Sirf Tum 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Ranveer Rescues Suhani From Angry Mob

Sirf Tum 11th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Sirf Tum 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Ranveer telling the protesters against Suhani that it is apparent in this video how much you respect the laws of this country. When the Judge has given Suhani a chance, he adds, who are you all to sentence her to death by hanging? Someone throws a stone at him, but he leans down and avoids it. He says, “I know you all, and I know you’re all doing this based on someone else’s words.”

Rishi claims that Ranveer has everyone on his side. Someone tosses a stone at him. The stone collides with his skull. Suhani yells Ranveer, but the door is locked. Rakesh begs her to put her faith in him. He claims that I am capable of fighting and am better than you all, and that if I had chosen to, I would have crushed 10-20 under my vehicle, but that I did not, because you are my people, and I would respond to your family murdering you. He says that when you become my workers, you will cover your face and defend your actions for this day.

He claims that the person plotting against him is the same one who put Suhani in this phoney case. He claims that you are his workers, and that the others who are mingling with you and throwing bricks and stones at me are his associates. The employees stare at the thugs who are hurling stones at Ranveer. They apprehend a thug and inquire as to who he is and who sent him. The car door is opened by Ranveer. Suhani, Rakesh, Sudha, and Dadi descend the stairs. Suhani is pelted with a stone. She covers her face behind her hand. It doesn’t register with her. People are no longer demonstrating against her.

Suhani’s hand is held by Ranveer as he leads her into her home. Ranveer, according to Ansh, has destroyed his entire strategy. Suhani remembers people demonstrating against her and tears up in her room. Ranveer makes an attempt to stop her. Dadi says to let her go, that she’s had enough, that she’s had enough, that she’s had enough, that she’s had enough, that she’s had enough, that she’s had enough Suhani sobs and admits that she will never be a decent doctor, that she has damaged everything, and that she is sorry.

Ranveer receives water from Dadi. Ranveer expresses his regret for whatever occurred at his residence. Rakesh claims that if you hadn’t handled things today, who knows what might have happened? Sudha explains that, as a mother, she understands Mamta ji’s situation and invites him to accompany her. Ranveer claims that he knows his mother and that when she learns the truth, she will forgive and embrace him. Sudha notices blood behind his ear and informs him. Ranveer double-checks. Dadi claims that the stone was to blame. They’ll call the doctor, she says.

Suhani hears her and sprints down the stairs. Why should we contact the doctor when we have an excellent doctor at home? asks Ranveer. He claims it is oozing profusely. Suhani exclaims, “Blood!” and walks up to the first-aid kit. Ranveer instructs her to administer the injection first, followed by the dressing. Suhani’s hand shakes as she remembers Mamta’s curse. She drops the injection and adds, “Ranveer, I’m sorry, but I’m not up to it.” She warns that if I administer the wrong injection again, your life would be over; I can’t do it.

This is simply an injection, Ranveer explains, and you’ve given it to people before. Suhani claims that I am useless and that she cannot be a decent doctor. She enters her room. Sudha claims that my kid is brave, but she also claims that she is weak. Dadi claims that her faith has been challenged. There is some positive news, according to John and Raghav. Ranveer double-checks and announces that the college’s top student will get an award. He informs Dadi that Suhani will be honoured. Dadi claims to be depressed in her room. Ranveer claims to have a brilliant idea to cheer him up.

Ansh assures Vikram that he will be given credit and rights. You make all the effort, he continues, and Vikrant Oberoi gets the glory. He claims that Ranveer would not complete the task, so you must address the situation. Roshni agrees that he is correct; you should manage the office and I should handle the house. Ansh addresses him as Chachu and apologises. Vikram claims that he didn’t feel guilty and that he accepted his nephew. Ansh thanks him and believes that I will regain my rights; Ranveer, it’s a good thing you’re not here. Ranveer sings and dances with the rest of the family, who are all dressed up. Rakesh and Ishaan dress up as clowns.

Ranveer presents Suhani with a rose and sings a song for her. Suhani inquires, “What are you doing?” Rakesh claims, “I haven’t forgotten the day when I stood in the way of your ambition to become a doctor.” He then responds, “I saw how hard you worked.” He claims that you will be rewarded for coming in first place. Sudha claims that we have put in a lot of effort and that if you win an award, my dream would come true. Suhani reads it, and Ranveer says your name is on the topper’s list. She claims that someone was going to die in my hand, and that I should go accept the honour.

He declines. Come with me, says Ranveer, for everyone’s pleasure is linked to you. Suhani, according to Dadi, will grin and accept an award. Ranveer, she claims, is the hero. Suhani is taken to someone’s home by Ranveer. The lady greets them as she opens the door. Suhani inquires if she is the same woman who delivered us. I’m the same, says the lady. They get access to the building. The lady’s husband arrives with the infant and expresses gratitude for saving his wife and child six months ago. Ranveer snaps a photo of them.

Suhani inquires about her name. Suhani, I gave birth to her, but you gave her a fresh life, explains the lady. Suhani claims that I am unworthy of this. According to Ranveer, whatever you’ve done can’t be duplicated, and you’ll save a lot of lives. Suhani claims that a mother is more powerful than a doctor and that her curse will not be wasted. He tells her that we have to go somewhere else and that she should not resist.

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