Spy Bahu 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Terrorists Kill A Lot Of People In The Hotel

Spy Bahu 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Spy Bahu 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Spy Bahu Written Update

Sejal is on edge because he’s afraid. She tells me I need to have courage. I have to save everyone here. As she prays, she sneaks out of her room. Sejal! Go down the steps! The attack was covered by the media. Mom, are we going to die? Mahira inquires.

Her mother says no. Sejal searches the surrounding area, but Yohan is nowhere to be found.Everywhere Yohan looks, he sees people dead. The terrorists are heading towards Drishti’s chamber, as Sejal notices. The door is blasted. Sejal’s reaction is one of disbelief. The more cops you contact, the more people we’ll kill, explains SK, who plays the terrorist in the released video.

Let prisoner number 240 go, and we need a helicopter immediately. If you don’t depart by 7, no one will be left alive. Ahmed Ansari is 240, according to SK. There have been at least ten attacks by him in the past. We are unable to free him. Drishti uses her phone to get in touch with Yohan and Abhi.

She is thrown to the ground. Mahir’s face is clearly seen in Yohan’s vision. He inquires as to the well-being of your mother. He can feel her suffering. They are taken to a private area by Yohan. Terrorists will not enter Drishti’s chamber if Sejal destroys a vase as a distraction.

If you’re Drishti, please get up, Sejal pleads as she enters her chamber. She moves her to a different part of the room. Yohan instructs Mahir and her mother to remain in the room. Drishti’s room is invaded by terrorists. Sejal and Drishti have been concealed behind the door. Terrorists can see them.

In Sejal’s words, we have given up. Please don’t murder us. Please. We’ll follow through on what you say. Room spray is put in Sejal’s eyes and he runs. Drishti and Sejal are locked in a bathroom. Drishti claims that if you hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t be here.

Sejal cradles her. What should I do to prove that her brother was behind all of this? She asks. Sejal and Drishti are the targets of the terrorists. Breaking the restroom door is what they’re attempting to accomplish. Drishti is frightened, to put it mildly. They’re here. The cylinder is Yohan’s weapon of choice.

The terrorist collapses on the ground. Drishti embraces Yohan. She’s taken aback. He claims Drishti threatened to shoot me. Sejal rescued me from certain death. Yohan inquires about Sejal’s well-being. Sejal doesn’t understand why he is playing against his own people to keep from being found out.

Scene 2: The Night Watchman enlists the help of a friend to look after his little kid. He assures me that I will go out and save lives. He grabs his rifle and heads out. A superhero, in his son’s eyes.

He and his officers discuss their next move. Inquiring minds want to know if Yohan is faking it or if he’s not even there. Yohan inquires about Aleesha and Mr. and Mrs. Shah. As I was leaving the hotel, Drishti claimed to have spotted me.

Abhi’s whereabouts are unknown. Farid tells SK that the government in your country is providing for our needs. You’re going to have to pay for this now. Since Aleesha has been tied, they’ve informed us that we may begin shooting at seven o’clock.

Everything will be disposed of in a fire. As a result, Aleesha feels nervous. “It’ll be alright,” Sejal assures him. It’s Yohan’s belief that he should be doing something to help others. He works for the police department. Aleesha was hurriedly descending the steps.

She was apprehended by the terrorists. She told him not to fire. In my family, my father serves as a pastor. Please let me leave. He has a lot of money to spare. Farid arrived and claimed that, unlike others, we would not murder you. From here, you have options. It was Aleesha’s pleasure. She was getting ready to go. They tied her up with a black cloth. It was Farid’s promise that we would use her as a key.

Drishti is trapped in the same store as Sejal and Yohan. Inquiring minds want to know whether there is a way out. He confirms that there is one door, but it is secured. Yohan expects me to do it. He wants Sejal to join him in hiding there.

She promises to accompany you. Drishti has a word of caution for you. Drishti lurks in the bowels. Is he going to inform them about the door, as Sejal says in his heart? Her hand is held by Yohan.

Tanhaji claims that we are short on time. Their requests should be accepted whether Farid believes that the life of the minister’s daughter is more precious. Send Kamal Kapoor a link to this video.

Assemble everyone in the lecture hall. Sejal and Yohan make their way to the front entrance. Sejal is saved by Yohan. Sejal has her eyes on him. Our government will topple if we don’t save Kapoor’s daughter, the PM tells SK. More people need to be saved. Let Ansari go, please. SK tells me that I can’t just give up on this.

Both Sejal and Yohan have caught a glimpse of the hidden entrance. Yohan may hear Drishti’s screams. They’re all brought in by the terrorists. Yohan and Sejal are taken aback by the situation. Everyone had gathered in the entrance hall.

Yohan is embraced by Drishti. In front of her, Sejal sees a slew of bodies. Everybody looks at Yohan. They’re all told to sit down by the terrorists. Suddenly, everyone is on edge. When he says we’ll murder everybody who moves, he really means it.

Drishti weeps and tells Abhi she hopes he’s well. Maybe I won’t see you ever again. Farid’s face is covered as he arrives. She gives him a curious glance. Farid claims that your life is worthless, but killing you is not our goal. Our goal is to satisfy our requests.

Don’t even move from this spot. According to SK, I am on the hotel’s map. Drishti informs the expectant mother that her spouse is a police officer. We can trust him to save us from ourselves. The elderly man tells me that he wishes he hadn’t come to this place.

His wife claims that they will both die in the same way. In an effort to go back to work, Sejal tries to use her cell phone. How should I inform SK about the back door? She asks. She is seen by the terrorist who says, “Your game is done.”

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