Sirf Tum 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Vikrant Gives Statement Against Suhani

Sirf Tum 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Sirf Tum 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Sirf Tum Written Update

Dadi is brought to the police station by the lady constable, who claims that she saw her dumping rubbish on the roadway. Asked by the inspector if she was tossing rubbish, Dadi tells him she was going to trash the place, and he responds by arguing with her.

The Inspector urges the constable to put her in the lockup for her own protection. Dadi wishes you well and wishes you blessings. “He wants to know what you said.” She comes up with an explanation. Upon entering the locker, she sees Suhani for the first time.

Suhani cries and hugs her. Is she telling the truth when she claims you’re here? Suhani tells me she came to see if she might help me figure out a way to keep you here. She claims to have brought you a bar of chocolate of your choosing. Suhani receives it from her.

Suhani claims that you have no business being here. Until I’m here, Dadi adds, I’ll check who’s locking you in here. In her words, everything will be well because your father is speaking with attorneys.

Despite Dadi’s efforts, the constable tells her that Suhani’s crime was proven and her fingerprints were found on the injection, which proves her guilt. To get Ranveer to inquire about Vikrant’s health, Suhani gets the lady constable to hand over her phone for a short period of time.

The inspector asks if you want to hear that he died or not. Ranveer gets on his bike and joins the PS. That makes Dadi whistle. looks at the inspector as he gets off the bike.

“I became savitri,” Vikram says to Mamta, “and I rescued Vikrant from the death trap.” Mamta tells me he’s alright, or else I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself. In her mind, the accident was her fault. According to Vikram, Suhani injected the incorrect medication into him and then attempted to kill him.

A man named Ansh shows up and claims that Suhani’s finger prints match those of Ranveer, who should be with Papa, but he went to the police station to secure Suhani’s release on bail.

Vikram accuses Ranveer of standing up for the girl whose death Bhai Saheb was going to face because of her actions. In the words of Mamta, “I’m shocked.” Ansh sits down next to Mamta and performs.

He claims that Ranveer has gone insane because of Suhani, but you have two boys, and I will always be there for you. He threatens to punish you. He assures Vikrant that those responsible will be held accountable.

How could you ride your bike inside this building? The inspector asks Ranveer tells you that Suhani is innocent, therefore let her go and don’t press charges against her. Despite what the inspector claims, we have no idea what we’re going to do.

Ranveer claims she is innocent, and you can’t hold the innocent responsible for their mistakes. He assures Dadi that he will go to any length to protect Suhani.

The woman in the cell next to him claims that she is capable of carrying out ten assassinations for him. The inspector raises a pistol at him. In Ranveer’s words, I shall not leave Suhani behind. The inspector tells him to put the show on hold, and he does so.

In addition, Ranveer begs Suhani to join him on the set of the film. His hands are held by the constables. Ranveer is yelled at by Suhani. They are pushed to the ground by Ranveer’s forceful shove.

“You’re putting yourself in danger to save me,” Suhani adds, before telling him to go and pleading with him to restrain his rage. On the verge of a plot against Ranveer, Ranveer begs his girlfriend to accompany him. Ranveer is shot at by the inspector. Ranveer takes a seat for his own protection. Suhani inquires about his well-being. Is Ranveer alright? The inspector says this is the final time I’ll say it.

Ranveer claims Suhani is innocent, and he has instructed me to remove her from this location. Mamta shows up and tells you that you can’t remove Suhani from this place because she wants to kill your papa and that you’re willing to die for her. Her only plea is that the inspector file a solid case against her without showing compassion.

Ranveer pulls over Inspector and says he has to speak with Maa. My name is Vikrant Oberoi’s wife, not your mother, according to Mamta. She claims that the prints on your father’s hands match hers, thus her claim will be verified.

To prove her point, she plays Vikrant’s video in which he claims that Suhani was behind his son’s death because she was greedy. She tells Ranveer to keep his cool. Inspector gets the phone from Mamta.

The inspector tells the policeman that the charge sheet will be prepared and instructs him to put her in jail. As a result of Ranveer telling Mamta that he requested Suhani to administer the shot, not Suhani, I will be sent to prison, she responds.

Mamta confides in Suhani that she is to blame for Ranveer’s inability to think clearly. She and Vikram exit the PS together. Ranveer appears and stops her just as she is about to get into the car. He begs Vikram to join him in the car.

I was ready to accept Suhani and was moving with us to the new house, you were ready to accept all this, he adds. “What happened?” he inquires, perplexed. “My eyes are opened now,” Mamta claims, “and I am not blind like you.”

It was a mistake to ignore Vikrant ji’s warnings that our son was in danger from Suhani, she adds. Vikrant Oberoi, according to Ranveer, planted this pot. Mamta assures me that she will not be listening to anything said against him. His choice between her and Suhani is made clear to him by her.

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