Swaran Ghar 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Swaran Forgives Nakul

Swaran Ghar 1st June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Swaran Ghar 1 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Swaran begins the episode by sobbing and holding Kanwal’s shawl. Neelu arrives and inquires as to what transpired and if Vikram said anything. Swaran claims that Bebe couldn’t say anything, so she terminated the phone; it’s a tremendous pain for her; Vikram is against me; he’s bringing a lawsuit against me; he may win, but what would he get if he wins?

This home. Divi inquires whether you intend to meet Swaran. Ajit replies no, why will I go, she slapped you, you have done something to cause people to mistrust you, Swaran did something wrong, she should be punished, and we will make a police report.

Divi is concerned. Parents, according to Neelu, can bear everything except their children’s absence. Swaran speculates that Ajit’s fear was the reason he believed Divi. She tells Neelu that she has to go to work. Ajit will be injured, she claims, since Divi lied. I’ll submit a report, according to Ajit. I didn’t feel awful, according to Divi. Jai and Ankita have arrived. Jai inquires as to why you seem concerned. Swaran allegedly slapped Divi, according to Ajit.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing, Jai says. Divi claims that submitting a report will be unusual. Come with me to Swaran ghar, Ajit says, and I’ll make her apologise to you. She tells me not to drag this out. Jai inquires as to why you informed your father. Ajit tells Divi not to be afraid and to come. I don’t want to come, Divi says.

Ajit inquires as to why. She claims she didn’t smack me because she didn’t slap me. She sobs. Ajit claims that you showed me the film, that you are afraid, and that you are expressing your fear. Divi claims that I created and edited the video in that manner. You lied, according to Ankita. Ajit says, “I knew it, Divi’s left cheek was red in the hospital, and now her red cheek, why did you do this?”

Ajit says, “I knew it, Divi’s left cheek was red in the hospital, and now her red cheek, why did you do this?” Divi states, “I can’t imagine my part of affection being split,” implying that you are more concerned with someone else than with me. She tears as she embraces him. He claims that although you speak about love and caring, your heart is full with uncertainty. Yes, Jai responds, I had some reservations before, but after Dad told me everything, I no longer had any. My family, according to Ajit, is everything. He accompanies me and Divi.

Micky tells Neelima about one-sided love, how it’s a business, how taking isn’t everything and how giving is as important, and how Swaran’s boys won’t get it. When she turns around, she sees Nakul. She leaves. Nakul explains that if she can be so concerned for Swaran as a stranger, how can she leave mother alone? He leaves. Kiran stands by and observes. Ajit displays Kanwal’s note, which he left before his death, stating that he knew his sons were worthless and that he would not look after Swaran.

He goes over Kanwal’s letter and reads it. Divi is upset and sobs. After Kanwal’s death, Swaran’s son broke her down, I felt fortunate that my children could never cheat me and leave me alone, it was only an illusion, I didn’t accept that you accused Swaran, I’m wounded and humiliated.

Divi apologises. I will do anything you say, you tell me what to do, I will break the vow to Kanwal, Swaran is my childhood friend, she wasn’t at fault, she heard the scolding, should I abandon her, or become Divi’s ideal parent, who is a man of morals, tell me. Swaran is concerned and dials Bebe’s number.

Her phone vibrates. Swaran instructs Neelu to charge the phone. She is on the verge of being electrocuted. Nakul intervenes and brings her to a halt. If anything occurred to you, he asks where your concentration is… Then she inquires. He claims that he would not have forgiven himself, that he is sorry for his faults, that your heart is extremely huge, and that he would apologise to you for any mistake he does.

He expresses regret. She wraps her arms around him. He claims Bebe would have been irritated by you. She claims she was unable to speak. Nirmal inquires as to why you are travelling to India. I couldn’t speak to Swaran, Bebe says, but Vikram, I have to leave, I’m OK. Nirmal promises that we will speak with Swaran as soon as possible.

Bebe promises that I will go there and surprise everyone, particularly Kanwal. Nirmal requests that she wait. Nakul claims that all he wants is his mother. I’m there, Swaran says. He claims that he had grown selfish and had forgotten about your anguish, but that now that he is in agony, he can see your pain. She inquires as to what transpired. I’m sorry, he says.

She invites him to sit and drink some water before telling him what occurred. He sobs and adds, “I lost my job, I don’t know what to do, I’m breaking,” adding, “Only you can rescue me, but you’re not with me.” She says no, but I agree with her. She recalls how she helped him see his error. She claims that she has done the same thing today, that she can’t stay away from you three, and that her love for you all will never be diminished.

He claims that everything would have been great if I hadn’t heard Kiran. Vikram adds, “Let Swaran shed happy tears with Nakul; her tears will now be sorrowful,” because “I have something great planned.” Is it connected to the court case, Kiran inquires? He claims that the court matter is more important, and that a lawyer is managing it. When Yug learns this, he proceeds to take a call. It will be a blast, according to Vikram, since it is tied to Mum’s life. He chuckles.

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