Sirf Tum 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Ranveer Comes To Meet Suhani

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Roshni started this episode by telling Mamta that she looks good in jogging clothes. They come into the room and see that Rhea has decorated it. Rhea says she did it to please space. Mamata says it’s time for her medicine. Rhea says she will get her dance therapy done. Roshni says that Sohani was making Mamta sick with medicines. Riya says that Sohani is in the first year, but I am in the fourth year.

She picks up their cell phone and keeps it. Mamta says that her BP is high, if she feels good, she will join them. Rhea and Roshni danced. Ranveer called Mamta. Rhea looks at the call, turns the phone back on. Ranveer calls Dadu and asks why mother and Sohani are not answering the call. Dadu told her to rest and told that Rakesh came and took Sohani back.

He says Ansh may have gone to Rakesh’s house, and something else. He says that your father told Sohani to go and he brought Riya home. Ranveer says that I had given responsibility to Sohani, she should not have gone. He says call mother.

Nikki gives Ansh turmeric milk. Rakesh brings Sohani there. Ansh says that a father is upset to see his daughter suffocating, and tells Rakesh that he did well to get her out of the cage. Daddy says you caged Sohani. Sahani asked what are you doing here? Kamni says Ranveer beat Ansh. Nikki says Ranveer sent thugs when she ran over him and then Ansh saved him. Sohani says Ranveer can’t do that, and says it’s Ansh’s trick. She says you started doing what you did in Kashmir.

Nikki says she was beaten by thugs. Sodha says he can be beaten by thugs for his own purposes. Kamni says Sohani is still praising Ranveer. Dadu knocks on the door and asks Mamta to open the door, because Ranveer wants to talk to her. No one listens to him. Ranveer asked why the music was loud and asked who was dancing. Dadu says it was Rhea’s idea, like some music therapy. Ranveer accuses Sohani and then tells Dadu that loud music and dance can increase mother’s BP and heart rate.

Ansh asked Sohani to sign the papers. Sahani asked what is this? Ansh says I will not hurt my wife and I want you to get your nickname rights. He asks how long you will be Sohani Sharma, and says that my mother and my nickname will be your nickname. He says that from now on you will be called Sohani Saxena. Remembering Ranveer, Sohani said that there is a big difference between Ranveer and you.

He did not want to change anything in me and said that I do not value this marriage. Ansh says that the whole world agrees with him, and very soon you will agree. Grandma and Sodha asked Rakesh to say something. Sohani asks Rakesh if she thinks she will sign and Ansh is fine, she will not refuse. She takes papers from Ansh and also takes pen.

Sodha Sohani says. Sohani looks at Rakesh and is about to sign. Sudha asked Rakesh to stop her. Grandma also tries to stop him. Kamni says Ansh is right. Rakesh says that Sohani will change her name from Sohani Sharma to Saxena, when she has any status, when she will feel proud of it, and says that you do not have any house, job or education yet. He says I will not let my daughter be related to your image. He tells Sudha to let her stay here tonight and tomorrow he will arrange for her to stay.

Ranveer called Sohani. Sahani asked, “Am I?” Rakesh grabbed his mobile and threw it to break. Ansh smiled. Rakesh says you will not talk to him again. Sohani says that I have broken my promise to Ranveer, he trusts me a lot and I lost his trust, I did wrong.

Ranveer told the senior coach that he was leaving training because work was more important. He wonders why Sahani is not picking up the phone. Grandmother prayed for Sohani. Ansh says don’t take tension, if Ranveer will make any drama here then I will handle it.

Rakesh says you will not interfere in our family affairs, I am the father of a young daughter and know how to handle people. He closes the door. Kamni told Ansh not to fight with Ranveer. Ansh says I will see it. Ranveer comes there and knocks on the door, telling Sohani to open the door. Sohani says that Ranveer.

Sudha says that this man came. Kamni told Ansh to go and hide in his room, otherwise Ranveer would break his bones. Ansh said nothing will happen. Sohani went to the balcony. Rakesh asked Sohani to go and sit in his room. Sohani says there is no need, I know Ranveer will not leave without talking to me.

Ranveer asked Rakesh to open the door and said that I have to talk to Sohani. Kamni asked Rakesh to send her back. Ansh says that you will teach him a lesson and says that Ranveer had sent thugs behind Nikki. Ranveer pleaded with Rakesh and said that I did not come to fight, I am pleading with you. Rakesh says I will not let you meet my daughter, get out of here. Dadi says that Ranveer will not leave without meeting Sohani.

Precap: Rakesh opens the door and slaps Ranveer. Ranveer tells him to get out of his way and hit him when he feels light. Sohani tells him to fill his manger with sandalwood and take it away, otherwise he will have to go alone.

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