Spy Bahu 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Spy Bahu 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Spy Bahu 26 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The thugs run after the bomb. He falls. A car approached and stopped. Johann picks Bamba. He says are you alright Where are your parents Bamba says Jeju .. He hugs her and says thank you Jeju. I was so scared. Johann says don’t panic. Where are your parents and what are you doing here? This bag?

Bamba says I was coming to your place. To give this to Didi .. he takes out the blanket and says Mama made it for Didi. He can’t sleep without it. Virat says come to the car. Sejal returns to Nanda Haveli. She sees the temple candle blowing. Siegel lit it. Vera says what are you doing? “It’s my job,” says Siegel. Together they save the flame.

Johan asks Bamba, “Did you come here without telling your parents?” He says what else can I do? Mama is crazy about Didi. He said Didi made a mistake by marrying you but my Didi never makes a mistake. Okay fine? Did he do well “We’re married now,” Siegel told Vera. Accept me for your son We will run this house together.

Yohan asked Bamba, “Would you like some ice cream?” He says yes but two. Johann gives him ice cream. He says you know Didi and I eat ice cream with both hands. When he goes crazy, force him to eat boiled eggs. If she is scared, hug her. John says finish your ice cream.

Scene 2

Alisha sits in Johan’s room and says I finally made it here. “If he’s here, how can I see my signal?” Says Siegel. Alisha says are you back? “I never gave up,” says Siegel. You will leave my husband and my room. Alisha says he doesn’t consider you his wife.

Only I match it. Siegel says what are you wearing? Johan wiped Bamba’s face. He says let’s get two ice creams for Didi too. John remembers everything and says she must be gone. Bamba says I want to meet Didi. Bambab kisses Johan on the cheek and says give it to Didi. “I wanted to kiss my sister on the cheek,” he says. Get her there. Johann says ok I will try.

Bamba hugged Johan. John leaves Bamba at home. He says give me your number, I will ask you how is Didi? Johann writes his number on Bamba’s hand. Bamba kissed Johan’s cheek and said this is for you, don’t send it to Didi. Give her the blanket. Balm leaves

Alisha threw Siegel’s stuff out of the room. She is about to take a picture of her mother. Sejal twisted her hand. Alisha says he tried to kill me. “I was doing what you do with lizards,” says Siegel. Johann says go and sleep in the guest room. I will not sleep with you. Siegel says you’re right. I married you for money.

I don’t care what you do with someone. Enjoy yourself. She leaves the room. Siegel says in her heart I know she will be disappointed with Alisha in an hour. Siegel left. Alisha says it’s a good thing. She comes close to him. “We can’t cross that line,” he says. I’m just pretending to be in front of the world. he goes. Johann sleeps in the bathtub.

Siegel looked at the keys he had found behind the lamp. He went back to the room. Farid comes there again. Siegel says I was .. He says let me guess which key will work. I am a policeman. We are good at guessing. He opens the lock. Siegel went inside. There is nothing inside. Siegel looked around.

Farid took the luggage out of the guest room. “I think he moved everything,” Farid said. He says why did Johann send you to an empty room? She tells me to tease. She sees a wire. Siegel says let’s go. It’s too late. He says in his heart, why is he behind this room? Siegel picked up the wire.

She says it is used in bombs. Johann says what are you doing here? Siegel pretended to be asleep. Alisha saw Siegel with Johan. She hugs Krish and says I was looking for you. “I’m fine for you,” says Krish. “I thought you were Johan,” she says. He says Johan is with Siegel. Johann tried to tell Siegel into the room. Alisha says how did she get the courage? Johann took Siegel to bed. He takes off his glasses.

Siegel pretended to sleep. Johan gives him his mother’s blanket and leaves. Siegel looked at the blanket. He was shocked. Siegel remembers how she fought Bamba for him. Bamba said it will be mine after your marriage. “I’ll take it with me,” Siegel said. Siegel says how did he get it? She cries She says i miss you mom Siegel hugged and fell asleep. Bamba sends a text message to Johann to kiss Siegel and send him a picture or he won’t eat. “I can’t do that,” he says. He tries to kiss the sleeping Siegel and takes a picture.