Spy Bahu 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sejal Recognizes Farid

Spy Bahu 9th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Spy Bahu 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Spy Bahu Written Update

A SMS message is delivered to the terrorist. As long as Sejal is receiving signals, why can’t we? According to the management, they have a computer specialist on staff. The old lady claims that he was unable to take his medication today. To which Yohan replies, “get me water.” He should be taking cardiac medication. He claims that he is doomed to die. Yohn tells me to carry some water with me.

There’s water on the table, and Sejal notices it. It’s not long until Saras learns about the motel. Even Arun is aware of the news. Saras is thinking of those who are stranded. She says Saras. She mentions that I’m taking medication. He claims that you took it. Now that your fever has subsided, I’ll prepare you some rice in the style of Sejal. Veera recommends that we travel via car.

There are no planes flying. Aarun predicts that they will have checked out of the hotel by the time we arrive. Everything is going to be well. You want me to continue to sit here? It’s a safe place for our children. He claims that Kamal will not allow anything to go wrong. Everyone is going to be okay. Yohan receives a water bottle from Sejal, who has snuck up on him and taken it off the table without being noticed.

Once the elderly guy has it, he goes on with his day and takes his medication. Yohan asks Sejal what would happen if they were to shoot her. Sejal tells me to have a look at my uncle’s current state. What do you want to know about me? Who made the final decision to marry me? As Drishti sees it, she isn’t a nasty person at all. Because of the manner you wed Yohan, I was enraged. Thank you for saving my life and the lives of everyone else.

Use this map to find our way in, says SK. We have the ability to eliminate them. If I asked you anything, would you tell the truth? Sejal inquires about Yohan. He claims, “When I’ve asked you about this marriage, you’ve always lied to me.” Contrary to popular belief, though, I am not the same as the rest of you.

What is it you’d want to know? To be clear, I’ve provided evidence to back up my claims, and I want to hear from you. He is the brains behind this terrorist strike. Mahira’s mother is inconsolable. Her contractions begin. Sejal insists that she be taken to the hospital. Is there any medical professional present, as Yohan inquires? Yes, a nurse confirms. Mahira sheds a tear. In Sejal’s words, we’re obligated to aid her.

They claim that if we murdered her, the problem would be solved. How can you kill an unborn child? Yohan asks. Farid tells you to stop talking. He says we’ll get it done for Sejal. We’ll take care of her birth right here on the spot. Mahira begs Farid, her uncle, to allow her to take her little brother home. Mahira is my name. If you’re doing it here, he’ll tell you to go ahead and do it.

Behind the curtain, Sejal and the nurse are attempting to deliver the baby. SK is the number Sejal dials. No need to worry, Sejal tells Mahira’s mother, we’re all here in the lobby to support you. SK says to the cops: There are no hostages in the lobby, and no one is going to shoot at them. “Yohan, please bring hot water,” adds Sejal. Make sure the pot is clean before using it.

The latch on the wood rear door is rusty. The left lobby door is located on the left side of the building’s original construction. All the cops listen intently while SK gives orders. In Farid’s words, hurry up! According to Sejal, the baby is a male. Mahira was given a sibling.

Sejal claims that she is not in good health. This woman needs to go. Fard predicts that nobody will leave the hotel, and he’s right. Intruders made their way inside. According to the man, there are forces at work inside Farid’s guy. “Start firing them,” he commands.

A shot will be fired by Farid at Sejal. Yohan slams his fist into him. Despite Sejal’s best efforts, Mahira’s mother appears to be asleep. We’re welcomed inside by SK and his men. Yohan pursues Farid on foot. Sejal instructs SK to transport the woman to the nearest hospital. Yohan is nowhere to be seen. Sejal is also asked to leave by SK. It is her promise that I will not leave her side until I have found him.

Yohan has Farid in his grasp. Farid flees just as he’s ready to remove his disguise. Yohan threatens to shoot if you don’t stop. It’s time to give up. I’m sure you were the brains behind it all. Sejal also makes an appearance. Yohan gets killed by a terrorist. Smothered by Sejal’s punches, he is led into the chamber. “Why didn’t you shoot him?” asks Sejal Yohan. Which side of the argument are you on, then? Terrorists? Shocked, Yohan reacts.

A terrorist interrupts the game and declares it over. But what if Yohan is right and we are shot? You’ll be found out. He claims that we are willing to die for what we believe in. God has a plan for us.

Does anybody you know offer this kind of guarantee?

In the hereafter, murder will not be enough to bring you there. No, I don’t know anyone who was there. I’ve met numerous young people like you who have been indoctrinated with anti-Semitism from an early age. I’m sure your boss told you that your parents were going to get some money. Because he has no interest in you, your loved ones, or even your own afterlife.

Those that despise you use you as a tool. Surrendering and having a wonderful life are still possible. Your siblings and friends are in danger. The cops might need your help. Sejal’s reaction is one of disbelief. Yohan commands that you pay attention to what he has to say. I’m here to help. I’ve rescued a lot of kids in your position.

Who were deceived and subsequently lost their way? I’ll assist you in obtaining a college education, locating funding, locating family members, escaping prison, and locating a job. Let go of this weapon. Sejal’s reaction is one of disbelief. In order to protect your family, Yohan asks that you voluntarily give up your life for them. He puts down the weapon. Farid shoots him in the chest. Sejal lets out a shriek.

If what Farid claims is correct, then you two were assisting the hostages. When we first met, I should have slain you. After this, Azadi’s mission would be over. In the next few seconds, he is going to shoot them. In the mirror, Sejal notices the scar on his hand.

She says Farid bhai to Farid bhai… Farid’s reaction is one of disbelief. Yohan is killed by Farid. Seen as a threat, he approaches Sjea. He shoots him in the chest with Farid. Sejal lets out a shriek.

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