Swaran Ghar 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Swaran Ghar 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Swaran Ghar 26 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with the rider worrying about Ajit. They all took Ajit to the hospital. The goddess comes and stops the rider. She says the family will go along, no one outside. The rider is watching. The ambulance leaves. Yoga says I’ll take you to the hospital, come on. Mickey says we should go there. The rider says no, I don’t want to go to the hospital, I have to go somewhere.

He always stood by you, don’t leave him alone in need. Ajit thought of riding. It is taken inside the OT. The rider goes to the gurdwara, and thinks of Ajit. Sikhi told the nurse not to remove the bracelet, it was Matrani’s kindness. The riders reach the gurdwara and pray for victory. She remembers Ajit’s promise to Kanwal and his support.

She says what I told her. She cries and prays. She says fix Ajit, don’t punish him. Divi is treated in OT. The rider cooks at the gurdwara. She washes the dishes. Divi faints. Jai and Ankat grabbed him. Shoro called Soren that I have reached the hospital, Ajit had a heart attack, doctors are shaking him. The rider was shocked. She goes back to the gurdwara and prays.

She begs and says don’t punish Ajit for what I said, protect him. The doctor tries to revive Ajit. Ajit starts breathing. The rider’s phone rang. Shorori says Ajit is out of danger, the operation went well. The rider comes to the hospital. She meets Shorori. “I lost everything here,” she says. Jai thanked the riders for saving Ajit on time. The doctor asked Jaya to bring medicine.

The rider asks how is Ajit? The doctor says that Ajit struggled for his life, he has a head injury, he is not conscious, he has gone into a coma. They are all shocked. The doctor says that the next 12 hours, it will be better if he regains consciousness, otherwise Ankita goes to tell Devi. Jai says if Abba does not come to his senses then the rider says no, he will not lose, he will get up.

She comforts him. They cry Amber says we will try to talk to Ajit, maybe he will come out of coma. The rider says it happens, he will listen to us. She tells them all to go and talk to Ajit. The goddess comes. She says you are not our family. The rider says I know you’re upset, get some water.

The goddess threw water and said that I will not take any offering from your hand. Swaran says ok, I went to the gurdwara and prayed for Ajit, he will be fine. Divi really asks. She tells Jaya not to stop him. “I will prove wrong,” she says. She scolds the rider. She cries and says Ajit is in a coma, just go. Gee hugged him.

The goddess says that the rider does not want good for us, someone’s curse affects more than a hundred blessings, nothing good is happening with Ajit, it is because of the rider, I do not want the rider to cast his shadow on it.

Jai takes the goddess. Ankita said sorry. The rider offers. Sikhi says that the rider had given the bracelet to Ajit, today the rider saw the bracelet and found Ajit, otherwise Ajit would not have been saved. Inkita goes.

The rider remembers. Shorori says that this means that Ajit had sent Prasad for Arau. “Ajit helped me unknowingly, I can’t do anything for him. If I can’t help him, why should I stay here and disturb his children?” Ajit is brought on a stretcher.

The rider left. Vikram and Karan asked the lawyer to go. They saw the riders coming and hid. The rider comes home. Nelo asked her to take something. Mickey says there are only 11 hours left. The rider is under pressure. She tries to clean things up and arrange the room. Mickey tells her to at least drink milk. The rider removes the decoration.

She sees the time. She goes to the picture of the lotus and cries. In the morning, Shorori asked the rider to have some tea. “I don’t like messy things,” says Swaran. “You’ve been cleaning up all night,” Mickey said. Swaran says that with only 2 hours left, Ajit is still in a coma. Mickey asks her to meet Ajit, maybe he hears her voice and comes out of coma.

Nehmat says that Divya will make a scene. Amber got a call from Kiran. Shorori asked the rider to go and meet Ajit. Swaran says Jai and Divya lost their mother, I can’t stand that I will meet Ajit, it’s my fault, I told her to leave. The goddess cries and talks to Ajit. She tells Ajit to get up.

She watches time go by. She cries and tells him to get up for her. They all cry Amber argues with Nemo and Kiran. “I can’t see the rider in any trouble,” she says. Kiran says I know but try to understand. She tells Amber to just send her recording to Ajit, who is in a coma. Kiran sends it. Nemo says Amber might not help us.

Kiran smiled. Swaran says it’s less than 2 hours now, Jai should have called by now. Shorori says go and see. The phone rang. The rider finds the phone. She says it is a call of life. She asks if Ajit regained consciousness. Jay says no, he is still in a coma, pray he recovers.

She says i will “I don’t understand,” she says. She prays Amber says Ajit can hear the recording of your voice, if you can’t go there. Shorori asks how we will send the recording. Amber says leave me alone I will take care of you.