’s a wasp. 

2. Girl Look At That Body

When it was time to learn about the human body and the muscles, this teacher wanted to use visuals so her students would understand the lesson better. 

Girl Look At That Body

The students were quite shocked when she walked in, looking like someone turned her inside-out, but they will probably never forget that lesson. 

3. Take A Dive Into Education

Year after year, teachers pose for the same yearbook picture, and it can become monotonous. These teachers wanted to spice up their yearbook photos with an under-the-sea theme. 

Take A Dive Into Education

The photographer must have been very confused, but the end result was hilarious. Their students will never forget these yearbook photos. 

4. Never Fall Asleep In Class

This student decided that his history class was a good time to take a nap, but he was really wrong. Without waking him up, this teacher crawled under the sleeping student’s desk to tie his shoes together. 

Never Fall Asleep In Class

This sleeping beauty is in for a rude awakening when he tries to walk out of class. We bet he will never be caught sleeping in this class again. 

5. Storm Trooper Infiltration

In the Star Wars movies, the Stormtroopers are often useless, considering they failed to stop Luke Skywalker. However, it seems that one of them succeeded in infiltrating the school’s science department. 

Storm Trooper Infiltration

He got wrapped up in the life of a teacher, and now he had no useful information to report back to headquarters. If he stays long enough, he can get tenure. 

6. Test Anxiety Level: 1000

Most teachers are aware that exams are stressful. Students can study for weeks and then forget the information when the test is in front of them. 

Test Anxiety Level: 1000

We are sure that this sign was not helping anyone’s test anxiety. The teacher just wanted to make their students more stressed out. 

7. All The Single Papers Put Your Hands Up

One of the most irritating things for teachers is when a student doesn’t put their name on a paper. This delays them from entering grades into their system because they don’t know who the grade belongs to.

All The Single Papers Put Your Hands Up

The teacher took the wise words of Queen Bey and reminded her students that if they wanted a grade, they should have put their name on it. Hopefully, a lesson was learned. 

8. Man Dolphins To Gain Brownie Points

Many students will try to get extra points on tests by rambling on with their essays or writing funny notes. Finally, there was a teacher who appreciated the bizarre drawing a student left on their test and gave the whole class extra points. 

Man Dolphins To Gain Brownie Points

The rest of the class must have praised this student for getting an extra four points added to each grade. 

9. When You Have Given Up On Grading Student Papers

Some people start teaching as soon as they graduate college, and they don’t retire until they are in their well into their 50s or 60s. At some point, teachers get tired of grading the same paper year after year, and this teacher seems like they are ready to retire. 

When You Have Given Up On Grading Student Papers

This worked in the student’s favor because they can now ask for an A+ even if they wrote absolute nonsense. 

10. Teaching With Puns Is Always Effective

The best way to get students to remember information is with visual aids like this teacher used. Now they will remember sin b over tan b equals cos b. 

Teaching With Puns Is Always Effective

There are plenty of other pneumonic devices that teachers have used to help students retain information, but nothing is as memorable as Cos b. 

11. “I Am Your Microbiology Father”

Microbiology is not the most exciting subject, so this teacher wanted to make the class more appealing in case students were losing interest. 

"I Am Your Microbiology Father"

What is more entertaining than seeing your science teacher talk about bacteria dressed up as Darth Vader? We can’t think of anything we would like to see more. 

12. Princess Leia To The Rescue

Most schools are starting to enforce greater security measures, so teachers are required to wear show their school IDs. Brian Dennert wanted his ID picture to show off his personality so he dressed up as Princess Leia. 

Princess Leia To The Rescue

This might make it harder to identify him because he could be mistaken for the intergalactic princess with her signature buns. 

13. Quit Clowning Around

This teacher had enough of his students goofing off during his biology lessons, so he decided to give them a taste of their own clown medicine. 

Quit Clowning Around

For the entire day, he was dressed like a circus clown, and it definitely captured his student’s attention. After that, he was surely treated with the respect he deserved. 

14. Seems Like An Adequate Substitute

When a student went to find their teacher for help, they found this dummy sitting in their teacher’s office. This dummy was not going to be able to answer the student’s question, unfortunately. 

Seems Like An Adequate Substitute

The student must have been pretty freaked out to walk in on this probably, but their teacher probably got a good laugh from it. 

15. Lean With It, Rock With It

Maybe this teacher was trying to demonstrate the laws of gravity by leaning over in the most uncomfortable-looking way to help her student. 

Lean With It, Rock With It

The student looks unimpressed and like she wants her personal space back. We would also feel uncomfortable with our teacher that close. 

16. “I Drink The Tears Of My Students”

This teacher must have had enough with his student’s complaints and faces about assignments and tests, so he found a way to show them he does not care if they cry or whine. 

"I Drink The Tears Of My Students"

He put a sticker on his water bottle so his students would know he means business. Also, now they know he drinks student’s tears to stay hydrated. 

17. Christopher Walken Approved

The Oscar-winning actor who is known for his comedic voice is not the only one forbidden from walking into the principal’s office unannounced. You need an appointment because Walkens are not allowed. 

Christopher Walken Approved

It doesn’t matter how famous you are; the principal will only see you when you have made an appointment to meet. So, unless you want to be met by the stern face of Christopher Walken, you should schedule an appointment. 

18. Merry X-Mas, Here’s Some Math Homework

When it comes time for winter break, students cannot wait to have time off from school, so they are barely paying attention in class. Teachers are also excited for some time off, so everyone is lacking the motivation to continue learning. 

Merry X-Mas, Here's Some Math Homework

Instead of teaching his regular math lesson, this teacher incorporated Christmas because it was on everyone’s minds. He also added a Santa hat to enforce the lesson. 

19. Even Grumpy Cat Was A Fan Of Math

Having a good sense of humor is a way for students to respect you and appreciate your teaching style. The teacher knows that math can be complicated for some students, so she decorates her classroom with comical posters about math. 

Even Grumpy Cat Was A Fan Of Math

She wanted to make students laugh while reminding them that she loves math. Grumpy Cat is the perfect face to set the mood for a math classroom. 

20. When History Teachers Take Their Job Very Seriously

If you thought you were dedicated to your job, you have not met this man. This history teacher takes his job seriously and put the maximum amount of effort into his yearbook photo. 

When History Teachers Take Their Job Very Seriously

He wanted to make sure his photo looked like an authentic image from the Civil War with a stern look to match. 

21. Physics And Star Wars Go Hand-In-Hand

When you apply to be an art teacher, but the only position open is in the physics department, so you try and combine your talents. 

Physics And Star Wars Go Hand-In-Hand

It is a shame the janitor is going to erase this at the end of the day because it took a while to draw. Like Cos B, this is another way the teacher used an image to help students remember information. 

22. Trolling Her Teachers Who Said She Couldn’t Do It

This woman wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl, but her teachers told her she would never graduate college. 

Trolling Her Teachers Who Said She Couldn't Do It

Despite what her teachers said, she went onto get her masters in education and became a teacher. That will show her previous educators never to doubt the abilities of their students. 

23. Those Who Can’t Draw, Teach

They say those who can’t teach are gym teachers, and now those who can’t draw are English teachers. The teacher explained that he wanted to draw a hammer and nail to say she “nailed it,” but his artistic abilities are limited. 

Those Who Can't Draw, Teach

This student was happy to see that she got an A+, and she got a good laugh as a bonus. Her teacher deserves a 100 for his sense of humor. 

24. You Shall Not Pass

Plagiarism is not a laughing matter, and getting an F on a paper makes things even worse. Gandalf was not a fan, and neither is this teacher who quickly realized that this paper was stolen from a professional film critic. 

You Shall Not Pass

If you are going to use someone else’s ideas, make sure it is not someone who was named critic of the year and has their work published on well-known websites like The Guardian​. 

25. Only Mozart Has Permission To Play Freely

Everyone knows the classic music teacher stereotype. They are eccentric, loud, and are very protective of their instruments and classroom. This music teacher is very protective of their piano. 

Only Mozart Has Permission To Play Freely

Unless you are the world-famous dead composer Mozart, do not even think about touching those ivories without permission. 

26. Game Of Spoilers

Some teachers make headlines for their outstanding work as educators, and others make headlines for odd teaching methods like this one. 

Game Of Spoilers

The teacher threatened to spoil Game of Thrones if students did not behave. If you are a fan of the show, you know that this would ruin it for you. 

27. The Bermuda Triangle Award Goes To…

Students come up with a variety of excuses to get out of doing their homework like the classic “my dog ate it.” This teacher had one student who “lost” so many of the homework assignments that she decided to give him a special award. 

The Bermuda Triangle Award Goes To...

Things seem to go missing in the Bermuda Triangle, so that is where his homework must have gone. How many homework did he need to lose to win this award? 

28. Bad (Chemical) Romance

Back in 2009, Lady Gaga released her single “Bad Romance,” and this science teacher used elements from the periodic table to recreate the opening lyrics of the song. 

Bad (Chemical) Romance

That’s one way to get students to remember the material, and make sure that “Bad Romance” is stuck in their heads for weeks to come. 

29. Wall Of Shame

Some students will repeat the same mistake over and over again because there are no consequences for their actions. This teacher wanted to change that idea. 

Wall Of Shame

This teacher created the “wall of shame,” so her students would have to be publicly shamed anytime they did something wrong in class. They won’t be making those mistakes again. 

30. World’s Best Teacher

When Cal Tefler was asked to answer some questions for the yearbook, he thought, “Why blend in when I can stand out.”  He was not going to answer these questions honestly, but with creative responses. Take a look at why he chose RCHK. 

World's Best Teacher

This is the kind of English teacher everyone wanted because people need to be reminded that teachers also have a sense of humor. 

31. When Your Phone Gets Taken Away And The Teachers Change Your Lock Screen

If you are going to be the teacher that takes student’s phones away, you might as well make a joke out of it. This teacher got other staff members in on the joke and changed the student’s phone background. 

When Your Phone Gets Taken Away And The Teachers Change Your Lock Screen

After not having their phone for hours, any student would be overjoyed to see their teacher’s faces when they turn on their phone. 

32. Titanic Science Homework

In the famous scene from Titanic, Rose says to Jack, “Paint me like one of your french girls” while she lies in this precarious position. Well, this science teacher gave this for homework, and it is safe to say they know how to make learning fun. 

Titanic Science Homework

Now every time these students think of the bones, they will automatically think of Titanic​. 

33. Forget A Pencil And You Get Bieber Fever

This teacher found a way to make sure her students don’t forget writing utensils when they come to her class. Being a fan of Justin Bieber is ok, but having pencils that say “I Heart Justin Bieber” can be quite embarrassing, especially for male students. 

Forget A Pencil And You Get Bieber Fever

Whenever her students would ask for a pencil, she would give them a Justin Bieber one to embarrass them. We wouldn’t mind getting free Justin Bieber pencils, to be honest. 

34. Trying To Maintain A Professorial Vibe

When teachers are absent, a substitute is usually there to take over the class for the day. Otherwise, the class would run wild and free without an authoritative figure. 

Trying To Maintain A Professorial Vibe

This teacher could not be in class, and despite having a substitute, she wanted her students to know that she was still professional and professorial. 

35. Best And Worst Homework Ever Given

Some teachers seem to enjoy giving difficult homework out of spite, but most people don’t realize whatever they give, they have to grade, so it is just as much work for them. 

Best And Worst Homework Ever Given

This teacher decided to give out a laundry list of homework that she wouldn’t have to check, and we are curious if any of the students tried to do one of these assignments. 

36. Gandalf Has Allowed You To Enter The Corridor

While Gandalf is better known for saying, “You shall not pass,” however, things have changed. When it comes to hall passes for high school students, Gandalf will allow you to roam the halls. 

Gandalf Has Allowed You To Enter The Corridor

This teacher knows that hall passes are pointless, and no one is going to believe that this student can travel from the Shire to Mordor within the allotted time he has in the corridor. 

37. There’s A Snake In My Class

What’s the point of taking the same annual boring faculty yearbook picture when you can switch things up and have some fun. This trio of teachers thought it would be funny to have their photos connect. 

There's A Snake In My Class

Their joint effort paid off, but maybe there is some underlying drama among the staff that we don’t know about or was it all in good fun. 

38. All Of The Above

No one likes a pop quiz or an exam that weighs heavily on their grade. This teacher knew that students would be upset about the pop quiz, so he included a question that everyone should have gotten correct. 

All Of The Above

Hopefully, all his students got this question right, and if they didn’t he could tell them they got “Rick Rolled.” 

39. Bribery At It’s Finest

When parents come in for an open house meeting, teachers might not have the best things to say about their students. This teacher, however, found a way to make money and please his students. 

Bribery At It's Finest

He gave his class the option to pay him so that he would compliment them to their parents. That seems like a good idea or a fireable offense. 

40. Talk To The Trash Can Because The Teacher Doesn’t Want To Hear It

Many people forget how much work teachers have to do. They grade papers, create assignments, and teach lessons, all while having to stick to strict deadlines. When students turn in late assignments, it delays the whole grading process giving them more work to do. 

Talk To The Trash Can Because The Teacher Doesn't Want To Hear It

This teacher wanted her students to know she has a strict policy with late assignments. They will go in the trash even if you try to hand them in with an excuse. 

41. So You Wanna Talk About Mother?!

While physics isn’t the most exciting subject for most students, this teacher wanted to grab his student’s attention during their test. 

So You Wanna Talk About Mother?!

Instead of using a regular test question, this teacher combined science with a “Yo mama” joke so students could get a laugh while stressing about their exams. 

42. Everyone Loves A Good Science Joke

Sometimes, it is easy to make a teacher laugh and get a few extra points on a test for having a sense of humor. This teacher certainly got a kick out of the joke his student left on his exam. 

Everyone Loves A Good Science Joke

Not only did he do the assignment correctly, but he also left a joke that only a science teacher could love. 

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