Swaran Ghar 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Ajit Comes Out Of Coma

Swaran Ghar 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Swaran Ghar 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with Devi telling Ajit to get up and cook for her. She tells him to wake up for it. Amber arrives disguised as a nurse. The goddess goes out talking to Param on the call. Amber closed the door. She runs a recording of Sawaran for Ajit. The goddess comes and asks if there was a check up.

Amber says the doctor has called you out, he can’t come here, he has to talk about your father. Divi goes. Ajit listened to the recording of Sawaran. She tells him to get up, he has to fight her, he has to scold her, they will see who wins. He remembers his childhood. She says I always need your help, you helped me unknowingly that day, you made offerings that day and in return I gave you a bracelet, just get up.

Ajit remembered the rider and waved his hand. The goddess comes. He says rider. Amber removes ear plugs. Her phone falls off. The goddess heard the voice of the rider. Amber told him to call the doctor, Ajit shook his hand. Amber takes a picture of herself and leaves. Ajit opened his eyes.

Nelo says that Ajit regained consciousness because of you, the doctor and his children could not wake him. Thank you Lord Soran. “It was just a matter of time,” she says. “I will go and thank the Lord.” She calls them out and says that Ajit has regained consciousness.

She goes to undress. Amber says Ajit is fine. Ashu meets him and says I love you very much, I will call Kiran from your phone, Kiran scolded me. Amber asked are you serious? He says oh no, rider, just go to him. He checks the phone. Amber hugs the rider and says that Ajit has regained consciousness. The rider says your idea worked.

Amber says I’ll be right back. Asho returns the phone and it works. The rider is sitting in the gurdwara and praying to give thanks to the Lord. “I saw you very scared yesterday. You must have been scared even at father’s time. You were alone.

We did not answer your call. I am very sorry.” She cries He says I got angry with Ajit, who is he? Swaran says he is my childhood friend, we grew up together, we went to school, we fought, I know what you want to know, I am sitting here and I will not lie, will you listen to me ۔ Nicole beats Vikram and scolds him. Vikram says I did not blow up the dhaba, I can not kill anyone, you are just disappointed. he goes.

Mickey sees Nicole injured and helps. He says there is no need. She says it is needed, the incurable wound hurts forever, you are expressing frustration, tell Kiran that you have no work, she will understand you after knowing the truth. He says there is no such thing. “I felt that way,” she says.

The rider tells Yogi about Ajit and his childhood, Kanwal knew about them. Yoga says that Kanwal must have asked you to stay with him after your friend left. The goddess fed Ajit roses. Ankita remembered the rider. Ajit asks did you tell everyone?

He says yes Yoga asks if Ajit will take his father’s place. The rider says never. “I want to ask you more than life, forgiveness and sweets,” says Yoga. The rider hugged him and said I will give it to you both. He says I promise, I will not let anything go wrong with you. Divi says you need rest. The doctor says she is fine, you need rest. Ajit asks did the rider come here? “I heard his voice,” he says.

The doctor told her not to talk too much. The rider thinks of Ajit and wakes up. She worries and prays for him. Ajit is drowning. The doctor says we have to shift it, we don’t have the proper equipment, get to the city hospital, I will talk to the senior doctor. Jai and Devi cry for victory. The rider left the house. She walks in a procession and prays. Ajit is taken to the ambulance. She prays that nothing bad will happen to Ajit. She faints.

People attend it. They stop the ambulance. They took the rider to the ambulance. The rider is also taken to the same ambulance. Ajit’s heart beats steadily. The nurse says her heartbeat suddenly stopped.

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