Sirf Tum 7th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sirf Tum 7th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Sirf Tum 7 June 2022 Written Episode on

When Ranveer asks the nurse to collect more blood from his body, 2, 3 bottles, he begins the episode. There isn’t any more blood left, according to the nurse. So, why did they bring Suhani to the locked hospital? Suhani questions the thugs. Her request to go down is met with an explanation that they have work to accomplish.

Upon exiting the vehicle, Suhani calls to see if anybody is around. A hospital watchman shows up and informs the patients that the government has locked the facility and that there is no doctor on site. Suhani inquires as to the status of the tools. The watchman refuses to allow her inside the building. Suhani smashes the lock and enters the room.

He attempts to keep her from getting away. Ranveer storms over and scolds the security guard. The keeper of the watch departs. Vikrant is Ranveer’s instrument of choice. There is no change in Vikrant’s vitals. Ranveer is on their way, but we must provide a blood thinner shot to Ranveer while they are still here. Suhani gets the injection in the hospital pharmacy and begs him to stay with his uncle. Having double-checked the name, she proceeds to accept it.

Ranveer is shown the injection by her. To make sure Maa knows Ranveer is OK, I’m going to phone her. Vikrant begins to sink at this point. Ranveer says to Mr. Oberoi… and informs Suhani that he’s going down. Suhani is concerned as well. To bring him back to life, Ranveer tells him that nothing will happen, and then delivers him a shock.

Vikrant begins to take a breath. And yet he insists he has received the proper therapy. Suhani wonders aloud why the ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. Suhani Ranveer asserts that we must evacuate him immediately rather than wait for an ambulance to arrive. Fortunately, an ambulance arrives and transports Vikrant to a different medical facility.

Inquiring about Ranveer’s current state, Ranveer inquires: It’s been reported that the doctor refused to allow anybody to meet him, according to the nurse. Because Ranveer claims that I am his son, there is nothing you can do to stop me.

When they arrive, Suhani says she’ll speak with the doctor, and then we can go inside and wait for them. She puts the burden on herself, saying, “I told him I was going out.” Nothing occurred because of you, Ranveer tells me. Mr. Kapoor and Riya arrive.

He inquires as to how Vikrant is doing. Riya enquires as to the circumstances surrounding the occurrence. Roshni claims that since the arrival of this unlucky girl in our household, something or other has occurred. Before she says anything, Dada ji tells her to think about what she’s about to say. Asha and Ansh arrive. Is there anything wrong with you?

Ranveer demands to know. “Let us meet him once,” Asha offers. That’s where Ranveer tells them to go. As a result, Mamta implores Ranveer to leave the group. When the doctor appears and inquires, there is nothing to say. Ranveer tells you to rescue him, and you must. If you had given him a blood thinner shot sooner, he could have survived.

In Ranveer’s opinion, we administered a blood thinner shot to him. According to the doctor, another shot was administered to him, as shown by this report. Suhani claims that I injected her. Because of the injection, the patient’s brain swelled, and he may fall into a coma at any moment, according to the doctor. Both Kapoor and Ansh have a smirk on their faces.

It was with the aid of the goons that Ansh was able to carry out the plan. He then administers the second shot, which is a blood thinner. Fb has come to an end. Suhani ponders the possibility of an injection going wrong. Doctors are baffled as to how you might do this.

Suhani admits that she made a mistake. Because I prescribed the shot, Ranveer claims it is my fault. To preserve Vikrant, Vikram begs him rather than support Suhani. In a sarcastic tone, Roshni makes fun of him. Mamta feels apprehensive about the situation. Roshni has ordered an investigation to find out who committed the crime.

An inquiry is necessary, Ranveer explains. The doctor recommends further investigation. I’m going because Ansh says so. Suhani claims Shanti Nursing Home was the location. Patients should not be sent there, adds the doctor, who claims the facility has been shut down because of the presence of counterfeit drugs.

Vikram inquires as to who drove him to the hospital. According to Suhani, it was the sole hospital in the area. Your actions might cause the death of Roshni’s brother. According to Ansh, her father may be a roadblock. Ansh, Ansh, Ansh! Ranveer screams.

Ansh tells me that I may ask my wife or my father whatever I want. Mamta accuses you of acting like a doctor and says she would never forgive you if anything happened to Suhani. She prepares to smack Suhani with her raised hand.

Vikrant Oberoi will not be affected by Suhani’s actions, Ranveer tells her. Mamta claims that there is nothing beyond this girl that you can see. Riya tells her to stop it and go. As he peers through the glass, Ranveer breaks down in tears. Ranveer tells me he hates me, but I never expected to see him in this state and cry. He inquires about Suhani’s well-being.

Yes, according to Suhani, and she adds that if the children pray from the heart, it will have an impact. She believes that only God is greater than any medical professional. Ansh informs Kapoor that Suhani’s carelessness would be questioned.

Ansh assured me that he would go to the nursing room and find out the truth. Asked by Kapoor, he tells him to tell the truth. Ranveer tells Vikram to go since he doesn’t trust him and stops Ansh from continuing. Roshni claims that we don’t have faith in Suhani, yet she’s still here. While walking with Vikram, Ansh cracks a grin.

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