Sirf Tum 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Sirf Tum 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Sirf Tum 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Nikki screaming for help. The thug threatened to kill Ranveer if he shouted at him again. Ansh comes there and asks how did you dare? The bully asked, “Who is it?” Ansh says she is like my sister and tells them to leave, otherwise he will kill them. The bully tells him to go and tells him that they are too many. Ansh fights the thugs (he keeps the thugs).

The bully shows him thumps up. Ansh tells them to leave the girl and kills her instead. The bully asks who are you to command us, and says they will defeat Ranveer’s enemy. They hit him. Nikki called Ansh. Ansh gets up and claims to fight the thugs. The thugs run away as planned. Nikki asked are you okay? Ansh said yes and offered to leave the house. They sat on the motorcycle.

Sohani takes care of Mamta. She gets a call and tells Ranveer about Mamta’s day. Ranveer is busy teaching football to the students and gives a message to Sohani, how is mom? Sohani responds and thinks she is stingy when it comes to smiling. Ranveer called Sohani again while she was in the bathroom. He says he is on a video call. Sohani says she is changing her clothes. He says okay, and tells her to go to her mother.

Nikki cries and tells Kamni that she hates this Ranveer, and says that if Ansh Jiju were not there, I don’t know what his thugs would do to me. Kamni says let him come in front of me. She asks what’s wrong with you. Nikki says that I talked to her on the phone and asked her to send Sohani home with her.

Little did I know that he would become hyper. Ansh says he kicked me out of the house, and now I have no place to live. Nikki tells him to stay home. Rakesh says we are at home. Kamni says Ansh saved Nikki. Rakesh asks Sudha to tell him why Ansh can’t stay here. Kamni tells him to think that he will help Ansh because he has done us a great favor by saving Nikki.

Ansh asks her to bring Sohani back, and says that she doesn’t know what magic Ranveer has done to her, she is not ready to come. “You know Ranveer’s nature and rage, I don’t think he’s safe there,” he said. Rakesh asked Dadi to take care of Nikki and left.

Sohani is taking Mamta out for a walk in the garden. Rakesh comes there and greets Mamta. Sohani asked him to come inside. Rakesh asks her to take her luggage and come with her. He says it’s not good for you to be here. Sohani says Ranveer is not here, and he has given me the responsibilities of Mamta Aunty.

Rakesh says that Mamata is not alone. Sohani says I have promised Ranveer, when he comes back I will come home, let me stay here till then, I will take care of Mamta Aunty. Rakesh is going to listen to his request. Vikrant comes there and asks Rakesh to take his daughter with him. He says I know you were always worried about Mamta, don’t worry, I brought Rhea with me.

Riya smiled. Vikrant says that Riya will take care of Mamta till Ranveer returns and I am sure she will. He says he asked Kapoor and he agreed. Riya tells Sohani not to worry about Ranveer or Mamta, she says she will take care of the house and the people.

Roshni brings Sohani’s belongings and says that I have brought them so that you do not have to go to the room. Sohani says let Ranveer come back. Rakesh asked him to stop. The light told him to go. Vikrant says let’s go. Rakesh grabs her hand and luggage and walks away. Vikrant goes inside the house with Riya. Rhea thinks she’s one step closer to Ranveer.

Sohani is in a taxi with Rakesh. Ranveer called Sohani. Rakesh snatched the mobile from his hand. Sohani says let me talk to her once, and says I promised to take care of Mamta Aunty, she is sensitive.

Ranveer gets upset thinking why Sohani is not answering the call. Sohani thinks that if I don’t talk to her, she will get upset and go home. The footballer asked Ranveer to pass the ball but he was busy calling Sohani. The senior coach arrives and tells him to go out and talk.

Ranveer says it is very important. Players gossip that maybe he is talking to his girlfriend. The coach is about to pick up his phone. “Don’t touch my phone and tell the players to take care of their language,” Ranveer said. He kicks the football and it hits the senior coach.

Rakesh tells Sohani that parents always want their daughter to get married and I used to think about it too, I was always afraid of her. He says I have changed my mind and agreed with you, and says that today I think I should be the same as before because marriage is about looking at the family and not looking at love.