Spy Bahu 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Sejal Sees Her Photo With Yohan

Spy Bahu 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Spy Bahu 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Siegel told SK he found the bomb in the room. SK was shocked. He says a business investment team is coming from Nanda Mansion. One of them is a terrorist. We have to find it. Arun coughs, Siegel makes tea for him. She tells the servant to give it to her. He feels better.

The stork says no. Manal says we will go back to Jamnagar tomorrow. “I’m not leaving my daughter here alone,” says Sars. “I can’t ruin my son’s future for a stranger,” says Manal. He has not gone to school. The stork says she’s our daughter. Ba says she doesn’t care. The stork says she cares when Ba gets the text. “I didn’t get the glasses and she was giving him a gift,” she says. Bamba picks up the phone and sees a picture of Johan kissing Siegel. He dances and laughs. “My result is that I have passed,” he says.

They are happy. Bamba is looking at the picture. Johann looks at the picture and says, stubborn child. Siegel arrives. He hides his phone. Siegel thinks he is hiding something about his plan. Siegel sat down next to him. Johan ignores him and reads the newspaper. Siegel peeked into the paper. He says take care of your work. She says do you sleep well with Alisha? Were there mosquitoes? He says let me do my job. Siegel tries to steal her phone. She stole his phone and walked out.

Siegel tries to open her phone. She guesses the pass codes. Johann is having her breakfast. Johan realized that his phone was not there. He says Siegel will see the picture. Sejal entered Darshti’s birthday. The phone opens. Johann comes in and says, “How dare you touch my phone?” Give it back. “I want to buy the same phone,” she says. The phone rings. Siegel looks at the picture.

He was shocked. Siegel says what is this? Are you ashamed If we are married then you will not accept my consent? “I had to do it for Bamba,” he says. He tells her everything about the blanket. Johann says he was not eating. Call and ask. Siegel says in her heart, “My bomba takes great care of me.” “I did not want to break the heart of a child by telling him the truth about his sister, so I had to do it,” she said. he goes. Siegel says a good thing for Bamba will not wash away your sins. You are the killer of Sohail and Farid. You will pay for your sins.

Scene 2

Krishna mixed medicine in Alisha’s cake. “I’m much better than Johan,” says Krish. John is married to Siegel. She says shut up I want it now with more passion. He says you can’t make fun of Johan. He will never let you have fun .. when we get married .. she says I will only marry Johan. Thanks for the idea. I can’t wait to do it.

Arun got ready. John comes to her. He fixes his tie and says I advise you to stay home. Some delegates are coming. These are the ones for whom you wanted me to marry Alisha. I could not marry her but I did not forget my promise. This is their file. I called them home for a better relationship. “Sometimes I think you’re my son,” he says. You get credit for this multi-billion dollar deal. “I don’t want them,” says Johan.

I just want you to treat Darshti well. “I take care of you,” says Arun. I am your father Does John say anything else? Arun says nothing, just show them the power and class of Nandas today. Alisha says, of course uncle. Johann will show them strength, I will show them, class, and they will be impressed. That siege is a problem. I hope she doesn’t do any drama. I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry. I am the unofficial DIL of this house after that. Arun says thank you.

Scene 3

Farid called his manager and said that our secret member Nanda was coming to Haveli. Our mission of liberation is close to reality. We will be heard as far as Kashmir. Siegel arrives. Farid asked what happened? Why are you using the backdoor? She says I am going to the temple. He says no. I know your truth .. Siegel was shocked.

What truth does she tell? Farid says you are thinking of teaching Alisha a lesson? She says no He says do it again. We are outsiders here, we have to make our place in this house. Agreed? He gives it a high five. Siegel agrees. He says the best of all. “I hope we both succeed in our plans,” Siegel said. He says yes

Siegel picks up an auto. The stork chases after him but he misses him in the market. Siegel arrives at the wax shop. She tells SK she can’t copy his phone in Surrey. He says it was very important. Tanhaji has gone to the village. Don’t forget the price you have to pay to enter this house. You are away from your parents. Siegel says you’re right. I will not repeat this mistake.

Don’t we have a choice? He says yes, we have a plan. He gives her a device and tells her to record all the delegates. You can control it from your phone. “As soon as this mission is over, you can see your family again,” he said. “I need help,” says Siegel. The stork is out, but he can’t see Siegel. Siegel sees it in the camera. She says what are you doing here?

Segal meets stork. She says what are you doing here? behind me. He says no i was missing you I know I have no right to you. “Have you seen me?” Says Siegel. She goes away. The stork says that Bamba talked too much about Johan. Are you happy “I’m doing it for my own pleasure,” says Siegel. He says I wish you could tell me why you are acting.

You tell me, your father will understand. “I’m not acting,” says Siegel. I have grown up I want freedom He says you are lying. You wore a Manal saree at your reception. “I thought you would feel better about what I said that day,” says Siegel. I wore it for my publicity. People will say how polite I am. He says put your hand on my head and say you are not lying. She says your emotional talk bothers me. He says promise me .. She says your promise. She crosses her other fingers. The stork was shocked. Siegel says you’re wasting my time. I have to go to the salon. She leaves crying.

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