Spy Bahu 29th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Spy Bahu Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Spy Bahu 28 September 2022 Written Episode Update on tellyepisode.com

Spy Bahu Written Update

Judge asks Yohan to undertake cross examination before the episode even begins. Judge receives certain documents from Yohan. The judge orders him to continue. Yohan enquires about Gopal’s pay from the waitress. Shabnam claims that the query is irrelevant. Yohan claims that you will realise it is important. Gopal is questioned about his pay. 12000, says Gopal. Yohan queries whether you borrow money to cover the costs.

Gopal rejects it. Yohan inquires as to the source of the $50,000 that was deposited to your account. Gopal claims that he would refund it since it could have accidentally entered my account. Yohan claims that his claim cannot be believed. Ahana questions why Arbaaz put money into the waiter’s account. The judge announces that the case hearing will take place tomorrow. Ahana, according to Shabnam, will disclose the perilous episode that involved her, and the offender will be punished.

Yohan praises Sejal and remarks that we would have lost the case if Sejal hadn’t obtained the waiter’s bank statement. We were unable to notice anything, claims Sejal. She then has an idea and inquires of Yohan as to why Ahana needed two hours to go to the PS. She describes her activities throughout those two hours. According to her, CCTV video will reveal her. She informs SK she needs CCTV video of a certain route when she calls.

The judge instructs Shabnam to begin the case hearing the following day. For the case hearing, Shabnam summons Ahana. Yohan wonders whether Sejal is in danger. When Shalini tries to contact her, she is unable to do so. Ahana enters the witness stand. Shabnam requests that Ahana inform the court of all that has occurred to her. I went to see Yohan at the hotel because he had promised to free me from Veera’s control, but Ahana claims it was only an excuse. She moves after acting. Do you wish to conduct cross-examination, the judge asks? Yohan considers what to question her without providing any evidence. Ahana beams.

The judge claims that this is your last opportunity to establish your innocence. Yohan responds, “No, I can’t present any evidence.” According to the Court, Yohan Nanda is found guilty. When Sejal arrives, she tells Judge to stop. She claims she wants to provide certain evidence that has never been presented in court. Yohan accepts it and informs the judge that he wants to summon Ahana to testify. He claims that you contacted PS personally when anything went wrong with you. Right, says Ahana. Yohan asserts that the CCTV evidence contradicts his claims and is incorrect.

She was seen clearly in the courtroom during the playback of CCTV video going to the Blue Light Bar with Arbaaz. Yohan asks if you have anything to add. Then he asks Shabnam if the girl would go to the PS or a bar with her partner in the event of things going wrong. He declares his intention to summon Raju Shetty to the witness stand. Raju Shetty arrives at the witness stand. When did she arrive, Yohan queries of him? He claims to have arrived at 1:15 am and lasted till 2:30 am.

He claims she gave me more money. Yohan inquires as to her status. Raju claims that she had travelled with a friend. He said that she first had a concerned appearance before joining in on his laughter. Yohan tells the judge that the evidence is clear—she knocked him out before attempting to drag him into the case. The court finds Yohan innocent when the judge declares that Ahana filed a false allegation against him. Ahana requests silence from the judge and declares that she will observe a two-minute period of silence in memory of everyone present. She chuckles. What does Krish say?

Inside the police jeep is Veera. We are moving to another strict jail because the woman constable claims you assaulted the chef because the meal was hot. Veera believes I will watch. Arbaaz arrives there abruptly while travelling. An accident occurs with the police vehicle. Veera is killed by toxic smoke that Arbaax produces. Veera beams. Someone calls SK. If Ahana indicates the call could be essential, answer it. Veera, according to SK, escaped from police custody. He invites Inspector to visit. Inspector unlocks the entrance. Boom, says Ahana… bomb explosions. Inspector perishes in bombing. Yohan, Sejal, and SK are startled.

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