Swaran Ghar 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Vikram Hurts Swaran

Swaran Ghar 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Swaran Ghar 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Swaran Ghar Written Update

Vikram accuses Swaran of cheating on Ajit in the first scene of the Episode. He claims that his father’s death was due to this fact. Incredibly, Swaran is stunned. Bebe is out cold.

They all gathered around her. The picture wasn’t necessary, according to Kiran. As far as I’m concerned, no one can disagree that Nimmo has done the right thing. As soon as Vikram arrives, he asks what you’ve said. Kiran claims she intended for Bebe’s issues to be resolved. He receives a call from the doctor. He tells Kiran to be careful.

I get the impression that Kiran is concerned about Bebe. According to Nimmo, they should know what we desire. Isn’t your mother in terrible shape? Nakul wonders if you’re not humiliated. Kiran counters with an argument and a dismissal of his insignificance. Despite her assertions to the contrary, I do care about what happens to Aarav in the future.

Nimmo claims that there is already a lot of tension in the air. There’s a disagreement between Kiran and myself. As soon as the doctor determines that Bebe has suffered from a panic episode rather than a heart attack, she should be monitored closely. Ajit and I had played Ram and Sita in a Ramleela play, there was no marriage, and we had nothing in common. Swaran claims he’ll tell you everything. Nimmo asks her not to tell a falsehood. Swaran is told to quit lying by Vikram.

What will you do for money? You filed the complaint against me and called Bebe here. Swaran says you’ve changed, but truly, what would you do for money? He believes you’re to blame for her heart attack, but that photo isn’t of Ramleela; it’s of you and your husband, and I have a witness to back him up. She tells him off. She inquires as to how you came to be so shameless.

He says he got it from you. Naseeruddin urges him to put an end to it. He claims you’re having a good time with someone new and that you’re calling me shameless because you’ve found a new lover since your father departed. She smacks him in a fit of rage. Ajit appears. Bebe comes to her senses. As a result, she snaps at Swaran for slapping Vikram.

Swaran sheds a tear. Kanwal, according to Bebe, will not be pleased to see my grandsons in such distress. Bebe is told to relax by Vikram. Bebe rises from her slumber. If anything occurs to you, Swaran says to rest. I’ll take care of everything, says Bebe. Meet Micky and others on Bebe’s first outing!

She promises to get things back to normal. She puts mud on Swaran’s name with a handful of muck in her hand. She claims that this is no more Swaran ghar.

Swaran is asked to leave by her. Despite what Ajit claims, I promised Kanwal that his soul would be wounded. She is chastised. He tells you that marriage would be a joke for you since you made your mother and son’s relationship a joke.

He begs Bebe to keep the girls at home. Bebe claims that nothing can happen at this point because Swaran has already said that he would not be staying here. Bebe enters the home and locks the gate behind her.

When Swaran intervenes, she tells her that she had told Kanwal that she would die in this house and that she could not violate the vow to him. In Yug’s opinion, Bebe can’t do it. Vikram warns him not to make fun of Bebe. Yug asserts that I have maintained mum’s esteem. According to Vikram, your mother would have offered to include a bequest in your will if you agreed to do so.

Yug tells you that money and property are important to him. Vikram claims that she is also his mother. They get into a shouting match. Swaran is pushed around. Micky hits Vikram in the face in a fit of rage. He gets irritated. We are fortunate because she is our mother, and she wonders how you can raise your hand to our mother. You are unfortunate that you do not see her as a mother.

Ajit is captivated by what he sees. Bebe wonders aloud whether anyone has anything to add. Swaran explains the situation as best he can. You know, Swaran and I were Ram and Sita, so Ajit says I’m also in the picture. Let me tell you, there’s nothing else. Vikram claims I can show it’s their wedding photo, and I am prepared to do so. He is asked by Bebe to respond. Vikram claims that the problem will never be resolved.

Kiran agrees with Vikram. Nakul agrees with him. It is Swaran’s promise that I shall establish my innocence and that I will never leave this house. Bebe says that’s OK; you’re welcome to remain till that’s proven. Ajit is captivated by what he sees. “Your baraat won’t remain here,” Bebe insists. It’s as though Swaran is observing them. “There will be no tolerance for outside girls bullying my grandkids,” says Bebe.

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